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Don’t buy this sweater (plus other random tidbits)

We haven’t had a randomness post in a while; it seemed like time for one!

1. Don’t buy this sweater if you’re built like me.

I saw this tunic sweater in a roundup of Amazon sweaters, and I thought it looked cute and comfy.

So I ordered one in small/medium.

And while it WAS comfy, cute is not a word I would use to describe the look on me.

Amazon tunic sweater

“dumpy” is perhaps the correct term here.

The main problem is in the way the sleeves/sides are set up.

Kristen in red sweater

All that extra fabric settles in such unflattering ways on me when I put my arms down. I’ve worn oversized sweaters before and not had this problem, so I know it’s just a design issue.

Stitch Fix green sweater

This one is a loose fit, but it hangs so much better.

Oddly, I think the famous flying squirrel sweater might actually be better than this one!

flying squirrel sweater

Kristen wearing a tunic sweater

I’m guessing that if you are a curvier person, the sweater would hang in much more flattering ways.

So. Skip this one if you are built like me!

(If you read the reviews, you’ll see that for some people, it hangs fine, while for others, the batwing effect is a problem.)

2. What I think about boycotting

A little while ago, there was a bit a kerfuffle in the comments of a post where I mentioned getting Chick-Fil-A.

chick fil a

So I wanted to reshare a post I wrote a while back about boycotting.

As a general rule, I don’t boycott, and this post explains why.

3. How to pronounce Lisey

A reader asked me about this recently, and I figured other people are wondering too.

Her actual name is Elise, but ever since she was really little, we have called her Lisey.

And we pronounce it like Lee-see.

So now you can say it right in your head as you read. 

Kristen and Lisey

If you met her in real life, though, she’d introduce herself as Elise. That’s what she goes by at work and school. 

And we’ve told her that we’ll switch to using Elise if she prefers, but so far, she’s good with us calling her Lisey.

4. How to say Sonia

On a related note, another reader asked about this recently.

Sonia in Edwardian style

Sonia in Edwardian style

Sonia went Edwardian for Halloween this year

We say her name like Sone-ya, not Sahn-ya.

And Zoe’s name is awfully straightforward, so I don’t think anyone has ever asked me about hers!

5. A few pumpkins

I did a Snoopy. Of course.

Snoopy carved pumpkin

Zoe did a Minecraft pumpkin.

Minecraft Pumpkin Carving

Mr. FG did a Rocky and Bullwinkle pumpkin.

Rocky and Bullwinkle pumpkin carving

And I don’t have a photo of Sonia’s because she ran out of steam and did not finish carving hers. 😉

6. I have another blog

I’ve mentioned this before, but the other day a regular reader said, “Wait, what?? How did I miss that you have another blog?”

So in case you have missed it as well (!), I do have another small blog.

It’s called Kristen, Prompted and over there, I post short essays that I write based on a set of writing prompts.

Kristen Prompted Blog

I usually post Monday-Friday, and if you’d like to be notified when I post, you can subscribe to the Kristen, Prompted email list.

I write The Frugal Girl mainly to help and serve readers; I write at Kristen Prompted mainly for my own enjoyment.

But if you want to follow along, you are more than welcome! The prompts from Rustico are fun and varied, and readers enjoy answering them in the comments.

So, if you have fun hanging out in the comments here, you’ll probably enjoy it over there as well.


And that marks the end of this edition of randomness. Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday 4th of November 2020

I have a friend named Zoe, and she pronounces it to rhyme with "toe" and not "Joey." So, there are multiple ways to pronounce Zoe! I never knew until I met my friend.

A Hendricks

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Oh my goodness, the Edwardian Halloween costume suits Sonia so well!! She looks as if she stepped right out of the past!

Sarah G

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

The charity that I work for has a mandatory Nestle boycott. I would be fired if I served Nescafe or Kitkats to clients. I try my best to do this at home as well, but I do buy Cheerios as my son won't eat any other cereal, including own brand copies.

I had no idea Sahn-ya is a thing. Or Sone - ya. Here in England it is Son-ya as in on - ya.


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Whoop, I had your daughters' names right That's the general way they'd be pronounced in the UK.

I love your blog because you're so friendly and I feel like your readers can joke with you like friends and get away with saying, man, that top is ugly!

I'd just finished a therapy session when I read this post and what you said about Lisey's name was a catalyst for a thunderclap moment of realisation at something I hadn't been able to get to during my session. So thanks. You never know what a tiny act from one person might be a huge deal in someone else's life x


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Ahh Thank you for showing us the squirrel sweater again... I love that you check with your kids what they like to be called My randomness...watching Clara's Depression era cooking utube vids again; if u haven't seen them they are so special, this wk inspired me to invent a pasta dish with a can of crushed tomatoes, sriracha, mixed veg , & parmesan cheese was so warm & sunny today!!! first day off of warmness & got the washing dry in the sun; I love that, it feels & smells so fresh. ...Ordered a traditional homemade Christmas Pud for my family interstate ( I buy one every year for two who love it - the rest can do without it lol) ...Decluttering paperwork & making progress

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.