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Five Frugal Things | Thanks, past Kristen!

1. I stored my black nylons in a Ziploc bag

Black nylons in a small Ziploc bag.

Mr. FG and I had a funeral to go to on Saturday (I wrote a little about it here, on my other blog), so I was looking for some legwear to go with my black dress.

Happily, I had put my one pair of black nylons in a ziplock bag in my sock drawer, so they were there, safe and protected, waiting for the next black-nylon occasion.

I almost never wear nylons, so I was thankful to my past self for preserving my single pair in the Ziploc bag! Without the bag, I am sure I would have accidentally snagged them.

Nylons in a lingerie laundry bag.

After the funeral, I washed them in a lingerie bag, let them air-dry, and put them right back into the Ziploc bag for next time.

2. I wore my black Goodwill/Target dress

A black dress on a wooden hanger.

I bought a classic black dress at Goodwill years ago for $9.99. It was new-with-tags from Target, and it’s been very useful for the times when I need a conservative black dress.

I have several body-con style black dresses, which are fine when I do something like go out with Mr. FG:

Mr. FG Kristen anniversary date

But that type of dress is not quite what I want for a funeral, and this more conservative one fits the bill quite nicely.

Kristen with her sister, both in black dresses.

From 2017, when my sister and I accidentally wore almost identical dresses to our grandpa’s funeral.

Since it’s a very classic style, it’s a handy dress to keep around for occasional use. Even if there are five years between uses, it doesn’t really go out of fashion.

Definitely a well-spent $9.99!

3. I printed out a $4 Cerave coupon

All four of us here use Cerave lotion and/or facewash, so I was delighted to see what I thought was a coupon opportunity.

First I filled out a skincare survey to get a $2 coupon. Then I printed it out and showed Sonia and she was like, “Uh, Mom, that’s for Cetaphil, not Cerave.”

Ha. I am forever getting those two brands confused. They both start with C, they both have three syllables…

(If you do indeed use Cetaphil, here’s the link to get a printable $2 Cetaphil coupon emailed to you.)

I was a little bummed at this mixup, but I decided to search and see if I could find a Cerave coupon, and I found a $4 one. Yay!

I sent it with Mr. FG to BJs, since they are a warehouse club that lets you use manufacturer’s coupons. And that is pretty lovely.

4. I took down my dead vines and saved the seeds

dry seed pods on a branch.

It’s been cold enough at night to kill my purple hyacinth vines, so I removed some seed pods for next year and then cut the vines down and tossed them in the fire pit.

Bush/vine trimmings make very good kindling!

I’ll let the seeds dry thoroughly and then store them until it’s time to replant next spring.

purple bean hyacinth around mailbox

What the hyacinth vines look like in the summer

5. I used up leftover fried rice + bok choy

When I got home from class yesterday, I chopped up and sauteed some Hungry Harvest bok choy, added some leftover fried rice, and topped it with two fried eggs.

a plate of fried rice with bok choy and eggs.

Scrambled eggs would have been a more authentic addition, but fried eggs are a little easier since you don’t need to whisk them in a bowl first. And I was impatient for lunch. 😉

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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Katy in Africa

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

1. Made beef broth and chicken broth. Love how they can add flavor to a meal, eve if I don't actually put beef or chicken in it. And I freeze it in Pb, jelly, and mayo jars. 2. Cut holey t-shirts into rags for cleaning. 3. Trying to get $80 back from an online subscription I don't want anymore... Hope they reimburse me.


Wednesday 24th of November 2021

I always struggle with this. 1. I topped up the shopping this week solo. The shop was at least $100 cheaper.

2. I am trying to make stuff for Christmas to keep the cost down. It has taken more than a week to clear a space in which to sew. Please don't judge me as it is a small house and the other person who sews takes all the space.

3. I have reached the free medicine threshold weeks ago so I am trying to build a small stock of medicines such as asthma puffers. I don't hoard this stuff I just like to know I have a replacement waiting if I need it.

4. Our petrol/gas price has gone up to over $2 (AUS) per litre. If I see fuel at lower price I am topping up the tank.

5. A few times this week I have talked our way out of taking away food. Always a win.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

1. I brought my daughter to her 3 year physical. Her pediatrician recommended a wake up clock (it turns green when she can get out of bed). Someone posted one on Buy Nothing this weekend that I picked up for free. We will see if it works. 2. My son has been using a Pillow Pet as a pillow for many years. I picked up the same one off Buy Nothing today. It will stay in our camper and make packing for camping just a bit easier. 3. I am bringing frozen leftovers to work, for lunch, this week. My breakfast is homemade pumpkin muffins that I had frozen too. 4. We have multiple large trees in our yard. My husband considered paying someone to clean the gutters this year. He instead decided to buy a leaf blower. He blew the leaves in the yard and the gutter, which took him substantially less time than last year. 5. Our state pays for free home energy assessments, which we took advantage of this week. Unfortunately, this professional feels we need a new water heater and that the one we have is not vented properly which can lead to carbon monoxide build up (don't worry we have multipe detectors!). So, the assessment was free and we will now be purchasing a new hot water heater. But, hopefully the new hot water heater will be better for the environment and our utilities bill. And may have saved our lives! If anyone has suggestions on hot water heaters, feel free to comment!


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Will you leave notes for your service?

How about writing them now?

Would you want people to wear black to yours? I imagine brighter colors at a celebration of life for you.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Living frugally means that I am choosing to splurge on a cab to the airport for tomorrow’s very early flight, it’s safer for everyone if I don’t drive while struggling to stay awake! Bought the cheapest SWA tix which still means 2 free checked bags, no seat choice but it’s only a 2.5 hour hop so I can manage the middle seat if that’s where I end up. Will buy coffee at the airport but have packed breakfast from home. Inflight entertainment will be a downloaded Audible book from my last 1/2 off 3 month subscription. It’s a balance - I paid $85 for 5 year’s TSA pre-check which means my frequent trips are much more pleasant, but I buy cheap flight tix/use airmiles and spend as little while traveling as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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