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Five Frugal Things | gluten-free adventures

1. I bought some name-brand gluten-free pretzels on sale

There are a number of specialty gluten-free brands out there, but some mainstream manufacturers sell gluten-free items too and those seem to be cheaper than the specialty brands.

So, I bought three bags of name brand gluten-free pretzels for Sonia.

Three bags of gluten-free pretzels.

They’re still more expensive than regular pretzels, but happily, only Sonia needs to eat the gluten-free ones.

(She’s on a temporary low FODMAP diet.)

The gluten-free name brand Oreos are pretty good too, and fairly affordable if they are on sale. 

Of course, the cheapest thing to do is to eat normal foods that are naturally gluten free. But sometimes you DO want a pretzel or a cookie, you know?

2. I bought some marked-down organic chicken

I had to go to Harris Teeter to buy a few things, and I found some air-chilled, organic chicken leg quarters that were marked down.

I didn’t happen to need them for this week’s menu, but I just put the two packages in the freezer and I’ll get them out another week to make smoked chicken on the grill.

3. I used a $15 discount + a sale

I hadn’t shopped at Victoria’s Secret in eons, but they sent me an updated credit card and a $15 off any purchase coupon.

So, I used it in combo with a sale on some simple basics, which ended up being a pretty good deal.

4. I shipped out two eBay packages

One of them was the last ink cartridge from our old printer; I’m happy it’s going to be used by someone who needs it! And I got a few dollars in my pocket to boot.

(We upgraded to a printer that has huge refillable ink tanks. Way, way cheaper per printed page!)

Old Canon printer

the old ink-guzzler

The other sale was a book; slowly but surely that huge stack of books I listed are selling, and my bookshelf is getting emptier and emptier.

Here’s how I sell books on eBay.

5. Mr. FG got the generator running again, for $0

During an ice storm this winter, we discovered that our generator didn’t want to turn on. Ours is a fairly small one, but still, it’s worth $1100, which means it is for sure worth fixing.

(This is the generator we own.)

Mr. FG did a bunch of trouble-shooting, ordered a few new parts, and then discovered that the problem was just a clog that needed to be cleaned out. Yay!

We are probably past any winter power outages now, but it’s good to have the generator working in case we lose power in the summer. That way, we can keep the freezer and fridge cold and also get connected to the internet.

What frugal things have you been up to this week?

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Friday 5th of March 2021

Berh- nice job on the scholarship! We fill out scholarships as son is a college junior now. Sometimes we win....

Nola- I wish I had your skills! Canning and drying are very valuable, imo.

Nothing major to report as far as frugality...Small stuff this week..

1) Earned a $5 GC to Target and got saline solution. 2) Found 93/7 ground beef on clearance for under $5/lb. 3) I had stockpiled canned goods/boxed items/TP months ago and am using it now as I have quite a bit.... 4)Purchased new sneakers online for $25 + shipping. I slipped in a pair of gel inserts from the ratty ones and they feel so good..... 5) I've been baking french bread, muffins, pancakes from my stocked supplies....When I get home, I'll make more muffins. .I crave those things.

Frugal fails- 1) the dishwasher blew up and water was pouring through the ceiling and into the basement while the kitchen flooded. Finding a new one under $500 was impossible. But we were able to get a new one the next day with their delivery schedule. Otherwise, other stores needed 2 weeks to deliver. yikes 2) I know I can't do anything about this (except write a appeal letter. We tried. They didn't go for it) Our property taxes have doubled. Yes. As in 100% increase. 3) Another thing we can't change is that our long term care insurance went up 40%. Now, I'm glad to own LTC insurance but it has gone up every year and in some cases, twice a year!!


Thursday 4th of March 2021

Here's our five frugal things for the week:

1. I am using fabric scraps from leftover quilting projects to make a friend a quilt for Christmas. It costs me nothing but my time because the main parts I already have on hand. I am also planning to "Frankenquilt" leftover strips of batting together for the inside. I used a gift card to my local quilt shop I received at Christmas time to pick up some neutral ivory fabric to use for the sashing, border and backing.

2. Using some lovely brown tweed yarn I picked up for 60% off to knit a warm henley-style sweater for my hubby. Our anniversary is at the end of the month so I am hoping to have it done by then. It will be a challenge as I can only work on it after he goes to bed. It may be a birthday present instead!

3. Pantry, fridge and freezer eating down pandemic overstock?

4. Popcorn is my snaking go-to. Like we eat it almost every night. I purchased a glass and silicone microwave popcorn popping bowl that usilizes regular popcorn. No prepackaged corn, no oil, no preservatives. Love it.

5. Dug into the mending basket and repaired a couple of clothing items. It's amazing what I found in that basket!

Midwest Beth

Thursday 4th of March 2021

1. Excited the school my daughter is leaning towards is offering her $35 K a year in scholarships; still waiting to hear from one other university if she was selected for a full ride scholarship she is competing for. 2. Deadlines are starting to loom for scholarship applications for my daughter; I’m helping her fill in forms online, request required transcripts etc., as she is struggling with school paper deadlines etc. Love the IB Diploma Programme but it is really stressing the HS kids out who are participating in it - so hard to do online. Her class went from 16 to 10 as six dropped the program. 3. Received $15 from Meijer for charging over $500 through a promotion. All charges were within my planned budget and I always pay my credit cards off each month. Additionally I received another $10 Meijer check at the bottom of my statement as part of the rewards program. 4. Stopped at Bath and Body to redeem my free item coupon. Gave the woman next to me my 20 percent off coupon. I love to do that, fun to see other people’s reactions and make them smile. 5. This is my daughter and my birthday month, looking forward to our birthday rewards. Really helps make it fun and extends throughout the entire month. 6. Gulp- had a $400 plus bill for the dog at the vets. Turned in my $11 credit for the dogs allergy pills, every little bit helps! Did request a two month prescription for the dogs meds to cut down on trips to get the medication.


Thursday 4th of March 2021

How do you sign up for the Bath and Body coupons?


Thursday 4th of March 2021

I try to do frugal wins when I can but it barely happens. HOWEVER, last week, my son pulled the lid off of our washer to put wash in. I was behind the washer & something hit me on the foot. Here it was the plastic handle that is in the lid. Without this piece, the basin is exposed & water will not run...if it did, my kitchen would be sprayed with water.

I thought, great, I have to buy a washer. Mine is 14 years old & I got it at Sears Scratch & Dent.

Well my stepfather to the rescue, he went out & got 2 different kinds of glue, glued it & then tied rope around it to keep it down. The next morning, he took the rope off & viola...fixed! Saving me oodles of money & he wouldn't take the money for the glue.

Gotta love a good step daddy!


Thursday 4th of March 2021

My washer quit spinning or something. My went to the local Maytag dealer and the man showed him how to fix it. Problem solved


Thursday 4th of March 2021

I have never done the five frugal, but was inspired today! We have had a very busy week in our house. It’s spring time where I live and makes you want to get busy. 1. We also had our generator serviced for $0. It is still within warranty and a yearly service is included. I live in the New Orleans area and hurricane season will be here sooner than I would like and a generator is basically a necessity. 2. My husband is a hunter and did well this season. This year we opted to spend $50 on a meat grinder attachment for my kitchenaid and processed the meat ourselves. So much cheaper than bringing it to a butcher to process and we know exactly what is going in our meat. And now my freezer is very well stocked with a variety of deer meat prepared and packaged and ready to be used. This will be our main meat source for the majority of the year. 3. This may be part 2 to the previous one, but we also used herbs I had grown and dried to season the deer meat we processed ourselves. 4. I mended 2 pairs of pants. One pair of mine and one for my daughter. I would not consider myself a seamstress, but they turned out just fine. 5. I trimmed my 7 year old daughters hair. I have always been petrified to do this, but decided to try. She has long hair and just needed the split ends to be trimmed off. Shockingly simple and turned out great. 6. Am I allowed to have 6? We have used all of the tomato sauce we jarred from last years tomatoes we grew in a small raised bed. Just in time to plant new ones!! I am amazed at how much joy we have found in being simple at home during this pandemic. While the pandemic has been tragic and has devastated our small business that we own, we have to look at the good. And thankfully, business is lookinf up. God is good if we just look to see it.

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