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Right now, I am…

in a hurry because I have an early morning eye appointment to check my contacts.

…kind of frustrated because my eyes are a complicated pair and fitting them with contacts is never a simple process.

…a little jealous of people who don’t need to have their vision corrected.

…immensely grateful that I live in a time when vision CAN be corrected. I seriously do not know how I’d function if I’d been born before glasses were invented (one of my eyes is so bad I can’t even see more than a few inches in front of me.)

remembering exactly why I pay to see a real eye doctor. Mall opticians are not the right choice for me.

thankful that my children can be trusted to sit quietly in a waiting room without me (the exam room is right next to the waiting room, so I am close by.)

hoping to make a batch of applesauce today (though I’m going to do it a little differently than I did in that post).

excited because a lot of happy things, big and small, are on the horizon. Of course, I’ll tell you about them as they happen.

…still hemming and hawing about what to do with my dead Rebel. Sell it for parts for $100 on Ebay? Pay $184 to get it fixed?

encouraged about some things I’m observing in my children.

discouraged about other things I’m observing in my children.

happy that I have a partner in raising them. I wouldn’t want to do this by myself, and Mr. FG and I so often fill in what the other parent is lacking. We make a good pair, but neither of us would be super great on our own.

loving how excited Zoe is about school. “Can I do more pages, Mommy?” “Time tests? I love those!” “Can we do some other schoolbooks, Mommy?” “Can I read some more science?”

remembering how Joshua, when he was in kindergarten, cried because we weren’t bringing schoolbooks on vacation.

wishing kindergarten enthusiasm didn’t wane after a few years.

low on pictures because the days have been so dark and dark days just do not inspire me to get out my camera.

tired of humidity, and the mosquitoes that hang around in warm, humid air.

excited that cooler temps and some sunny, dry air are in the forecast. Oh yes!

happy that Mr. FG and I finally painted our crown moulding (it was his idea to do it on Monday and I was cranky about it but I’m glad we got it done.)

anxious to get the wall paint touched up so that the project is finished and we can put our living room back in order.

heading off to get everyone fed and ready to go out the door.

What are you doing/thinking right now?

(the super-fun-to-write Right Now post idea comes compliments of SouleMama. )


Today’s 365 post: Don’t have one up yet. See the “low on pictures” part from this post.

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Thursday 3rd of November 2011

I know you wrote this awhile ago, but I too wonder - how would I make it in pioneer days if I can't see faces more than 2 feet away? Would I be considered blind? I'd be no good at protecting my family from anything - wolves, raccoons, robbers, or fire, because I couldn't see them coming!


Friday 4th of November 2011

I know! I'd be pretty much useless except for household tasks.

Rebecca P

Thursday 29th of September 2011

Doesn't Soule Mama have some great little post ideas? I also love her Friday Right Now photos. I've joined her in doing that a few times. It's cool and it's also a super easy blog post!


Wednesday 28th of September 2011

I am -- --wishing I had a longer lunch --annoyed that I forgot the salad dressing --anticipating the watermelon I did not forget! --Happy I remembered the watermelon! LURVING watermelon -- Saddened by replacement of watermelons with pumpkins at the market but . . . --Excited to see pumpkins again! --Tired of 90 degrees and up --Missing husband and daughter, both in Russia -- Ashamed that i am ever so slightly jealous of husband and daughter in Russia -- Worried about health care premiums going up a lot this month ---very thankful to have health care! -- Proud that I've been bringing lunches, eating breakfasts at home, and making cheap dinners, like the massive pot of lentils awaiting me at home -- Kind of dreading the massive pot of lentils awaiting me at home ---Anxious to lose more weight, okay, obsessing to lose more weight -- mad at self for lack of patience with student -- Diego, you are making me crazy! -- Curious to hear the news coming up . .


Wednesday 28th of September 2011

Ebay is good. Maybe in the future we can get our vision corrected by lasers. The cost has gone down. I am tired of the expenses and I hate my glasses. Contacts make my eyes water. I am thinking of what bills to cut and how to reduce expenses.


Wednesday 28th of September 2011

We also have been having "swamp" weather - 90% humidity and hotter temperatures. So unusual for New England this time of year. However, I am very grateful that there has been zero temptation to turn on the heat! I am enjoying a small bowl of "your" chocolate pudding. It is my son's new, favorite afterschool snack. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am thinking about going to the library this afternoon and smiling at the thought of catching up on new issues of magazines. I am so very grateful to have the luxury of some time off from work. I also need to flea comb the cats as I am trying my darnest to erradicate the fleas without using any chemicals. Finally, I have 125 pounds of cat litter to drag down to the basement - there was a good sale so I stocked up, but the bags just don't fully compliment my back hallway decor!

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