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Five Frugal Things | And the bear says hello

This bear that Sonia made has nothing to do with today’s post.

But he’s really cute, and I thought he might improve your day. 😉

A large white knitted bear, sitting in a chair.

1. We got a family discount on orthodontics.

Is there a lot about orthodontics that is frugal? Not really!

But Lisey is going to the same orthodontist that Zoe is, which means we got the $300 discount for subsequent family members.

And since we knew orthodontics were going to happen this year, we made sure to select the appropriate dental plan during open enrollment last year.

So, we’re doing our best to be smart about something that’s unavoidably expensive. 

2. I used points for a free milkshake.

Zoe got her spacers out and her braces on this week, so she’s in the rough period of adjusting to the braces.

I know she’ll get used to eating with the braces, and I know the pain will get better too, but for now it’s pretty rough.


She did her best to eat some dinner the first night, but it was hard.

So, we went out to pick her up a Chick-Fil-A milkshake after dinner, and I redeemed my points through the app for a freebie.

3. I helped Zoe buy a $30 skateboard.

She has a secondhand longboard, but she’s been wanting to learn how to do tricks, and you need a skateboard for that.


New was out of her budget, but she found a good deal on a used one on Facebook marketplace, so I took her out to pick it up yesterday.

4. I bought marked-down milk.

This will come in very handy because I plan to make some pudding for miss Zoe.

(ALLLLL the soft foods right now!)

marked-down gallon of milk

5. I made muffins with my huge carrots.

Hungry Harvest sent me some ginormous carrots last time, so I shredded some up to make some carrot cake muffins.

carrot cake muffins

I used this recipe, sans the cream cheese frosting because keeping them unfrosted allows me to maintain that they are indeed muffins, not cupcakes.

Ergo, they are a snack, not dessert. 

Your turn! Share your five frugal things in the comments.

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Tuesday 30th of June 2020

I don't comment often and wish I could come up with 5 frugal things more often, but I guess I will share what I currently have thought of.... 1. At my work, they house a food pantry for our community. Sometimes the workers will give us extra food that is perishable and can't wait til the next distribution. I was gifted bagels, breads, naan, and a bag of dove chocolates!! 2. People in my neighborhood set out some good stuff.....Recently I got a throw blanket, 6 green spotlights (will use at Christmastime), and a huge decorative basket. laundry hamper, vase. Also, 2 rolls of adding machine tape that I brought in to work as a co-worker uses those 3. Used dog food bag and chicken feed bag as garbage bags in our garage 4. My husband was digging a few tree roots in our back yard and accidentally pulled up our cable wire and split it. My brother-in-law works for our cable company, so he came out on his day off and fixed it within 2 minutes. The cable company would've charged us $50. We gave him a drink and thanked him. We recently gave him a bunch of compost for his garden. Nice to be able to barter. 5. Redeemed coupons for 2 combo meals for Taco Bell for lunch (my mother-in-law gifted them to us). Saved $18.32 on lunch.


Tuesday 30th of June 2020

1. Been doing some de-cluttering which feels great, found a thrift store open to donate to & arranged a free hard rubbish collection; feels so good & was a free activity. 2. Combined regular purchases at my local bakery to get 2 rewards stamps (5 & u can have a free loaf) 3. Got my meal plan mojo back & buying way less takeaway 4. Sorted my pantry and have been planning meals & shopping around that - found quite a few more cans of tomatoes (diced & crushed) than I thought I owned 5. Getting a lot out of some great utube vids on organistion & time management that is already making a big difference to my days


Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Doesn't it feel great to declutter??


Tuesday 30th of June 2020

woops that should say organisation


Monday 29th of June 2020

1. Went to a state park with some friends, admission for 9 was $52. On our way out I asked if we could pay the difference and upgrade to a year pass to all the parks in our state and they said yes! So, now we have a 13 month pass to use at all our parks! 2. Vacation this year was camping, borrowed as many supplies as possible to cut down on costs 3. Library is back open for hold request pick ups so no more purchased books, even secondhand books add up! 4. Took inventory of our freezer and realized I don't need to buy meat for like 2 months. 5. Keep grocery shopping online which allows me to keep costs down


Monday 29th of June 2020

I love having a park membership. It makes it so much more enticing to go often.


Saturday 27th of June 2020

What a weird week this has been.

Cancelled a 3 week tennis camp for my son - $1400 savings. As much as he needs activity and being with other kids, the Bay Area COVID rates are rising and I’m not comfortable him hanging with kids we don’t know well.

Cancelled a small gathering for 4th of July - we usually go to Pebble Beach for a big shin dig but that’s not happening so we thought we would have a very small group here for an outdoor BBQ. Again, don’t feel comfortable.

Son’s big 8 week camp was cancelled and happily they’re giving full refunds (a lot of camps aren’t).

No vacations so we had a bramble built instead - not frugal for this year but when I’m picking blueberries, raspberries and blackberries next year and making jams and stuffing our faces, it will be

Teaching the kiddo to bake


Friday 26th of June 2020

That bear! So. Stinking. Cute!❤

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