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How We Picnic

We’ve had some fabulously warm weather here this month, which is a lovely change from the cold and snow and cold and snow we had all winter. I’ve been trying to take advantage of this weather with my kids as I know all too soon it will be muggy and hot, and the mosquitoes will arrive to torture us.

So, the other day we packed up some lunch and a few school books and headed down to the pier.

We said hi to the geese,

and spotted some tiny fish.

Then we had lunch at the picnic tables. I packed my kids’ sandwiches in reusable containers, which doubled as plates.

Just for fun, check out the picnic tables back in February. That was beautiful, but I’m very over snow for this year.

Back to some warm pictures, now…I brought leftovers for myself to eat, packed in my beloved Pyrex containers. You should do yourself a favor and buy some of these if you don’t already own any. Love them!

I brought a real fork to eat my leftovers with, but neglected to bring a knife to spread peanut butter on our bananas (we brought the peels home to put in our compost bin). No matter…the handle of a fork works kind of like a knife in a pinch. 😉

We drank water from our canteens, which are such a great bargain compared to bottled water (not to mention you don’t have to keep trashing or recycling these.).

And we packed it all in one of our cloth Del Sol bags, a $20 bag which we get for $5 every year in Myrtle Beach (with a coupon, naturally). I use these sturdy bags for grocery shopping, library books, picnics, and a multitude of other things.

After we ate lunch, we soaked up the sunshine while I read aloud from these two books. Love the portability of homeschooling!

I love stuff like this…our outing cost nothing, it produced no trash, and my kids had a fabulous time. Though it’s rainy and cold today, the weather promises to improve starting tomorrow, and that means this week will probably hold some more delightful picnic lunches at the pier.

Life is good.

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Monday 5th of March 2012

I love the photo of the Little House book... it looks exactly like my copy... tears and all! My favorite childhood reading, and I have read them for my daughter and three sons, who all enjoy hearing Laura's stories. They are timeless :)

I stumbled on to your blog while researching how to paint furniture, so thanks for the tips!


Wednesday 31st of March 2010

Hi Kristen, I just found your blog and I absolutely love it... I am also 31, I don't work outside the home, and I have 5 kids. I am very thankful that God has given me the opportunity to be home with them, and consider my "real job" to be getting the best deal on all I can. Your blog is inspiring! Thank you!


Thursday 14th of October 2010

Aww, I'm so glad. :)

Condo Blues

Tuesday 30th of March 2010

I got a picnic basket with a cloth tablecloth, napkins, plates, cups, and utensils as a wedding present. We've gotten so much use out of it! If I didn't have it, I'd snag your totebag idea because I have lots of totes for grocery shopping.

I recently saw little Pyrex containers like yours on sale at Odd Lots. I'm seriously considering getting them to replace my plastic lunch containers when they run out.

Kristin @ Making Cents Out of Life

Tuesday 30th of March 2010

I love that you are creating so many wonderful memories with your kids that they will carry with them throughout their lives and probably carry on the traditions with their own children! I have so many wonderful memories tha tmy own mom created, and it seems like so many parents today don't take the time to do these things with their kids and it's so sad. Even though I can't have kids, I love that I will have these memories forever of the times spent with my family; I know now that I am an adult that my childhood was probably not as "magical" as it seemed but I know how hard my mom worked to make sure I had those memories and make it feel magical, and it makes me so much more impressed. Great job! It's nice to see a young mom care about these things!


Tuesday 30th of March 2010

Saturday was our Grandson's 1st Birthday and after celebrating with everyone, he and his family and my husband and I were taken to a park though the sun was behind the clouds too. We had a wonderful time as well and he went down the slide voluntarily unassisted and was met at the bottom of the slide by Grampa. Delightful time! So glad I didn't heed my Doctor's advice to "terminate this pregnancy" after my appointment in 1979 when pregnant 6 weeks with our Grandson's Dad. Being a Type I Diabetic since 1950 God has been an ever present help in times of need. Every day with HIM has been a delight when remembering all HIS Goodness to us as a family.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.