Every week, I post a picture of the food that has gone bad over the last seven days. Why do I do this? Because in March of 2008, I finally got fed up with the amount of food I was wasting, and I thought that showing my waste to other people would motivate me to use up my food instead of wasting it. Because this often embarrassing practice was so helpful for me, I invited other bloggers to join me in posting their food waste photos, and Food Waste Friday was born.

First, thank you so much for all of your kind comments on yesterday’s post. It’s nice to know we’re not alone (though I certainly wouldn’t wish lice on anyone else!)

This week’s food waste photo is from more than one week. Between lice this past week and Joshua’s room project the week before, my fridge has been sorely neglected.

August food waste photo

This kind of reminds me of my 2008 food waste photos. Except back then I threw at least this much out every week.

In happier news, I did freeze some grapes that were getting a little soft.

freezing soft grapes

And my cousin told me that taking grapes off the stem helps them last longer, so I’m giving that a try.

take grapes off the stem

Thus far, results have been inconclusive, because a bowl of destemmed grapes seems much more appealing to my kids, and they eat them really quickly this way.

I guess the net result is the same regardless…no more squishy grapes!

I also did manage to make up a little batch of tomato sauce to use up some tomatoes from my parents’ garden. Not enough to can or freeze, but enough to go on our pizza subs, with a little left over.

tomato sauce to use up tomatoes

(I used Cook’s Illustrated’s Marinara Sauce recipe.)

I haven’t really been to the grocery store for a proper shopping trip this week, and one upside of that is that my fridge is fairly empty at the moment. So things look a little more promising for my next food waste post.


How did you do this week? If you blogged about your food waste, leave your link in the comments below. You’ll save money, reduce your trash output, and get a little publicity for your blog! And if you don’t blog, you can still share about your food waste by leaving a comment.

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This has not been my favorite week.

by Kristen on August 21, 2014 · 101 comments

in Blog Business

it hasn't been a good week

Last Friday, we discovered that Zoe had head lice.  I’d never had them before and my kids never had either, so I took her to the doctor to figure out why her head was itching.

She had a pretty mild case (the doctor had to look really hard to find any evidence), so at least we caught it early.

But even a mild case requires laundering of everyone’s linens, plenty of cleaning and vacuuming, and worst of all, combing and picking through everyone’s hair.

We did treat everyone in the house that same day, as per the pediatrician’s directions, and I’m glad we did, because as it turns out, more than one kid had them.

(Mr. FG and I are still all clear.)

The good news is that because everyone got treated right away, no one’s case got really out of control.  And I’m pretty sure I know where we got them, which, oddly enough, makes me feel slightly better.

Everything I read says that no matter what you’re treated with, nit-picking is quite essential, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

Every day.

But 3/4 of my kids have very thick hair, which means this process is super time-consuming and difficult.

I’ve been spending so much time on hair, the rest of my life is falling apart a bit.

(To wit: The other day I realized I had 88 library books overdue.  I’d barely looked at my email, so I missed the due date reminder.)

I might have sat on my bedroom floor and cried for a while yesterday

(Not specifically because of the library books, mind you.  It’s just that the cumulative effect of the whole lice thing pushed me over the edge.)

Which I realize is a little bit pathetic because it’s not like this is life-threatening.  But still.  It does wear on you after a while.

The last couple of nights, I dreamt about nit-picking, actually.  Oy.

I know, though, that what would make this far, far worse is to not actually get rid of them the first go-round.  So I am trying my darndest to take this seriously and to follow the lice-killing protocol so that we can get them out of our house completely.


Things might be sporadic here on the blog while we get through this slightly challenging time and I just wanted to let you know why.


P.S. I did clean out my fridge, so tomorrow I’ll be back with a Food Waste Friday post (it’s not gonna be pretty, believe me!)

P.P.S. It has occurred to me that with some time behind us, the fact that we discovered a lice infestation on our anniversary will be funny.  But that time is probably a little way into the future.  ;)

P.P.P.S. I considered not blogging about this, because I know lice have kind of a bad stigma attached to them. But the stigma will only continue if we refuse to talk about it.  A lice infestation is pretty awful, but it doesn’t mean your kids are dirty or that you’re a bad parent (in fact, lice prefer really clean heads.)


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