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Thankful Thursday | I’m glad to not need gas!

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This week, I am thankful:

that we are not in dire need of gas

Costco gas pumping opposite side

We have some gas in the tanks of all of our cars, and none of us needs to do a whole bunch of driving right now anyway.

So, we can sit tight and wait for the panic-buying to stop (the panic-buying is more of a problem than a supply chain here, apparently. Very reminiscent of the toilet paper issue a year ago.)

for a pretty cool May forecast

gate in the woods

Sometimes, it can get pretty hot here in May, but the forecast for the rest of the month looks like it won’t require much A/C at all!

And mainly I’m happy about that because it means the weather will be pleasant for being outdoors. I’m always grateful when we have a long spring rather than jumping immediately into hot summer weather.

that my ear is clear again

Remember how I bought Debrox to try to clear my ears out? Well, I got one cleared out on my own but the other was very stubborn.

I started to wonder if I had some kind of ear infection, so I finally went to the doctor. No infection! Apparently I just needed the high-powered ear-cleaning syringe they have.

I am so, so happy to have un-muffled hearing again. Whew.

An ear with a pink earbud inserted.

the only ear picture I could find in my files, from when I had pink highlights

And hey, we already met our in-network insurance deductible so I think my ear visit will be $0 out of pocket.

that I’m done with my regular semester work

I finished my last chapter assignments early so now I’ve been working on studying for my two exams for next week (one cumulative, one not).

My current strategy is to do super well on the non-cumulative exam so that I have oodles of wiggle room on the cumulative one. Ha.

that I need fewer pre-requisites than I thought

It turns out that I’d misread my course work! So it looks like I only need to do:

  • Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2
  • Microbiology
  • Developmental Psychology 

And that’s everything that I can possibly get done before hopping into the nursing program.

two pages of biology homework.

There’s some question over whether my 1996 math credit still will apply, but if not, that’s ok.

I figure I would have no problem getting through college algebra, given that I’ve been swimming in homeschool-mom algebra for the last 8 years or so.

that some friends helped me find a professor

I asked around for some recommendations for an anatomy & physiology professor for the fall, and I think I’ve landed on one that will be good.

And I think one of my current biology mom friends is going to take the same class with me, which will be fun.

that Sonia’s got some job interviews lined up

Summer job, here we come!

I think Sonia’s extroverted self is going to enjoy having a job.

that Lisey had minimal side effects 

Shot #2 happened this week, and she really didn’t feel too bad after it. Yay! 

This is kind of surprising because poor girl, she usually gets every side effect in the book for every medical experience.

for our super affordable mortgage payment

Yesterday I was listening to a podcast about the current housing market and I was reminded again how thankful I am that we already own a home with an affordable mortgage payment. 

If we were just getting into the housing market here, we’d pay an awful lot more to live in this same house!

living room curtains hung higher

that mortgage payments don’t go up

Our current mortgage payment was a stretch for us back in 2005, but since then, our income has gone up a lot and our mortgage has not.

That’s a nice situation to be in because it equals more budgetary wiggle room. Whew!

that Sonia made a thoughtful gift for Lisey

Lisey’s been working on accumulating items for the apartment she’ll live in while she’s at airplane mechanic school (she starts there this fall), and Sonia knitted a bunch of dishcloths for her.

A stack of hand-knitted dishcloths, tied with a string.

As any parent knows, it’s a happy thing when you see your kids doing unprompted thoughtful things for others! 

What are you thankful for this week?

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