How to make a Peep Bunny Cake

When I posted a picture of Lisey and her birthday cake candles on my 365 page, several of you commented or emailed and asked how I made a cake in the shape of a Peep.

{did you notice that Lisey is wearing a Peep shirt?}

I don’t have a special cake pan for this…I double my chocolate cake recipe (I just updated that page today to include a printable PDF. You’re welcome. ;) ) to make two round 9-inch cakes, and then I cut them to make a Peep shape, like this:

The body of the Peep is one round layer with the sides cut away and the head piece is made with the other round layer. I used some of the scraps from cutting the head shape to make the tops of the ears.

Since my layers are never perfectly flat (and since I am not fussy enough to trim the tops to make them flat!), there is always a gap between the body piece and the head piece. But, it’s nothing that a little frosting can’t fix. ;)

This Peep, whose name is Jim, was the requested inspiration for this cake. He’s kind of a skinny Peep, with not much in the way of cheeks, but I decided to cut the cake in a way that is more representative of the Peep population majority.

I did frost the cake with Jim’s colors, though. Well, sort of…my purple wasn’t quite right!

I snipped the corner off of an old plastic bag and filled it with white frosting in order to do the piping. I’d like to blame the sloppiness of it on my unofficial frosting bag, but I’m thinking the blame lies more with the user than the equipment. ;)

Please excuse the overall lack of neat frosting. I can make beautiful breads, yes, but beautiful cakes are not my specialty. Fortunately, my children have exceedingly low standards and were thus highly impressed with this cake. “Wow, Mommy, that looks great! It’s perfect!”, came from Lisey. And that, I suppose, is all that matters, considering that the cake was for her.

To those of you that wanted to know how to make a fish-shaped cake…I haven’t forgotten about you! I plan to make one soon and when I do, I’ll take pictures so I can show you how I do it.


  1. says

    Great cake! Beautifully done (but the girl is prettier, yet!).

    For all those who like to hear about great bargains, the Salvation Army store in Torrington, CT is having a bag sale on infant/toddler clothes and sweaters. Fill a bag for 7.99. I got 21 sweaters for 15.98! Recycling, here I come!

  2. says

    Very, very cute and creative! I think your frosting job looks fine; it wasn’t until you said you didn’t do so great that I had to go back and look to see if I could see any flaws.

    How do you store the leftovers? Do you have something big enough to keep a cake that size? Ants have attacked anything I have tried to make in a fun shape because it doesn’t fit into a conventional storage container.

    • Kristen says

      After we ate the cake for her birthday dinner, I cut the leftovers into two large pieces and stored them in some glass containers (like a 9×13 pan). I don’t have anything large enough for a whole Peep cake, that’s for sure!

  3. says

    Super cute Peep! For Easter, my mom and I made some egg shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with home-made frosting (why didn’t I take pictures?!). We also used plastic bags with a hole in the bottom, which definitely contributed to sloppy decorating! We made it work, but quality bags would have made life *much* easier. So, trust me, it’s not just the user!

    (Feel free to ignore my previous comment; I mistyped my own URL!)

  4. says

    I think the cake was perfect! Very close to the peep (by the way I have never heard of these things until I saw them on your blog-I guess because I don’t have kids and/or because they have not made it to canada yet??- and that is a big if. i know nothing about kids stuff) and it is cute. Also, your daughter loved it and that is all that matters as it is her special day.

    • says

      You can definitely get them in Canada, especially at Easter time! I just found out that my kids do like them, but I hadn’t got them any, LOL!

  5. says

    Leftover cake? Never a problem I have had in my house, LOL!

    Great job, like you said what matters is that the birthday child thinks it is perfect. I made all my boys cakes for several years and had so much fun doing it until they decided the decided they wanted store bought cakes! I had some shaped pans but I also cut cakes like you did here. If it was a difficult shape I found it helpful to trace it on a peice of paper (sometimes more than one taped together) and then place it on the cake to cut out the shape.

    Now the family favourite is an ice cream sandwich cake I got from the Kraft website here (sorry I don’t know how to make a link in comments :() We all agree we could each eat an entire cake!

  6. says

    What a fun cake! I chickened out on my last birthday cake and used props rather than try cutting it into the shape of an aircraft carrier. ;-) Maybe next year I will be braver…

  7. Julie says

    Your family’s love of peeps have has given me a look at the things! I think they are quite disgusting, but my children LOVE them! I bought something like 4 different colors this Easter. They were thrilled! I will look for the stuffed animals, I know my kids will totally dig them!!

  8. Melissa Logan says

    I get sick to my stomach when I think about eating peeps…but they are cute to “look” at and this cake is adorable! Bravo! :)

  9. says

    Just found this great recipe! I was planning to make a bunny cake for my husband for Easter (long story) and got the idea to make a peep bunny cake, but how to make it? Now I know. I’m making it with lemon cake and lemon icing, then putting green coconut around the outside, along with different color peep bunnies (the real ones) and some square sour candies for contrast. My kids have always loved peeps, and are now adults, so they’ll get a kick out of it. Although, they believe the peep chicks are much better than the peep bunnies. (and, sorry, the purple are the least favorite, taste-wise)

    You did a lovely job, and your beautiful daughter loved it. Kids are much less concerned with the quality — they recognize the love that went into it. ;-)
    Have a blessed Easter.

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