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Five Frugal Things | Only so much martyrdom

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1. I ate the rest of the gluten-free pretzels

Since Sonia is off the low FODMAP diet, she’s back on gluten.

But we still had some gluten-free pretzels hanging around, and since I think they’re pretty good, I finished them up.

empty bag of glutino pretzels.

(I would not, however, be willing to finish up gluten-free bread. Ha. My passion for food-waste prevention has its limits, and gluten-free bread involves too much martyr-dom for me. ;))

2. I customized my Hungry Harvest order

I try to do this when I remember in time because I am more likely to use all the food if I swap a few things out.

(Using the food you buy = always frugal)

I have some things on my “never” list, such as eggplant, but sometimes I have a refrigerator backlog of foods I do like, such as carrots.

So, it’s handy to be able to swap them out of my box for something else I can better use.

3. I used my CVS Carepass for some necessary items

CVS has this Carepass program where you pay $5/month and you get $10 of credit. So, it’s basically a 50% off coupon.

I needed some acetone nail polish (for a biology experiment), a sympathy card, and some Easter candy, so I used my Carepass.

Chlorophyll chromatagraphy strips.

The biology experiment, which involved a toxic combo of pureed spinach mixed with acetone.

4. I sold another book on eBay

I think I’ve had this one sitting there on eBay, listed and untouched, for probably over a year.

But then randomly, someone bought it, so now there’s one less book on my listed-for-sale shelf.

On eBay, patience is a serious virtue.

(Here’s how to sell books on eBay.)

5. Mr. FG got me some marked-down Dove chocolates

I know this would go over like a lead balloon with some spouses, but given my penchant for saving money, I am actually more appreciative when he gets me something inexpensive.

Two bags of Dove dark chocolate Easter eggs.

So, when he brought me two bags of Dove chocolate that he got for $1/bag, I was gratified. 🙂

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to this week?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.