Nowhere but up from a trashed chicken, right??


As you all know, I had an epically bad start to my week, at least as food waste goes.

Throwing away a whole chicken = not exactly a fortuitous start.


The rest of the week was as good as the start was bad, so, yay!

Remember the grapes I froze after throwing out the chicken?

freezer soft grapes for smoothies

Well, they’re all used up now, thanks to multiple smoothies.

grape beet smoothie

(The color of this one is due to a beet, not to the grapes.  Grapes don’t provide much color to smoothies!)

I had a few too many sweet potatoes and regular potatoes hanging around, so this week I made mashed sweet potatoes, mashed regular potatoes, plus potato cubes.  So the potato situation is pretty under control.

cook's illustrated meal

Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I used random leftovers in scrambled eggs and salads over the course of the week.

So, my fridge is in pretty good shape right now.  It’s not empty, but pretty much everything in there is new and fresh.

state of the fridge

fridge door

And my freezer is doing well too. I didn’t use up a bunch of stuff from it this week, but I also didn’t add things, which is a win in my book!

state of the freezer


How’s the food waste scene at your house?  Share in the comments!

So, this must be the right extra-curricular activity…

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words.

The other day Zoe and I were having a conversation about what activities carry on during the summer vs. the ones that don’t.

I think she was concerned that too many things were still going on during the summer, and I pointed out that, among other things, ballet is done until September.

ballet shoes

And immediately she said, “Who would ever want a break from ballet??”