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Right now…

 Since none of the posts in my draft folder are ready to go, we’re gonna go with a stream of consciousness-style post today!


A round wooden night table against a green wall.

Right now, I am:


that I will get to donate blood this morning. This is my third time trying (my blood iron has been very slightly too low the last two times). I’ve been taking an iron supplement, though, so I am hopeful that I will qualify today!

Maybe the third time is the charm.

waiting on pins and needles…

A textbook page of pelvic bone anatomy.

to get my exam #3 grade.

It was a 100% lab practical test, no multiple-choice, with 25 stations where we had to identify bones and landmarks on bones (“This is the lateral malleolus of the fibula”), so these tests will probably take my professor a few days to grade.

Scantron tests come back faster!

feeling the usual overwhelm…

that happens at the beginning of a new A&P unit. Every single time, I think, “This will be impossible!”

And every time it turns out not to be so.

I have until Sunday night to learn two chapters of material and then take a test. Usually, we have two weeks for this, and I don’t know why we are getting only six days this time around. Hopefully, this means exam #4 is less difficult.


that once exam #4 is done, I am halfway through the exams for the semester since there are eight in total.

really behind…

on email. It’s been a few days since I did an inbox cleanout, so I know it’s scary in there.

If you emailed me and I haven’t written back…that’s why.

kind of annoyed…

that tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be in the 80s. WHERE are my crisp October days?? I do not actually want to be wearing shorts right now.


that we might get a braces-end date for Zoe at her orthodontics check up today. I can only imagine how happy she will be to have all this metal out of her mouth at some point in the not too distant future.


that my huge bulletin board arrived. I wanted something to hang above my desk, and the first one I ordered got lost in the shipping process somewhere.

But the second one showed up on my doorstep yesterday and now I just have to hang it up.


if the bulletin board I ordered is a little unnecessarily big. I could possibly have gotten by with a smaller one, but hey, it’s here now and I don’t think I want to go to the bother of returning it.

And since I am a satisficer, not a maximizer, I probably will stop thinking about the size of the board as soon as I hang it up.

(Here’s an article about the difference between satisficers and maximizers.)

“Close enough is good enough! This will be fine!” = a thing I say often.

I come by my satisficing through no effort of my own but I feel pretty lucky that this is my tendency because apparently, satisficing is correlated with greater happiness.

I am no researcher or psychologist, but I can definitely see how this would hold true. If I expended mental energy trying to evaluate every option before I made a decision and then also expended mental energy questioning my decision after I made it, I would probably feel tired.

And I’d probably feel less happy.

I think for me, it comes down to believing that there are probably lots of options out there that would all be just fine. If I thought there was only one perfect option, I’d be more stressed about decision-making, but since I think there are lots of suitable options, I’m happy going with the first minimum viable option that comes across the plate.

scratching my head…

about why in the world I have not tackled painting my bedroom yet.

burgundy painted bedroom


I even have a sample jar of a test color, and both Mr. FG and I are approaching this with a, “basically any lighter color will be better than our current burgundy situation” attitude, so it’s not that I’m hung up on finding the perfect paint color.

I think I am just dreading all the temporary upheaval of moving things out of the bedroom and making a mess with the trim painting, ceiling painting, and wall painting. Yuck.

What I know about myself, though, is that often I just need to get started, and then I will keep going.

So, I probably should just roll that sample paint onto the wall in a super obvious spot that I will see every day. That’s probably going to drive me crazy enough to make me actually just do this job!


Alrighty…I’m off to the blood donation center now. And hopefully for tomorrow’s Thankful Thursday post, I will be able to tell you guys that I finally qualified to donate blood. 🙂

Feel free to make your own little “right now” list in the comments if you’d like!

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Thursday 14th of October 2021

“Close enough is good enough! This will be fine!” I say things like this! And I have a similar rule, we call it the 60% rule in my house. If I can do about 60% of the work on a project or an idea or relationship or whatever right now, I should just start and the rest will figure itself out in the end. And even if it doesn’t quickly resolve the rest, 60% finished is better than not at all started. Some improvement is better than no improvement. I don’t need to wait until all the details are perfectly worked out to start something.


Thursday 14th of October 2021

I have not heard of those two decision making terms. Very interesting to read and I can apply it to my mother. She pushes for more and better and often creates absolutely havoc over the simplest of things. I am a bit more easy going.

I hope you were able to donate blood and that the exam went well for you.


Wednesday 13th of October 2021

- Overwhelmed. Working a full-time job after being a stay-at-home mom for many years is tiring, and I feel my age both in my exhaustion and inability to learn new tasks quickly.

- Missing my daughter, who is away at college for her first semester. I've never looked forward to a Thanksgiving as much as I am this one.

- Proud of my son, who made a big transition with school this year and is doing great with it. One of his qualities has always been adaptability (even as a little boy), and it's serving him well right now.

- Enjoying "Jeopardy!" That show has been on my entire life and I've never, ever watched it before a few months ago. Now I look forward to watching it on YouTube every evening.

- Thankful for the saying "this too shall pass."


Thursday 14th of October 2021

Bee, your encouraging words mean a great deal. Thank you.


Wednesday 13th of October 2021

@BJS, Hang in there! Life transitions can be difficult. You will find your way. I have a little sign that someone gave me. It says, “ You can’t scare me I have children.”


Wednesday 13th of October 2021

I really want to paint our kitchen and living room, but that will wait until after getting some anti-inflammatory shots in my arthritic knees. I love yellow, but the previous owner went kind of crazy with it and painted over half the interior of the house in different shades, all of which are not my favorite. We are very over it after nearly 10 years.

Otherwise, we are enjoying the first hints of fall, the fun of watching our neighbors' tiny silkie bantam chickens through the backyard fence, loving how incredibly smart and empathetic our youngest rescue dog, who was abused as a puppy, has become, and thinking I really need to spring a clothes shopping trip on my son. He is looking downright raggedy and he hates to shop. Can't imagine who he gets that from! :-D


Wednesday 13th of October 2021

I stay here because you haven't painted your bedroom despite it's regular appearance on your to-do list. Shows you aren't perfect! ;)

I thought I'd love a certain gray color, but I prefer white. I like the way has used color with white walls.

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