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Five Frugal Things | swimsuit flip, hot sauce + 3 more

1. I sold a Target return.

This was such a weird situation. Let me explain.

One of the swimsuits we ordered was too small for Zoe, so I went through the online returns process.

Target refunded me, but said I didn’t need to bother to return the suit.

(I’m surprised Target does this, and I have to imagine that unscrupulous people will take advantage of it.)

Target swimsuit.

Anyway, I was left with a perfectly good swimsuit that no one here can wear. Zoe’s the smallest person at our house!

So, I listed it on eBay, and it sold within a day.  

(In that same order was a pair of too-big swim shorts. Target said not to send those back either, so we are just keeping them for Zoe to wear next year. Too-big is simpler to deal with than too-small, as long as you are still growing!)

2. I used up taco truck salsa.

We’d been to the taco truck for a date night recently, and we had extra hot sauce/salsa.

So, I added them to my scrambled egg burrito.

egg burrito with hot sauce.

3. I used a rice bag to freeze chicken.

I always cut up my big packs of chicken breasts into smaller pieces, freeze them on a tray, and them put them in a bag. That way they’re not frozen into a huge, unwieldy clump of meat, and I can take out just as many as I need.

The last time I used up a bag of jasmine rice from Aldi, I noticed that the bag was nice, thick plastic (even thicker than Ziploc freezer bags).

chicken breasts frozen in a rice bag.

So, I saved it and now I have a bunch of chicken frozen in it.

4. I got our car insurance switched to a lower rate.

We are with Erie, and they had us in the RateLock program.

But, if you make any changes (like adding or removing a driver), then the rate is no longer locked in.

Since we are in a change-full time of life with drivers (Sonia will get added in about 9 months), RateLock doesn’t make sense for us anymore, and our rate was going to go up this year.

Sonia driving.

So, I called and discussed it with our agent, and we are now in a different Erie program that is cheaper.

Every little bit helps with a policy full of young drivers!

5. I…

  • listed an outgrown jacket on eBay
  • submitted some out-of-network medical bills for reimbursement
  • ate leftovers for lunch
  • submitted a request for paperwork to get Sonia’s dual enrollment college classes for 50% off

What frugal things have you been up to lately? Share in the comments!

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Forrest McCall

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

I sold my old iPad keyboard on eBay! I think one of the biggest hacks is buying used items and selling them used, you’ll only lose a fraction of the amount when compared to buying new and selling used!


Friday 19th of June 2020

I've never sold anything on eBay. With a move in our future, how practical is it to sell furniture on eBay? Advice?


Friday 19th of June 2020

I've never sold furniture on eBay. Shipping furniture just costs so much money! I'd be much more inclined to sell furniture on Facebook marketplace or on craigslist.

Mallory Lemieux

Friday 19th of June 2020

This week was use-up-the-condiments week in our household too! Some of them made their way into bacon chicken ranch wraps, others become bases for chicken marinades for chicken that I picked up on managers special.

Gifted mineral seltzer that did not have the most pleasant taste became seltzer spritzers. Fresh lemon juice and splash of raspberry syrup covered up the mineral taste nicely.

Finally, I used up the bottom of the bag of tortilla chips in taco salads this week. I like to crush them up anyways!


Thursday 18th of June 2020

I went to the farther away cheaper grocery store and stocked up on a bunch of clearance meat and two giant bags of clearance bell peppers which I chopped up and froze for later use.

Had extra canned pineapple after making pizza so I used it and the juice to make muffins.

Got free mulch from the dump and put it in all our flower beds to spruce up the yard.

Have been wanting a second pair of Tieks for a while, but couldn’t justify spending that kind of money when I don’t really NEED a new pair of shoes. Well this amazing company is offering a $100 off discount right now for front line healthcare workers! It is so wonderful of them and I took advantage and have a brand new blush pink pair headed my way.

Hubby took the time to mail in the 11% rebates for the garage shelving we bought at the hardware store.

Ruth T

Wednesday 17th of June 2020

1. The produce place 45 minutes away from my house had strawberries on sale for 50 cents a quart on Sunday. I got 4 cases (32 quarts) for $16! We also got blackberries for 50 cents a container. I always know heading in that whenever they're that cheap, it means I have to use them in a hurry. So Monday I made and canned strawberry jam with a bunch of them, then Tuesday I froze a bunch for smoothies. We have about 3 quarts left to eat. (I think my kids also ate 3 full quarts yesterday during snack and lunch.) 2. I dropped off a load of recyclables on the way home from the library this morning. If we take them ourselves, we don't have to pay for recycling pickup. 3. I'm making my own coffee at home. 4. The zoo we're members of opened last weekend! They aren't allowing outside food or beverages, so we packed food to eat in the van on the way there and back. 5. My 3yo is actually tolerating the mask I made for him out of his old pajamas. It's not a great mask, but I don't really know where to get child-size masks. My baby turns 2 in a couple of weeks, so I may try to make a similar one for her.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.