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Thankful Thursday | I started on my “scuffed” table

This week, I am thankful:

for my new carport outlet

I used it to plug in my orbital sander last week and oooh, it was so nice not to have to use the indoor plug with an extension cord.

You will be happy to know that I started working on my $5 “scuffed” Facebook Marketplace table. 😉

two drawers; one sanded and one not sanded.for signs of spring

I see more every time I go out for a walk!

maple blossom.

for daylight after dinner

Ok, yes, the process of switching kinda blows, but I dooooooo really like how light it is toward the end of the day now.

It makes me feel like, “Oooh, spring really is on the way!”

that I have a few pairs of pliers now

A few weeks ago, I bought a little set of three pairs of pliers, and they’ve come in handy many times now.

Most recently, I used them to tighten up the legs of a table I’m rehabbing.

pliers being used to tighten a table leg.

Slowly, slowly I will build up a collection of tools that I need. 🙂

A couple of times, I’ve seen someone in my Buy Nothing group offer a whole toolbox of extra tools but dang it, I have never been fast enough to snag one of those. It would be perfect for me!

Maybe one day…

for yogurt, berries, and chia seeds

I’ve been eating a lot of homemade yogurt with these two add-ins, hoping that perhaps all the good probiotics in my yogurt will help my poor struggling immune system to recuperate.

bowl of yogurt and berries.

This bowl is from a set I got on my Buy Nothing group

Also: it’s a delicious combo. So even if it doesn’t have any effect on my immune system, I’m still a happy camper.

Also, also: it’s an inexpensive combo. Homemade yogurt is crazy cheap, chia seeds from Aldi are very affordable, and I usually can get berries pretty cheap at Sam’s Club or Aldi.

that my mail from the IRS arrived

I needed a few statements before my CPA could file my business taxes (remember how I was on hold for over an hour trying to talk to someone at the IRS about this??), and the letters finally arrived.


IRS envelops.

Normally I don’t really like to get mail from the IRS, but this is an exception.

I also do not like to get mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles because they are always writing to tell me to send them money. 😉

for some upcoming sunshine

cloudy morning on a farm.

There have been quite a few cloudy days this last week (boooo!), so I am grateful that a lot of upcoming days are at least only going to be partly cloudy.

for a social cat

She really, really likes to be where we are. And if Zoe is home, you can almost always find the cat right by her.

When Zoe’s out of the house, though, the cat will find me and come hang out, even if it’s just her sitting on the rug on my office floor.

cat sitting on a rug.

I think it’s so cute that she just likes to be by people.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Molly H

Saturday 25th of March 2023

Love this! I’m thankful for warm weather, time to spend cooking from scratch, an upcoming vacation with a friend, and the ability to live with my parents for a little bit to save money.

I wanted to say, buy nothing is just as much about asking for what you need as it is giving things away. You could put feelers out for spare tools! Or ask to get (or even borrow) some when there is one you need.


Friday 17th of March 2023

This week, I’m super thankful that a legal issue connected to my health is finally sorted out, and in my favour. It means that I can replace my car for a newer and safer one, and to take my debt down to zero. It’s truly life changing, and I’m still struggling to process it in the very best of ways.


Thursday 16th of March 2023

Can I make an IG post request? Can you just...have a hey day (or is it hay day? Weird it'd be about hay... horseeeeee. Sorry. Back to the question) and dedicate a whole post or five to the cat? I love seeing her hanging about!!


Thursday 16th of March 2023

My BUY NOTHING group has a “WISHFUL WEDNESDAY” where you can post an “ASK..” for ANYTHING..large or small! Of course, on ANY day , you can post and ask if anyone has extra tools, for instance, on our site.Maybe yours too!!

Linda in Canada

Thursday 16th of March 2023

I love your kitty, that she is so loving and such a people person. My kitties, the senior 19 and the junior 14 are not "pick me up" cats, and are also not so much "pet me" cats, they will tolerate a little petting and then give me "the look", and then walk away; Senior cat will nip at me. But still, cuteness abounds.

My BIG thankful carries on from my FFT the BIG one on Tuesday by not hiring a plumber for the clogged drain from my kitchen sink, saving big bucks. The Thankful part comes in because I had run the dishwasher on Thursday night, and at the end of the run there was a little backup of water in the sink. That could have been a Major flood. Friday the sink had totally plugged. I am counting my blessings. HB snaked the pipe 6 times from the top, and had to cut the pipe in the basement, and snake up twice from the bottom. He says there were 2 clogged points. This was 2.5 hours, with me cleaning up for another 2 hours; at which point HB asked if I want him to mop the floors: YES please! Thankful!

For the lovely sunshine today, it is a balmy 8C and so beautiful out. The best walking weather. Tomorrow we are expecting rain ALL day. This sunshine is EVERYTHING!

For a very pleasant grocery shop this morning; the store was not very full, so I got in and out in a decent amount of time.


Thursday 16th of March 2023

So glad your sink drain is working properly again! I can imagine your relief.

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