Well. I’m having quite a relaxing week.

It’s a holiday week here at my house! We haven’t done a lick of school and have been erring hard on the fun side of things.

We’ve had three sleepovers so far, with three different friends, and the girls and I have been on a bit of an Austen movie kick.

(Joshua has not joined us.  ;) )


We watched the new Pride and Prejudice on Sunday night (love the cinematography on that one), and then on Monday, we watched the loooong BBC version (my favorite!)


My friend Melissa suggested that we give the BBC version of Sense and Sensibility a try ($3.50 to stream it from Amazon. Done!), so last night we watched half of that and this morning, I think we’ll finish it.

I rarely watch TV, largely because it takes so much time (and I am too impatient for that!), which is why it’s nice to have a week with fewer responsibilities.

Normally if the girls asked me to watch the BBC Pride and Prejudice, I’d have had to say no, because I have a lot of things to do.

But this week?  Bring it on.

Also, I must say that it is quite lovely to have my own little Austen-movie viewing club right here at my house.  Mr. FG, dear husband that he is, is usually game for watching the Austen-type movies one time, but after that, he’s done. The girls are totally up for re-watches, though.

It’s fun to share these characters and stories I’ve loved for so long with my girls.  We can all laugh at the horrible Mr. Collins and the ridiculous Mrs. Bennett together.  ;)

homemade cornmeal yeast rolls

(Cornmeal buns. I might have eaten 4 of these yesterday. With butter.)

By the way, if you’re looking for a yeasty something-or-other to make for your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, all of my yeast-dough recipes are right here for your perusal.

Me? I’m making the perennial favorite: honey-glazed pan rolls.

I’ll pop back in tomorrow morning to share my annual Thankful List.

But right now I have some Sense and Sensibility to finish with my girlies. ;)