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Five Frugal (mostly tiny) Things

Mostly tiny things this week!

1. I got an annual symphony pass

So, after my little $10 symphony evening the other week, it occurred to me that other nearby city symphonies might also have a student program.

And as it turns out, they do!

old brick building.

Another city offers a student deal where you pay $35 and then you can go to basically as many concerts as you want over the next year for $0.

You do have to pay $15 for parking in the garage, since it’s in a bigger city, but still, that’s a super good deal.

So, I bought that membership and went to a concert there last Friday night, largely because a Tchaikovsky symphony was on the program.

I love Tchaikovsky!

Kristen in a black dress.

I wore the exact same outfit I wore to the last symphony because

a) it was a different venue in a different city and

b) I don’t think anyone would notice a repeated black dress even if it was in the same city!

2. I made granola

Routine and boring? Yes. 😉

baked granola.

But every time I make this granola, I am reminded of how quick and easy it is. Not having to stir the granola while it bakes: FABULOUS.

3. I did a good job of eating my fridge down

Remember how I didn’t really go grocery shopping last week, and only spent $18 on food? Well, that’s because we were busy eating up everything we had.

By Sunday of this week, it was pretty darn near empty in my fridge. Yay me!!

As a person who tends to inadvertently keep a fridge pretty full, I felt quite accomplished. 😉 A full fridge tends to encourage food waste because things get lost.

4. I prepped food before clinical yesterday

Kristen in scrubs.

This semester, most of my clinicals end at 8:30 pm, so I’m gonna get lots of practice at packing dinners!

Yesterday, I cut up some chicken thighs and used this chipotle chicken marinade on them and sauteed the chicken in a cast iron skillet.

I packed the chicken as a salad, using the sauce as a dressing, plus I brought some carrots, Triscuits (well, the Aldi kind!), and hummus, and that was my dinner.

salad packed for dinner.

And I left the rest at home for Zoe to eat after she got off from work last night.

5. I sold a book on eBay

A tried and true little frugal staple for me! Whenever I have a book I don’t need, I throw it up on eBay and then put the book on my shelf and forget about it.

padded envelope package


So then when a little, “You’ve made a sale!” email comes through, it’s a happy little surprise.

Often, the books I am selling are titles I’ve originally bought through eBay, when the library doesn’t come through for me.

And here’s how I sell books on eBay.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Monday 18th of March 2024

This is my Jam, I love Taco Bell bean burritos, $2.10 per burrito, I buy wheat tortillas, $1.50, cook raw bean $2.00 (2lb Bag). Make 10 burritos and freeze them. Beans left over make a enchilada casserole. Rice maker, add 2 eggs, veggies, 3 days of food, 1 pot cleaning.


Saturday 16th of March 2024

Black dresses are classic. Add a broche, necklace, maybe a scarf or belt to add variety. Different hosiery or shoe colors could totally work too. Depending on necklace.... Dickies are a thing my mom did back in the day for her work.


Saturday 16th of March 2024

I love Tchaikovsky too. I actually have Tchaikovsky on reel to reel tapes from my dad. He listened to everything, and do the same thing.


Friday 15th of March 2024

Your granola recipe has become my favorite!

Lindsay B

Wednesday 13th of March 2024

1. Batched several returns to Walmart, including getting a refund for a bag of produce that was super slimy before its best-by date.

2. We booked some flights for a much-anticipated vacation and were able to use airline miles and credits for all of the legs. I read somewhere that you should use your airline miles whenever possible (versus saving them up for something bigger), because their value consistently goes down over time and airlines are making it harder to redeem them by having more restrictions on their use.

3. DH’s dad cut his hair while he was visiting, saving me time. I usually cut his hair but with a newborn and a toddler I knew it wouldn’t get done.

4. The local convenience store app had a coupon for a free fried chicken sandwich. When I went to redeem it while out running errands, I noticed there was also a coupon for free Oreos that day, as it was National Oreo Day. So I had two free "fun" treats (fun because I wouldn't normally buy them).

5. I also had a BOGO coupon in my Sbux app and was feeling the need for a little “dessert coffee” (as compared to my regular home coffee, which is decidedly not dessert coffee). I used all but two cents of a gift card and had two giant lovely coffees for free.

6. I’m passing along some newborn clothes, diapers, nursing supplies, and a baby carrier to an expecting mom I know through church. All of these items were hand-me-downs to me, and I love being able to help someone else out. Plus it makes me feel better to have less stuff floating around in the house.

Martha O.

Wednesday 13th of March 2024

We had salmon and succotash one night last week but salads the rest of the week. Over the weekend I fixed tuna/pasta salad and ziti. We ate our lunches and dinners from those two dishes. My son and daughter were home so they helped in using up leftovers. Monday, March 11, I fixed bacon quiche which we had with salad. That was last night’s meal as well. I’ll cook some chicken tonight and we’ll do chicken on top of salad for tonight, tomorrow and Friday.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.