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Five Frugal Things | 20’s haircut, a fabric shaver, applesauce, and more

1. I gave Sonia a haircut.

After watching Downton Abbey and seeing Edith’s 1920s haircut, she was itching for a change.

Sonia haircut

So, we cut off a few inches and she is loving her new, shorter ‘do!

(I used the same basic method I wrote about in How to do a Simple Bob Haircut, adding some long layers all around.)

Sonia haircut

Since Sonia’s hair is wavy, giving her a haircut a super low stress proposition. Any tiny mistakes are totally covered by the waves.

2. I renewed my Cook’s Country subscription.

My latest issue came with a 3 year offer for $42.95.  That’s like getting more than one year free as compared to the price on Amazon.

The form was mail-in, but I opted to log in online and redeem the offer. Less work, no stamp necessary!

3. I made applesauce.

The produce stand’s last day is Halloween, so I popped by that day and bought all the bruised apples they had ($11), plus a full half bushel box of Honeycrisp for $32.

We’ve been eating some of the apples, but I also turned a whole lot of them into applesauce, which I froze for winter eating.

applesauce making

Here’s how I make applesauce.

4. I shaved some pills off my leggings.

Aldi had a fabric shaver in their Special Buy section, and I bought one for these leggings, which have pilled terribly despite the fact that I’ve line dried them every single time.

pilled leggings

I am super impressed with how well this little gadget works. And I have to tell you that it is pretty darn fun to use.

Leggings after pill shaver

I kind of wish I had more pilled items lying around!

Leggings after pill shaver

5. I…

  • was out unexpectedly late last night with no dinner and made myself a sandwich at home instead of getting fast food
  • made my own coffee at home
  • ordered dry shampoo online (cheaper there!)
  • scanned my receipts with Fetch

Share your Five Frugal Things in the comments!

P.S. Fetch is a free app that gives your rewards based on what groceries you buy. You can get $3 just for downloading the app and scanning your first receipt. Use code QG8V2.

*Use code QG8V2 to receive an extra 2,000 points. Note: at the time of writing, 1,000 points = $1, so that’s $2)

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Beth Ann

Sunday 1st of December 2019

That is a fantastic hair cut, and the model is lovely.

Hawaii Planner

Friday 8th of November 2019

I absolutely love Sonia's hair. She has such a lovely classic style, and the hair is a perfect match.

We're in the thick of some crazy times at our house, and have guests arriving today (my parents, who are fabulous & helpful, but additional work & planning).

1) Found ground beef discounted to $.25/lb this weekend, and bought four pounds. 2) Drove our electric car all week & charged for free at work 3) Used miles accumulated for work travel to get 4 tickets to Whistler for ski break. We are very excited. 4) Bought gift cards for our "in a pinch" inexpensive/reasonably healthy salad bar restaurant. My husband & the boys go occasionally while I travel. They had a holiday offer, so we earned 5 meal passes by pre-purchasing. We add them to our dining out budget, and it helps offset a bit of the spending. 5) Sold an item on eBay for my sister.


Thursday 7th of November 2019

Our frugal five for the week:

1. My middle daughter has a new home and asked me to make a tree skirt for her Christmas tree. I made it for her birthday from fabric I already had. It's a black and red buffalo check that I appliqued mamma and baby black bears on. Can't wait to give it to her next weekend.

2. My youngest was home last weekend from college and decided she wanted to crochet her older sisters blankets from chunky yarn. We shopped a sale and had coupons, too. She spent about $22 on materials for each blanket. Between the two of us, we were able to get both started before she left to go back to school.

3. Noticed the mending basket had a few items in it so I repaired a split seam in my oldest daughter's t-shirt, the seat of my youngest's favorite pj pants (she really needs to give them up) and fixed a tear in one of my husband's racing jerseys. He races motocross and caught it on a branch.

4. After repairing the pj pants, I decided the the girls were getting two pairs of flannel jammy pants for Christmas instead of one. Joann's had flannel on sale for $2.99 a yard and there was also a 25% off your entire purchase (also used for the yarn mentioned above). Doing the math, they will cost me about $5.25 each to make! Now to find the time...

5. Bought a dozen day old keiser rolls at the grocery store for a dollar. Using them for pulled pork sandwiches and sloppy joes. Any extras will be chopped and added to the bread ends in the freezer for future stuffing.


Thursday 7th of November 2019

Nothing frugal to add today, but I just want to say how beautiful Sonia is and your photography is beautiful as well.

Summer @ Livinglifethrifty

Thursday 7th of November 2019

I have to say I am giddy right now because just found out that Sam's has a huge vat of coconut oil for less than $10. I'm sure people were looking at me as if I had lost my mind when I squealed for joy as I picked it up off the shelf. But hey, this stuff is expensive in smaller quantities and we go through it like nobody's business. Frugal win for the week!

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