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It’s a good day for some miscellany, I think.

First up: binders.

This is an exciting topic, no?

You all know that I’m big on buying things that will last, even if they cost a little bit more, so this year, I purchased two binders from Staples that promise to last a lifetime.

I’ve owned a fair number of binders in my life, and eventually, most of them have needed to be repaired with duct tape.

(Classy, I know. But it works.)

I’d really prefer to have a binder that doesn’t need repairing, so I’m giving these a try. They cost about $7-$8, so this was definitely not an immediately frugal purchase. Eventually, though, they ought to pay for themselves. And I won’t have to deal with a duct-taped binder, so that’s worth something.

I’ll keep you posted on how they hold up…remind me to update you in a year, k?

(In case you were wondering, Staples has no idea who I am and I bought these binders with my own money. No affiliation here.)


Second up: health insurance

(I’m full of riveting topics today!)

I am very excited because Mr. FG’s new employer offers health insurance that knocks the socks off of our old insurance, AND it’s way cheaper.

That’s a win-win if I ever heard of one.

Kristen is a happy camper.


I tried a new clump-a-licious* granola recipe.

*it was not actually called clump-a-licious granola. I just made that up.

It is SO good and so easy, it’s ridiculous. I promise to share the recipe in the coming week, because you need to make yourself a batch of this.


I’m busy using up the bushel of peaches I bought from a local farm. I’ve been slicing and freezing lots of them (to use in smoothies and to add to oatmeal in the winter) and we’re eating peaches at every meal.

And I also made myself a batch of peach freezer jam.


I found some very wrinkly potatoes in a kitchen drawer. Fortunately, only one had gone bad, and I peeled and boiled the rest.

I made a batch of potato bread with some of them, and I’ll probably mash and freeze the rest for future loaves of potato bread. Yay for a save!

Oh, and before I go, I wanted to tell you that the 10 people who won a sample pack of Basic H from Shaklee have all been emailed. Thanks for entering, and I hope you love your Basic H.


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Friday 7th of September 2012

This is about those binders. We had some at work and they are really nice, but with heavy use don't hold up much better than the others. Duct tape was a frequent addition to the binders there. You probably won't use them as frequently as we did, so they should serve you well.

Leigh Ann Hicks

Friday 7th of September 2012

I went with these binders this year too! I discovered them in July when they were 40% off. The cashier said that they only go on sale that deep about once a year. If you bring in your old binders to Staples they will give you $2 off a new one and recycle your old ones. This made these new "everlasting" binders about the price of "regular" binders.


Friday 7th of September 2012

I purchased two of those binders to hold our recipes two or perhaps even three years ago, I use them daily and one has a small tear on the seam probably less than a centimeter long but other than that they are working hard and staying together.


Thursday 6th of September 2012

Hope you made 'peach pit jelly' with the skins and pits. Easy and delish! Email for details if you've not heard of this.

Lindsey C.

Thursday 6th of September 2012

Hi! 2 things. 1. Frugal can be wonderful sometimes! I don't have kids but I still recycle old binders from my work that are about to be tossed to the trash and save them for nieces and nephews. (I'm a great gift giver, I know!) So you might want to have Mr. FG poke around the mail room or beginning of next year when files are being cleaned out if there are some extra binders/report holders that he can grab.

2. Old potatoes, before they go nasty (in addition to what you are already doing for them) can be diced up and turned into a delicious hash with eggs and whatever you want in them. Just toss em in a hot pan with a little olive oil or butter and a teensy amount of salt and cook them for about 10 minutes before you add everything else and make sure eggs go in last. (this only works if you LOVE breakfast food)

That is all. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.