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Thankful Thursday | my washing machine broke

New here? Thankful Thursday is something we’ve been doing in these COVID times; a (frugal and free) exercise to help us hunt for the good that is in our lives and in the world, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Well. My washing machine is currently broken.

repairing a whirlpool washer

It has NOT been a good time with the appliances at chez Frugal Girl lately. Sigh.

I had a fairly good attitude about the first two, but I have to say, my attitude tanked a little when we had the third appliance problem in a week!

So. Thankful Thursday is timely for me. 😉

This week, I am thankful:

that the washing machine part we (likely) need is coming from Amazon on Friday

In these COVID times, I know some people are waiting a very long time for parts. So I’m grateful this one is coming soon.

that the repair guy can come out on Monday

That’s not a super long wait time, all things considered.

that we are all pretty caught up on laundry at the moment

It would have been much worse if the washing machine broke at a time when we were buried in piles of dirty clothes.

folded laundry

that we have money saved to pay for the parts and repair

It is annoying to have a non-working washing machine, to be sure.

But I’m grateful to be able to order a $190 part and know that we have money in our home repair fund to cover it.

that we have a washing machine

For 2.5 years in our basement apartment, I lived with once-a-week access to the washing machine upstairs.

And ever since then, I have never quite taken for granted the luxury of having a washer and dryer of my own, available to me at all times.

that not everything in my house has broken lately

Let’s see. Recently I have had stove (my fault!), fridge/freezer, dishwasher, and washing machine problems. That’s a lot.

stasher bag in dishwasher rack

But it’s not everything.

Things that have not been problematic recently:

  • water heater
  • clothes dryer (to be fair, this IS fairly useless without a washer)
  • heat pump
  • chest freezer
  • microwave

I’m thankful for all the above.

And they’d better not break now that I’ve expressed gratefulness! 😉

that no matter what happens with the election, I can still choose to do good where I live

(My friend Jillian sent out an email this week full of thoughts along these lines, and I appreciated her perspective.)

I did vote, but aside from my single vote, the results of the election are largely out of my control.

I might not be able to control who is president for the next four years, but I can choose what I do for the next four years.

And I can do good things here where I live no matter who is president.

that Sonia had a smooth wisdom teeth recovery

Poor Lisey had some bad reactions to her post-op meds when she had her wisdom teeth out, but Sonia’s recovery was really smooth.

No reactions, no infections, no issues. I’m grateful for that.

that the windstorm caused us no damage

We had a pretty serious windstorm move through this week, and no branches fell on our cars. Yay!

This is a nice benefit from paying the tree guys to remove all the dead branches from our many oak trees.

for the many sunny days in the forecast

trees with morning sunshine

We’re in the midst of a long string of dry, sunny, 60-70 degree days, and I think this is peak fall weather perfection.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Heather Niles

Saturday 7th of November 2020

I really enjoyed this definitely gave me hope as I am facing almost all of the same problems and can't seem to find affordable help. Although times are tough I am thankful for all the things I do have. A nice home, my appliances that do work lol, my son, and the few people in my life I call friends.


Saturday 7th of November 2020

Hugs to you! I'm sorry you're in broken appliance land with me!


Saturday 7th of November 2020

Thankful for windy, rainy days...without them I'd probably never allow myself a cozy indoor day! Thankful for clients who continue to put their trust in me, for adorable kitties to keep us entertained, thankful we are healthy and our friends are too!


Saturday 7th of November 2020

So, it must be in the air because we too have are share. I do think I need to start saving more for appliances. Yikes, with 2000.00 a month taken out for health insurance I just don’t have much left over for savings.


Saturday 7th of November 2020

Thankful for my retired friends sending me flowers to lift my spirits as I teach at school everyday while cases rise and rise.

Thankful for my husband, who loves me everyday and makes me laugh everyday.

Thankful for the simplest little texts and jokes that friends and neighbors share everyday to show that we will stay strong and safe.

Thankful for the innocence and joy of young children as they learn at school and at home.

We all can do good for one another, no matter who we vote for.

Ruth T

Friday 6th of November 2020

I so feel you on the line about being able to do good where I am regardless of what happens with the election. I've been feeling that big time, both as a combo of relief and as a challenge to be intentional and do more. This week I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we've been having! We got our first snow on Sunday, which was fun, but the last few days (and the next 4) are crazy beautiful for southern Michigan in November. I'm thankful that my mom finished out her COVID quarantine symptom-free and is back out in the world. We'll get to see her on Saturday. I'm thankful that a friend has been able to walk with us in the mornings 4 days this week. I'm thankful for the quick progress my oldest is making in her reading ability. It is so fun to see her increasing desire to read herself, not just have someone read to her. I'm thankful for Michigan's interlibrary loan system where I can order almost any book or CD or movie that I want. It is fantastic. I'm thankful for the flexibility to be able to take my kids to the playground after school. I appreciate that they can get a bunch of outdoor time before dinner, get out some energy, and play with some friends. It's helped tremendously with the after-school-crash struggles we had last year and I know that the ability to do that is a huge gift.

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