What’s in the freezer?? Enough stuff for a freezer challenge, that’s what.

I mentioned last week that my kitchen freezer is getting a little bit out of control.

Which is especially sad because when I finished my freezer challenge this past fall, it was lookin’ super marvelous.

And now it’s not.

crammed freezer


This coming week is gonna be freezer challenge week at my house.

How much of this stuff can I get through in a week?

To start off, I emptied my freezer and took inventory.  Here’s what I’ve got to work with: freezer challenge before

Seeing it all piled on the counter wasn’t super helpful, so I divided things up into a few categories.

I had a LOT of random bread odds and ends, some storebought, some homemade.

frozen bread odds and ends

I put most of them into a single bag until I decide what to do with them.  Thinking croutons and bread pudding, maybe.


As I did this, it occurred to me that keeping a ziploc bag in the freezer for bread odds and ends is a great idea.  If I freeze bread miscellany in those yellow reused commercial bread bags, I can’t see what I have.

And I know that seeing what I have is half the battle in avoiding food waste.

Next up are all the meaty things from the freezer.

meat from freezer challenge

I have leftover taco meat, a few shrimp, some lunch meat, a bit of bacon, two chorizo links, a few chicken breasts, and a little bit of cooked chicken.

And then the rest is very random…

freezer miscellany

-beef ravioli
-frozen blueberries
-some old bananas
-frozen cherries
-mashed potatoes

And lastly, something mysterious in that glass bowl.

I think I’m gonna have to thaw it in order to figure out what it is!


Just like last time, I am totally not opposed to buying ingredients that will help me use up what’s in my freezer.

Because the point is not to be spartan as much as it is to empty the freezer.

I feel decently hopeful about this project because nothing in that inventory is crazy difficult to use up, and I think I’ll be able to produce some pretty tasty eats this week with my freezer things.

Alrighty!  Hopefully by next Friday I’ll have a much emptier freezer.  Stay tuned…


P.S. Food Waste Friday is officially over at Simply Being Mum today.

And now for something we DO like…

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words.

On Tuesday, I mentioned that our household is 6/6 for not liking math.

(Which I think is just fine.  We don’t love math, but we faithfully teach it/learn it!)

There was a lively discussion in the comments on the math post, and one reader mentioned that people tend to either love math/science or grammar/vocabulary/literature/history.

In our house, we definitely fall into the second camp.

Pretty much no one here has ever cried about grammar or vocabulary or spelling, almost no one needs help to finish those assignments, and they get very few answers wrong in these subjects.

(Math, on the other hand, has brought about the shedding of quite a few tears. ;) )

All of my kids are good readers too, and half of them began reading before they even started kindergarten.

story of the world

History?  That’s never been a problem for the kids or me either.  I’m especially fond of Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World series, which I’ve been using with Sonia and Zoe.

It’s such a fascinating curriculum, and I only wish it had been around when I was a kid.

(My world history book was all, “date, date, fact, fact, date, fact, date.”  Basically completely unmemorable.)

This history curriculum is so engaging, though, and I’m learning about things I never even remember reading about in my childhood.  Plus, I love all the recommend reading suggestions, and so do my kids.

(As I type this, Zoe is on the couch reading a historical novel that goes with what we were reading about the end of the Romanov dynasty. And she’s choosing to do this in her own spare time.)

You know how I can tell I just naturally love history more than math?

After we finish a history lesson, I find myself wanting to know more about what happened.

What made Eva Braun tick?  Why did Joseph and Magda Goebbels decide to kill their children?  What did the Fuhrerbunker look like?

(Why yes, we ARE reading about the end of World War II right now. How could you tell? ;) )

So, I read more just for fun and I check out books from the library, and I find myself anxious to tell Mr. FG what we’ve learned about.

But when we finish a math lesson, I never am tempted to read more about a concept, and I’m not prone to thinking a new math concept would make stimulating dinner conversation.

I know there are families that are just the opposite, who love to discuss math concepts at the dinner table, and I think that’s great (though it’s hard for me to imagine. ;) )


I guess I’m breaking with the Tuesday/Thursday theme because 470 is more than just a few words. I’d better stop rambling now, or I’m gonna hit 500.  ;)


Do you find the the math/science vs. words/history applies to you?  I’d love to hear about it!