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A negative post, in which I whine about being cold.

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I know….it’s National Thrift Week, and I probably shouldn’t be complaining about the cold. But darn it, I am not going to be one of those bloggers who’s all, “We keep our house at 52, and once I put on a sweater, I hardly notice it!”. My house is 65 (at least upstairs by the thermostat it is), and I’m here to say that it feels COLD to me. Cold, cold, cold. Significantly colder than 67 (where we set our thermostat last year) and sig-sig-significantly colder than 70(where we set our thermostat before our electric company raised their rates).

I normally don’t mind winter that much, but I’m getting so weary of being cold, I don’t know if I can hold out at 65 degrees until springtime. It’s been 65 or less in here since mid-October, so we’ve been doing this for about three months. I know it will be cold for the rest of January and February, but maybe in March it will start to be a tad warmer. It could be cold through April, though.

So, best-case scenario we have about 1 1/2 to 2 months left and worst case we have three months left (that means we’re only halfway through…aaaahhhhh!).

I think perhaps if my utility bills were really low as a result of the 65 degree setting, I might be more inspired. But, it pretty much stinks to be cold all the time and still be paying $300+ each month. I mean, I know I’d be paying a higher bill if we kept our house at a delightful 70 degrees, but still, I wish keeping it at 65 was saving me more.

I keep reading about/meeting people who seem to cope just fine with temperatures of 65 or less, and I’m starting to think there must be something wrong with me. Even with three shirts (a long tank top, a long sleeved shirt, and a fleece), jeans, socks, slippers, and occasionally a scarf, unless I’m really moving around, I still am cold a lot of the time. The only two times of the day that I always feel warm are in the morning while I’m in the shower, and at night when I’m in my delightfully toasty bed.

I didn’t have such a hard time scraping together a good attitude about the cold house back in October, so either the house is actually colder now than it was then, or I’m just getting tired of being cold. If the latter option is the problem, I probably just need to work on my attitude, and I probably shouldn’t do things like counting how many more months of winter are left. Ahem.

Suggestions and/or sympathy are welcome.

photo by Dave Brosha

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