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Five Frugal Things | a free Christmas carousel

1. I got a free Christmas candle carousel

When I was a kid, my mom had one of those little metal Christmas carousels..the type that spin around when you light the candles.

I was fascinated by it as a kid, and when I saw an ad this year, I was reminded that I have always kinda wanted to own one of these myself.

So, I did some poking around online, and found this wooden one on Amazon I liked.

christmas candle carousel.

Then during checkout, they offered that I could sign up for an Amazon Prime credit card and get a $100 Amazon credit immediately.

So that’s what I did.

My $100 credit was more than enough to cover the carousel plus 12 candles.

And now I have a decoration that I really, really love.

candle carousel.

2. I ordered some gloves on eBay for Zoe

You know how steering wheels basically turn to ice in the winter? Well, now that Zoe’s driving, she needed some thin gloves.

She tried mine on and gave them a thumbs up, and so then I hopped onto eBay and found a brand new pair.


north face driving gloves.

3. I got a free space heater

Zoe’s bedroom is on the lower level of our house, so it gets a little cold down there sometimes.

I thought a little electric heater would help her a lot, and amazingly, someone offered one on my Buy Nothing group just a few days later.


So now Zoe’s not gonna be chilly during the winter months.

4. I bought some last-chance American Giant shirts

When I was putting together the flash sale post over the weekend, I noticed that some of their shirts (in summer colors) were marked down. 

Soo, I ordered a few for myself. I’m most excited about the v-neck tee, which I got in the rose color.

V-neck tee:

Kristen in a blue tshirt.

but in this color:

Kristen in a pink t-shirt.

5. I…

  • got a bag of sugar for $0.99 at Safeway
  • bought three bags of Starbucks coffee to get the $6.99 price
  • kept on drinking coffee at home
  • spent all my free time studying (which equals no spending. Ha.)

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to? 

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Wednesday 7th of December 2022

1. Spent a few hours cutting up and cooking some fruit that has been neglected in the fridge/kitchen for a while. Now I have cut pineapple, pomegranate arils, peach crumble, cranberry orange bread and pureed pumpkin prepped and ready to eat and didn't let it go to waste. (I did have a fail and had to throw out several mini cucumbers that went slimy after we forgot to eat them. I've learned so much from Kristen about food waste and trying to prevent it!). 2. Cut my son's hair. Glad that both my boys still let my husband I cut their hair, as they are 14 and 11 and can be very picky about certain things. 3. Planning a trip to Banff for next summer with some friends. Used credit card points to help buy plane tickets for one part of our trip. 4. Able to find new items from my gift stash at home for a Toys for Tots donation, most of my MIL's Christmas gift requests, and for a White Elephant Christmas party coming up this weekend. Most of the items we bought on sale or were gifted to us and so I'm thankful for past me to buy those items cheap and keep on hand! (For one of the white elephant gifts, it is supposed to be a gag/funny gift, but I'm putting together a bunch of new cleaning products and supplies that are at least useful because I can't stand giving crappy junk, even for fun.) 5. Got selected for more product taste testing, this time for plant-based burgers and spicy snacks. I have to buy the products myself to do the test, then answer the questionnaire and upload a couple of photos, but always get reimbursed for the item plus around $2-5 on top of that. (In case anyone is interested in applying, here is my referral link for the plant-based burgers and second one is for spicy Cheez-Its)

Hawaii Planner

Wednesday 7th of December 2022

Love the hair!

Let's see, what did we do: 1) I continue to use colorful plain cards for all occasions. I found them 50 for $5 at a craft store a few years back, and we are slowly working our way through them. The teens know that they need to write thoughtful messages inside. When they were younger, their messages were often unintentionally funny, and they used to draw pictures. My family loves the cards. 2) Avoided buying any new holiday decorations or supplies. We have everything we need on hand. 3) I'm using rewards to get a free massage today. (I'll tip still, of course.) 4) One of my December goals is to use up random freezer items. I finally used up the enchilada sauce in my freezer, and bonus - used up the remnants of some salsa, the last of shredded cheese, and a few other things to make an enchilada chicken rice dish that was very tasty. 5) Picked up the Friday Freebie at the grocery store (crackers) & noticed there was also an iBotta offer, so the freebie became a small money maker.


Wednesday 7th of December 2022

Posted a number of frugalitis on NCA a couple of days ago, what else do I have? 1. frugal for a friend - her daughter has a nasty cough and I offered to lend her my steamer - I have had it in the cupboard for 5 years and better check that it works, but it will save her having to purchase and will really help with that deep unhappy sound. 2. continue to avoid spending on unnecessary things at grocery - went in for milk and cream and came out with milk and cream and stirfry noodles that I had forgotten I needed but saw on the endrack- however, didn't buy THOSE, I went and found the on-sale ones in the aisle, saving $1.50! 3. continue to work with the farm insurance company as the policy has been transferred to a new insurance company and there are changes that they aren't acknowleging. I have paid the insurance so I am mostly covered, but there are things that need to be fixed. hoping it will reduce my costs. 4. I have damaged a ligament in my knee - and need to do some gentle cycling to move it while it heals. I don't want to join a gym, so have contacted a friend who has a good indoor bike and will go over to use hers 3X a week, either listening to a podcast or having a visit while I do. Win for us all, and no $ to a gym. 5. Using my library more and more - particularly to order books that are recommended in my reading. Saves me tonnes and keeps me out of the bookstore. I did purchase a new book: "The Ten Equations That Rule the World by David Sumpter", however I first asked my library to order it in, and when I was reading it realized that I want this on my shelves. I am not a math fiend, and yet this is written so I can slowly figure things out - and it is fascinating!


Wednesday 7th of December 2022

And #6 - I almost forgot but it is AWESOME - I won a naturally tanned sheepskin on an Instagram contest, hope to see it in the mail later this week. I entered on a whim, and had a challenge with one of the entries so got in an email conversation with the gal who did the tanning. Turns out she is a friend of the woman I call my #2 daughter, and we conversed several rounds just chatting about this and that. Then she emailed again to say that she had just downloaded the app to do the choosing and MY NAME CAME UP! We are both so pleased, and I will have that lovely fuzzy woolly to put my feet on every morning rather than the cold wooden floor in my bedroom.


Tuesday 6th of December 2022

1. Enjoyed putting up Christmas decorations while drinking hot chocolate and listening to music. 2. Turning down the heat down at night. 3. Eating oatmeal and berries for breakfast every morning and having greek yogurt for a bedtime snack - trying to develope a diabetic meal plan that is as easy an doable for me as I can get it. 4. Walking everyday, and other exercises to get strong. 5. Putting on a sweater.


Tuesday 6th of December 2022

1. Shifted bonus money to 529 plans for future me and kids. 2. Found organic pork on sale and bought a lot. Bo Ssam here I come (an amazing Momofuku pork dish). 3. Cooked a lot at home. 4. Rode my bike to Goodwill to buy new t-shirts for kids. 5. Doing exercise classes at home.

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