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A Buy Nothing table for a Buy Nothing toaster oven

So, a while back I got a toaster oven from my Buy Nothing group.

But I really do not have room on my countertops for a toaster oven (perhaps in my next house!).

toaster oven on chair.

For a while, the toaster oven sat on the floor, which was not particularly convenient…we had to squat down on the floor to keep an eye on cooking progression.

Then I put it on an extra chair in my dining room, which worked as a stop-gap solution.

But then I came across a little table on my Buy Nothing group. It was a little beat-up, but it was real wood.

Not oak, but not particle board either.

(We know from recent history that I do not like working with cheap materials!)

It’s a table with a rotating top, which is obviously a feature I didn’t need for holding a toaster oven. But I figured it would be fine to use without taking advantage of the rotating feature.

I took the top off so that the refinishing process would be easier.

black tabletop.

I have no idea when this table was made, but it is numbered on the underside.

labeled table.

I sanded the whole thing down, of course, using my trusty orbital sander.

sanded table base.

I also tightened up some of the loose screws, which made the legs way less wobbly!


I didn’t sand the base down to raw wood because I knew I was going to paint that part.

But I decided I wanted to stain the top, so I sanded it super thoroughly.

sanded tabletop.

I couldn’t get it entirely fresh-looking, but I did my best.

sanded tabletop.

Next, I gave it a coat of stain. Happily, the dark stain covered any imperfections left in the wood.


After a few coats of polyurethane, the top was done.

I primed the table base, using my trusty Bin 1-2-3 primer.

primed table base.

And then I gave it a coat of one of the paints I’d gotten in my efforts to choose a color for my scuffed table. 😉

painted table base.

And then I put the table back together.

stained tabletop.

I kind of wish this paint was a darker color, but mostly I feel like that when I look at it in bright light. Inside, the table sits in sort of a dark corner, so the paint looks darker, and I feel fine about it.

square table with a stained top.

So, now my toaster oven is at a nice counter height, and it’s on a table, not a chair!

corner of a kitchen.

The purple-ish color and the stained top kind of coordinate with my kitchen table and chairs, which is nice.

toaster oven.

And the table color does look less bright purple once it’s inside.

toaster oven table.

Something kind of funny…I was noticing some imperfections in my staining/polyurethane job (I am super inexperienced with staining!), and I briefly considered sanding the top and fixing the issues.

And then I was like, “Kristen, really? The top of this table is barely gonna be visible! And it’s in a dark corner!”

So then I decided to just roll with it and not stress. Done is better than perfect.

And since nursing school is comin’, done is a higher priority than perfection! 😉


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Martha C

Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Wow! Gorgeous


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

I think it looks really nice. Do you know how many people are lazy and left it as is. Pat yourself on the back for the extra effort.

Central Calif. Artist

Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Kristen, who knows, but maybe you will be able to buy your rental when all the sound, fury, and paperwork is finished with your "marriage deletion". You've put so much of yourself into the house to make it a home, and moving is HORRIBLE, so my hope for you is that you can put down roots (including chrysanthemum roots).

It kills me to cover wood with paint, and yet whenever you do it, the results are excellent!

Whatever happened to that wreck of a table that you actually paid money for awhile ago?


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Funny you ask; I was working on my "scuffed" table today! It should be done soon.

My landlords declined to sell to the previous renters, so I'm sure they won't sell to me either. But it is ok; this house is probably more house than I need down the road as an empty nester!


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

In my world, you freshened up a beat-up piece of furniture and solved a problem by doing so--so that IS perfect. :)

It reminded my of my parent's house--they had a carpenter add on an extra shelf next to the countertop area to make a space for the microwave (that was back when microwaves were HUGE). Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to preserve precious work space. Would it win any design awards? No. Was it a functional choice? You bet!


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Well done on the table, Kristen! And I’m glad you gave yourself grace about the staining imperfections. Many times, I won’t even start a project if I think I can’t do it perfectly. It’s good to pursue excellence in what we do but not if the fear of not reaching perfection in the finished project keeps us from starting it in the first place. I struggle with this a lot so I’m always impressed with all the projects you attempt and complete! And they all look beautiful to me.

Central Calif. Artist

Wednesday 9th of August 2023

@Martha, I'm guessing your struggle with perfectionism is part of your artist self. I am not a perfectionist and have to force myself to be more picky on some of my more boring commissions.

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