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Thankful Thursday | Lots of Lisey things

We helped Lisey move out this past week, so lots of my thankful things have to do with her; I am practicing what I preach by looking for the good here.

(Did I tear up at the grocery store this week when I reached for the string cheese and then realized my string cheese eater moved out? Yes, yes, I did. Right now, I’m bumping into a lot of things that remind me that my girl isn’t here.)

Kristen and Lisey with hats and jackets on.


As I’m in the midst of adjusting to no-Lisey-in-the-house after 20 years of Lisey living here, I’m finding it helpful to hunt for the good.

The sad stuff pops up without me looking for it…but the good stuff requires hunting.


This week, I am thankful:

that Lisey lives right by my aunt and uncle!

Remember this uncle?

Kristen as a child, sitting in her uncle's lap.

I was probably about four years old here

And remember how this aunt finished a quilt my grandma started, and now that quilt is on Sonia’s bed?

flowered quilt on white twin bed

Well, when we went to move Lisey into the room that she’s renting, we realized that she lives on the same Pennsylvania road that my aunt and uncle do! In fact, she is less than 10 minutes away from their house.

So, that makes my mama heart happy; my girl has family right up the road. 

(I wrote a little about how my aunt and uncle’s house feels so homey to me, and happily, Lisey feels exactly the same!)

that we’ve seen Lisey a lot

She’s been back and forth a few times since moving, to get various things. And Mr. FG and I spent several hours with her at my aunt and uncle’s house too, which was lovely.

So, her transition to living on her own has felt a little bit gradual, which makes things easier for me. 🙂

that there’s a lead-up to kids leaving

That above sentence doesn’t really explain it very well.

So. When kids are really small, they are home A LOT. Especially if you homeschool.

Black and white photo of Kristen and preschool Lisey in a swimming pool.

But as kids reach their teen years, they get busy with classes and jobs, and they get their driver’s licenses and they are out with friends, and so on.

Lisey and Kristen at the pool.


I always think that this really helps smooth the transition as they move out. I get to gradually get used to them not being here for dinner all the time, or not going with us on trips, or not being here during the day.

So then when it’s time for them to move out, it’s not such a terrible shock.

that Lisey’s leaving to go on a good path

Of course, I am sad that she’s not here anymore!

But it is very lovely that she’s leaving on good terms, to pursue her education toward a fruitful career that uses her gifts well.

And she’s being very financially responsible about the whole thing.

I can’t really think of a much better way for her to move out. 🙂

that Lisey found a job with UPS

She’s going to be working there part-time while she goes to school, and apparently, UPS has a really good tuition reimbursement program.

So between UPS and her Mike Rowe scholarship and all the money she’s saved up, she should be in very good shape in terms of paying for her schooling.

that the internet makes it easier to stay connected

I’m really happy I can still text and video call Lisey!

that this week might be the last of the 90 degrees

We have some super hot days this week, but as I look at Accuweather’s forecast for the next month or so, it seems like perhaps this is our last go-round with highs in the 90s.

that my friend wants to take A&P with me

I made friends with another mom in my online biology class last semester, and she purposely signed up for the same anatomy and physiology class that I did.

This one is a hybrid, so we will actually get to meet in person this semester!

for the bruised peaches I currently own

I got another box and I am a happy camper.

for library books

I am currently immersed in a library copy of Unorthodox.

What are you thankful for this week?

P.S. In case you missed it, I wrote a whole post about wistfulness kids growing up and moving out. And as I wrote in that post, I am currently reminding myself, “There was beauty then. There is beauty now. And there will be beauty in the future.”

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Tuesday 17th of August 2021

Great post! I recently read Unorthodox too! Would love to know what you thought of it.


Tuesday 17th of August 2021

I'll add it to a q&A post or a miscellany post!


Sunday 15th of August 2021

I can`t comment on the kids leaving the nest since mine are only 9 and 11, but as far as gratefullness goes....

* Grateful to have 2 weeks of paid vacation and going to a cottage tommorow with the little family. Lots and lots of books and board games and not much else planned. Perfect! Each having our bedroom, king size in ours, and a jazzuzi and fire pit? Yes please! * Library books! Books! This one is always on my list. * Being able to stand up for myself. I see so many women around me not being able to, and just ending up using sarcasm or passive-agressive ways to carry their message. Yuck. I might not always be perceived as a ``nice and calm`` person, but at least I am true to myself. As I get older I am working more and more on affirming myself while staying kind (big challenge for me) * Having money aside and a paid mortgage at 40. * Having good relations with the in-laws, since they are spending the day with us, aha!


Saturday 14th of August 2021

These comments are so beautiful. There is so much love in this community, and I frequently reread Thursday thanksgivings because of the encouragment that I see from so many.

My thanksgivings: 1) Two of my kids get to go back to school this year. It's going to be so good for them, and I still get to see them lots because it's only 2 days a week, and I am their teacher the other three. It's the best of all the worlds, truly.

2) Our pediatrician who cares so much about our family and my fragile son. We left from a hard appointment this week, and I was so thankful for our pediatrician sees his job as his calling, not just a paycheck.

3) I get a few extra weeks with my middle child whom I never get to have just by himself. RSV cases have caused full hospitals here with severely overworked nurses, and given his weak lungs and low immunity, it's not safe for him to be in school. Of course, it's sad that he can't be with his friends and teachers, but I'm glad for the extra days I have to hang out with just him.

4) School is starting. After school comes fall, cool weather, and then Christmas! This is the Best Time of the Year.

5) Music. I've listened to music a lot lately and have spent more time playing the piano than the past few years. I forgot how meaningful to my soul music is.

Heather Murray Herlocher

Saturday 14th of August 2021

1. My rising sophomore in college hasn't been home since Christmas break due to CP's quarter system, COVID restrictions, and her job, so I am very, very thankful for video calling. Being able to see her face while we are talking makes her absence so much easier to bear. 2. My youngest just went into Residential Treatment for anxiety and depression, so I am missing her something fierce, but I'm overwhelmingly thankful that she is getting the help she needs and there's a strong possibility when she graduates she will be my old girl again. 3. I am thankful for the Covid vaccine and being able to get back to the gym and get the worry and Covid weight off, so I feel more comfortable in my own skin. 4. I have started a habit tracker app and am really liking it. Feeling more productive, actually practicing self-care, both things I haven't felt or done in a few years. Also, started Noom back up. Yay for technology that helps us treat ourselves better. 5. Started Rosetta Stone to get my Spanish back. Thinking about the Lifetime deal they have going on right now, unlimited languages for life. At some point, we will be kid free and then retirement, so I'm going to see if it fits in the budget while the sale is still on.


Friday 13th of August 2021

These comments are seriously making me tear up. My mom and dad just cried when I left for college, and me too!!

Kristen, have you watched Unorthodox on Netflix yet. I don’t watch very many shows, I’m kinda a baby, (don’t want to watch The Crown anymore because it’s too sad with Princess Diana…) but I really enjoyed Unorthodox.


Friday 13th of August 2021

I have not, but now that I read the book, I really want to watch the show!

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