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Five Frugal Things | Only so much martyrdom

1. I ate the rest of the gluten-free pretzels

Since Sonia is off the low FODMAP diet, she’s back on gluten.

But we still had some gluten-free pretzels hanging around, and since I think they’re pretty good, I finished them up.

empty bag of glutino pretzels.

(I would not, however, be willing to finish up gluten-free bread. Ha. My passion for food-waste prevention has its limits, and gluten-free bread involves too much martyr-dom for me. ;))

2. I customized my Hungry Harvest order

I try to do this when I remember in time because I am more likely to use all the food if I swap a few things out.

(Using the food you buy = always frugal)

I have some things on my “never” list, such as eggplant, but sometimes I have a refrigerator backlog of foods I do like, such as carrots.

So, it’s handy to be able to swap them out of my box for something else I can better use.

3. I used my CVS Carepass for some necessary items

CVS has this Carepass program where you pay $5/month and you get $10 of credit. So, it’s basically a 50% off coupon.

I needed some acetone nail polish (for a biology experiment), a sympathy card, and some Easter candy, so I used my Carepass.

Chlorophyll chromatagraphy strips.

The biology experiment, which involved a toxic combo of pureed spinach mixed with acetone.

4. I sold another book on eBay

I think I’ve had this one sitting there on eBay, listed and untouched, for probably over a year.

But then randomly, someone bought it, so now there’s one less book on my listed-for-sale shelf.

On eBay, patience is a serious virtue.

(Here’s how to sell books on eBay.)

5. Mr. FG got me some marked-down Dove chocolates

I know this would go over like a lead balloon with some spouses, but given my penchant for saving money, I am actually more appreciative when he gets me something inexpensive.

Two bags of Dove dark chocolate Easter eggs.

So, when he brought me two bags of Dove chocolate that he got for $1/bag, I was gratified. 🙂

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to this week?

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Sunday 11th of April 2021

1) Sold a measuring tape on Facebook Marketplace for more than I listed it for. 2) Frugal Fail: Motel 6 at Lincoln City Oregon . Only place I could find that would accept the cat (and I wasn't leaving him home alone for a week). Dirty (short dark hairs in bathtub, my hair is long and gray, floors dirty, top of microwave filthy), cold (wore nightgown, sweats, socks, and put a towel over my head, still COLD), noisy (next to elevator, across hall from ice machine which ran all night/day long), flickering light in hallway which was somehow connected to one of the lights in the room so 2 unusable lights), leaking faucet in bathroom sink, of course not beachfront (that I knew and expected beforehand). NEVER AGAIN. Will pay the pet fee and higher room rate at another establishment for comfort and cleanliness. 3) Bought 12 boxes of flooring at Costco on sale. 4) Because I keep records of everything LOL can prove that a missing space rent payment was made 5) Got a $5.00 Starbucks card for simply logging into my Geico app. Got a $5.00 Amazon gift card from Purina Cat Chow Perks program


Saturday 10th of April 2021

FFT 1. Got a $280 check back from my insurance company. Yes please! 2. Sold $80 of stuff I found for free on my neighborhood walks 3. Stacked a bunch of coupons at Rite Aid to get super cheap toothpaste (35 cents) and name brand cereal ($1 a box) 4. Picked up free books from local little free library 5. Picked up free teen Grab n Go poetry bag at library to use in a homeschool lesson


Friday 9th of April 2021

I think I only have one frugal thing this week. I don't have a dryer so when I do wash, I hang dry it on drying racks. My wooden drying rack has just been falling apart & I figured I'd just ditch & get a new one when it finally breaks. My stepfather saw it & unbeknownst to me, he fixed it with electrical tape. It was a simple fix & I just never thought about it, I'm a simpleton. LOL


Thursday 8th of April 2021

My frugal items are all about Moving. Buying a house is a really good incentive for me to save, it seems.

1. Packed breakfast for the kids for our 8:30 house inspection. Usually I'd just buy some food on the way out of the neighborhood because leaving early is with kids is hard for me, and making a house look clean mid-move adds complexity, so this was a big win for me.

2. Used the instant pot to make dinner for the inspection day after learning that our inspection was at 3:30, not 8:30. I was so tempted to buy, but we had meat that needed using up and I can cook it quickly in the instant pot, so it worked.

3. Eating through our fridge and freezer so we have as few perishables to move as possible. Meals are less complex, but nutritious still.

4. Inventoried and sorted children's clothes as I was packing, which has me very aware of what we need for the warmer season. Usually I don't do that until too late in the season and scramble to find stuff. Not so this season!

5. We're using organizational tools we've had for 5 years that didn't work for this house in the new house because they'll work.


Thursday 8th of April 2021

It's not frugal when gift cards aren't used! I have 2 gift cards that I need to sell. Does anyone have recommendations on how/where to sell them? Thanks!

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