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Five Frugal Things | a sandwich date night, even cheaper

1. I bought a meal voucher for a sandwich shop

I got it on Local Flavor, which offers super local discount vouchers, kinda like Groupon. 

As you know, I adore sandwiches, and Mr. FG is usually up for eating them too.

Grilled cheese sandwich with cheese dipping sauce.

Sandwiches are already an affordable dinner out, so with a voucher on top of that, it made for a cheap date night!

handmade sweet potato chips on a restaurant table.

2. I sold Zoe’s geometry book

I’d sold the solutions manual a little while back, but it took a few more months for someone to buy the textbook.

Zoe holding the cat while doing geometry homework.

This is a serious moment to mark in my homeschool career; this really makes it official that I never have to help a kid with geometry again!

(Some parts of homeschooling, I will miss. This is not one of them.)

3. I submitted a lower price offer on eBay

Lisey has a black jumpsuit from Old Navy, which is super cute.

She suggest I try hers on and….let’s just say that I am most definitely not the same size as Lisey. I could barely breathe! And the jumpsuit lost its breezy fit on me.

Old Navy was completely sold out (except for XS!), so I poked around on eBay and found the exact one in a size larger than Lisey’s.

I saw the listing was accepting offers, so I sent in an offer a little below the asking price, and the seller immediately accepted.

Sweet! It’s always worth a try because the worst you can hear is no.

And I know when I’m on the eBay selling end, I will almost always accept a reasonable offer on my listings.

4. I got my first box of 2021 peaches

peaches being washed in the sink.

I popped by the produce stand to see if they had peaches and indeed they did.

And more than that, they had a big box of bruised ones.

I handed over the $8 and snatched them up.

Peaches spread out on a kitchen countertop.

(Here’s a YouTube video about how I freeze summer peaches.)

5. I sold a costume by sending an offer

An eBay package, sitting on a padded bench.

I logged into eBay recently to do some updating, and I saw that there’s an option to send an offer to a previously interested buyer.

My Queen of Hearts costume has been sitting there, untouched, for about a year and a half. So, I sent a lower priced offer to someone, and she bought it. Yay!

queen of hearts cosplay mad hatter

Now it’s out of the house, I have some money in my pocket, and someone else can look fabulous this Halloween.

Queen of hearts cosplay.

In case you weren’t here in 2019, Sonia completed our Alice in Wonderland trio by being Alice herself.

Alice in Wondeland costume

And I did not list her dress for sale because it’s just a regular dress (see it here, although it doesn’t seem to come in blue anymore), and she’s worn it many times since. 

(although obviously not with the apron and pocket watch!)


Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Anita Isaac

Thursday 22nd of July 2021

both my parents were pack rats. i try to be organized and clean. my hubby had the cleanest bachelor pad i had ever seen. was that ever false advertising. he is an extreme pack rat. and he never can find what he wants when he wants it. guess who the kids take after. not me for sure. but visitors always tell me my place is orderly, homey and so nice. so i am not perfect but i try my best so that my kids can have friends over. i never could have friends over the place was always a mess. in my ideal world everything would have its own place to live. and i would know where to find it when i need it. but i am one block from target and two blocks from trader joes. and we don' have a car because we live in the city.


Wednesday 21st of July 2021

* Got a 2 for 1 coupon to go to the movies. I will use it with hubby on the discount day, which will bring the tickets down to 3$ each * Kids are at grandma's for 2 weeks. Hubby and I decided to keep our "holiday'' really low cost/no cost activities. See #1! * Friend bought back tickets we had for a show that we can't go to anymore, full paid price. Yay! * Bare minimum for groceries for the rest of the month, as the kids are gone and we already have plenty of food in the house+garden is producing big time. Aiming for 20$ top. * Going back to work after 1,5 month sick leave without pay. Fortunatly I have the possibility of getting extra shifts, which I will take to cover this time without pay.


Tuesday 20th of July 2021

1. I picked up 7 Lunchables off Buy Nothing, which I used for my son's lunches this week 2. We picked raspberries and blueberries from a local farm for $2.50/pint, which is a good price for local berries around here. My kid's promptly devoured them. 3. We decided to take our Child Tax credit now and invest it; 7 months of extra interest! 4. We used garlic and snow peas from our garden to cook dinner. We used homemade chicken stock in a pasta dish. I used some tuna fish, we had in the cupboard, for my lunches at work. We had leftover dry cereal in the cupboard also. So I poured milk over it and added blueberries for my breakfasts this week. It's like overnight oats and yummy! 5. My in-laws gifted us some money, with the contingency we use it for a pop-up camper only. We are buying a used camper off Facebook Marketplace tomorrow, that is very well maintained, and we will still have quite a bit of money left over. The camper will make it possible for is to camp a bit longer, here in Western NY, as it has heat. We currently tent camp frequently, so the camper will bring us much joy!


Tuesday 20th of July 2021

1. Painted our garage door, using paint and a brush we had on hand. Soaked and cleaned the brush in a glass peanut butter jar, which was then washed out and ready for its next reuse. 2. Still using up sample tubes of toothpaste from the dentist before buying a big tube. 3. Peeled and chopped all the fresh fruit that people at my house had lost interest in and made individual custard-topped compotes to add to my lunches. Custard is much cheaper to make than buying yogurt. 4. Also peeled and chopped some aging carrots and potatoes, tossed them in olive oil and roasted them to add as a side dish to my lunches. So good! 5. Used our trusty bar of fels naphtha soap to scrub out the smear of paint my husband got on his new work trousers. A bar lasts for years and can remove almost any stain.


Tuesday 20th of July 2021

I grew up in a town in SC where there were several peach orchards. In fact, it was common summer job to work at the peach shed in high school. My mom used to deliver mail in an area where they would set aside a bushel basket for her every other week in the summer. Homemade peach ice cream was the normal use for them.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.