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Grocery Spending and Menu Plan-January, week 1

Here’s my groceries, and some wired children.

All four of them managed to make it into one of the pictures I took.

Some hamsters also made their way into the picture this week.

I spent $57 at Aldi, and at Weis, I spent $45, which makes for a total of $102.

Here’s what we’ll be eating for dinner this week.



  • We’re visiting my in-laws, and I think I am contributing French bread to the meal.

Monday (it isn’t at all summer-like here, but I have bratwurst in the freezer that need to be used!)

  • Grilled Bratwurst
  • Doritos (yes, I realize these aren’t even faintly nutritious, but they are fun to eat every now and then)
  • Grilled Vegetables


  • Chef’s Salad (I’m trying a Cook’s Illustrated recipe)
  • Bubble Bread (recipe to come)


  • Cubano Quesadillas (a new CI recipe)
  • fruit


  • Baked Ziti (aaaand, one more new CI recipe)
  • French bread
  • green salad


  • Ham and Mushroom Panini sandwiches
  • side dishes will depend upon what is on sale next week (I shop on Thursdays)

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Monday 11th of January 2010

Ham & mushroom paninis sound so good....would you expand on the process of making paninis? I love eating them but have never made them. I'd like to see (hear) how you do it. Thanks.


Sunday 10th of January 2010

What was tickling your kids so much, anything in particular? I can hear their laughter through the photo ...


Sunday 10th of January 2010

Hi Kristen!

I'm a longtime lurker - first time commenter, and I'm writing because after 6 months of avidly reading your blog, my (only!) New Years Resolution this year is to be more frugal. I like the way you live - frugality in certain areas where the lower-cost substitution won't be noticed, so you can spend/achieve in other areas that give you more joy - your camera, working part-time etc.

So I am writing to ask for advice: Where do I start? I have drawn up a budget with four categories - bills, grocery money, entertainment money and savings. I am have been through each category and am trying to cut the inessentials, with a view to whatever I save gets to go into the savings category. I intend to re-read your series on the emails you sent to your husband RE finances, as I think that might be a good goal for me to see my progression each month.

But any tips as to things you do - or things you wish you had known earlier in your frugal journey? We are a little different - I mean I'm realistic - I'm never going to be the type to make my own yogurt and as a single person there is no point in baking my own bread (I buy one loaf a fortnight - maybe less), but nonetheless I am feeling very strange 10 days into my new frugal life, and whilst I want to stick with it I have this awful feeling that if I don't give myself enough 'slack' I'll give up entirely - but then again, too much slack and there will be no achievements.....

I'd be grateful for any advice?


Saturday 9th of January 2010

I have to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I also admit I love the grocery posts because seeing Weis reminds me of home. I am also an Aldi's shopper and can usually find everything I need there. I also would love that baked ziti recipe,good,bad or ugly. I do have my own and curious to see the differences.

Your children are so precious!!! Its so cool seeing them in the pics.

Thanks,as always,for sharing.


Saturday 9th of January 2010

These pics always make me hungry!! I see now the truth comes out...sans kids your pictures have always seemed very serene -- glad to see that the kids your involved too-- makes it just that more relate-able!! I can see now that they "help you" as much as my kids do!! :) Love all the fruits and veggies!!

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