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Thankful Thursday | a triangle cat

This week, I am thankful:

for a funny triangle cat

Instagram showed me this fat cat who is almost exactly the same shape as a triangle, so I immediately sent his pics to my girls. I knew they would love him as much as I did.

black cat.

Howwww is he such a triangle???

His username is katsrkole, in case you’d like to follow him. 😉

for the way a smartphone makes being on hold less miserable

I had to call the IRS this week, and the hold time was…impressive.

Impressively long, that is.

screenshot of hold time.

And that reminded me how grateful I am that I can take my phone all around the house with me, put it on speaker, and do whatever I want while I wait.

I did some painting, made a snack, worked on some blog posts, texted with a friend, and organized papers this time around. It’s almost like not losing the time at all!

gray crate on dropcloth.

that it’s April 2023 and not April 2022

I was thinking back to where I was last April…trying hard to find a place to rent and feeling so frustrated at how difficult it was. I felt so discouraged!

And now here I am, almost 11 months into my lease. If only 2022 Kristen could have seen how it would all work out.

for my own house

I am so, so grateful that my parents let the girls and me land at their house for four months last year.

But I am also so grateful to have my own place now; the unsettled feeling of being in a temporary living situation definitely wears thin.

A bedroom with a mattress on the floor.

just-moved-in mess from last year

I know my rental life is, by definition, temporary as well.

But it is a much more settled temporary than living with my parents!

for a semester off from classes

I was just sitting here thinking over the last year or so, and whew, it makes me feel sort of tired to consider it all.

Kristen walking to school.

I give 2022 Kristen a pat on the back for navigating everything, AND I am also grateful that 2023 Kristen gets a semester off of school at least.

A semester with no classes is just what the doctor ordered, I think.

for the way the abandoned house is always providing for me

The other day I needed to paper clip a few things together and I was like, “Oh dang it, I don’t think I have any paper clips!”

And then I realized I had a box of them from the abandoned house.

box of paper clips.

that my lemon tree is getting some leaves

My poor lemon tree has never managed to produce a lemon. It did at least look very healthy when it was outside last summer.

When I brought it inside in the fall, though, it was seriously on the struggle bus.


leaves on floor.

But lately, it has been sprouting some new leaves and that makes me think it’s not quite ready to give up the ghost yet.

lemon tree with new leaves.

I don’t know why my orange tree is doing so much better than the lemon tree!

I did order some citrus fertilizer that I can use for both trees (I ordered these spikes), even though my orange tree is doing quite fabulously all on its own.

orange tree.

for lots of sunny walks

I usually drag myself out there every day, even if it’s cloudy and depressing weather outside.

Even a cloudy walk in the woods is better than no walk.

BUT I am way, way happier when a morning walk is full of sunshine, and I’ve had several lovely sunny walks this week!

morning sun on grass.

for sudden green on the trees

I was driving home the other day and I noticed a slight green tinge on the trees along the highway. It’s crazy how fast it happens; I know that just two days prior, that green tinge wasn’t there.

tiny blue berries.

And as I was walking on a trail with lots of brush, I noticed that the green is all over the place now!

trail with brush.

for open windows

open bay window.

Tuesday was warm enough for open windows at my house and ooh, I love that. The smell of fresh air cannot be beat.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Michelle H

Sunday 9th of April 2023

I also was thinking this week how nice it is to put my phone on speaker and get something productive accomplished while I wait. I cleaned up my emails while on hold for 30 minutes.


Friday 7th of April 2023

I just can't get over how cute and elegant your little orange tree is! There's something very sculptural about it, truly.


Friday 7th of April 2023

1- we were safe during the tornados around us this week 2- the sunshine and warmer weather so we could spend some time outside 3- our fire table that makes our deck so warm in the evening 4 - real looking fake flowers. I love the look and feel of flowers in my house but can not justify the cost to replace regularly. The one time cost is higher but I can use for weeks/years to come 5- extra time this week to spend with my kids during their spring break. We stayed home and enjoyed special things around the house/city


Friday 7th of April 2023

Haha I just watched a TikTok video where a lady has a minature model cat that looks just like this triangular one. She keeps it in a little abandoned library diorama she's made and she was perplexed why it was always falling off it's chair, panicked it might be haunted, but then found her own non triangular cat was the culprit.

I love that reflection of how much difference a year can make, I've been noticing some points where things worked out even when I didn't think they would too.

I'm SUPER grateful that I'm getting double the insurance back for some treatment my dog had. I can claim up to $700 per illness/injury per year and he had over $2k worth of vet bills but his treatment dates meant it was spread over two insurance years (they take it from whatever date you took out the policy, not a calendar year like I thought) so it had to be two separate claims but that means it's two separate $700 payments when I thought I would only get one!

Linda in Canada

Thursday 6th of April 2023

Even though we've still a little way to go to Spring, I noticed that one of my perennials has come out of the ground, I believe it is the Spotted Bloodwort. It was my birthday this week, and I am thankful that it did not snow; I would say that for most of my birthdays in Canada, it has snowed. It was however drizzly, rainy and decidedly unsunny, but ce la vie, I still had a fairly decent day. Thankful that I got through a bad bout of food poisoning this week; it really stings when it's from something homemade. I made an asparagus salad and have narrowed it down to 2 contenders: it was either the fresh asparagus; or the can of artichokes, I noticed they were slightly mushy out of the can. There were no dents or holes in the can that I could see and it was well within date (2026) so I do not know. This is an odd one: I bought myself an adult dot-to-dot book at the thrift store; it was my favourite thing to do as a kid; turns out I'm still loving doing dot-to-dot as an adult. I see many enjoyable hours ahead of me. And of course, thankful for my BFF, she really bolsters me when I am feeling low. I was complaining about how tired I am of servicing senior cat every minute of the day, and she said that I'm the best cat mom ever, I really needed to hear that. Kitty love :-)

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