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I am not trying to tell anyone how to eat

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I’m about to publish another big ol’ post comprised of nothing but food-waste-fighting breakfast and lunch meals.

green salad with eggs and potatoes.

Last time I did this, some of my social media followers sort of got the wrong idea.

So before I publish the next breakfast and lunch post, here is a little disclaimer post that I can link to in the future:

The point of my breakfast and lunch meal posts is not to lay out any sort of dietary recommendations.

The point is to share inspiration to help you all reduce the food waste in your own kitchens.

Scrambled eggs with veggies.

To elaborate a little more:

1. It is impossible for me to eat to make everyone happy

One person thinks I eat a lot. Another thinks I eat surprisingly little.

One person thinks I eat an impressive amount of produce. Another thinks I’m not eating nearly enough produce.

One person thinks I should eat more potatoes and rice. Another thinks I eat too many carbs.

One person thinks I eat too much sugar*. Or too much meat. Or not enough meat.

*the latest sugar comment was in response to me eating a banana with Nutella for dessert. Which honestly is probably one of my least problematic desserts. Ha.

So. I’m not eating to make anyone happy. That would be crazy, not to mention impossible.

It would be like trying to go backward and forward at the same time!

2. I eat to fuel my body and to enjoy life

I try to put plenty of good stuff into my body.

I also like to enjoy chocolate. And homemade bread. 

I know what works for me and what makes me feel good, body and soul. I feel healthy, and by every physical metric my doctors use, my body is in good shape.


3. I can’t tell YOU what you should eat!

I am not qualified to give dietary advice.

And even people who are qualified to give dietary advice (such as dietitians) generally refuse to give specific recommendations to people over the internet.

Dietary recommendations are such an individual thing, depending on body makeup, allergies, budget, time availability, food availability, personal preferences, and so on.

So, if I eat dried fruit in my oatmeal, that doesn’t mean I’m saying people with diabetes should snack on dates.

If I fry my eggs in bacon grease, that doesn’t mean I’m saying you should do that too! 

(Although I will tell you that a hot pan with bacon grease makes for very tasty eggs and veggies.)

4. Chew up the meat, spit out the bones

Hopefully, when you see the breakfast and lunches I eat, you’ll be able to glean some takeaways that help you use up the food in your fridge and pantry.

mashed potatoes with fried eggs.

My opinion: a fried egg or two makes a meal of almost anything!

Maybe you won’t eat the exact foods that I eat, but you can probably learn some food waste fighting principles that can apply to what you eat.

Or maybe your takeaway will just be a fresh dose of motivation that comes from watching someone else, just like I might be inspired to paint a room after I see someone else do it.

Take what applies to you, and leave what doesn’t.

And that is actually just good advice for pretty much anything you read on the internet.

"It's just money."
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.