15 years ago today…

by Kristen on September 2, 2014 · 3 comments

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Joshua’s arrival made us a family of three.

birthday candles

It’s weird…in some ways, it doesn’t seem all that long ago.  But then again, it’s a little bit hard to remember what life was like before we we became parents.

Really?  There used to be just two of us??


And now we have a 15 year old.

A 15 year old animal-lover who draws hilarious doodles, plays drums, guitar, and piano, takes great photos, and is a pretty awesome big brother for his three sisters.  And he is not even embarrassed to hang out with his parents.

I’m not gonna lie….if all of them were like Joshua, everyone would be anxious to have teenagers.  ;)

15 candles

Happy Birthday, bud…I’m so glad God put you in our family.


(We celebrated Joshua’s birthday over the weekend so his friend could sleepover.  Which is why I have birthday cake pictures to post on the morning of his birthday.)


Check it out now. :D


-Go grocery shopping.

-Help S&Z organize/declutter their room.

We got this done and I feel SO much better.  I think they do too.

decluttering children's papers

-Buy birthday presents for Joshua, who turns 15 (!) a week from tomorrow.

-Finish painting Joshua’s moldings.

-Rehang photos/clock/bulletin board on Joshua’s wall.

-Figure out what to do re toy storage in Joshua’s room.

-Declutter Joshua’s bookshelf, as I’m pretty sure there are some things in there that can go.

Aand, all the decluttered books are out of the house.  Thank you, Freecycle.

-Redo chore lists.

(more about how chores work at our house.)

framed chore lists

-Buy sheets/blanket for Joshua’s bed.

-Take old electronics to local recycling center (from when we decluttered the office closet)

-Take donation items to Goodwill and Habitat Re-Store.

donation items

-Make a My Publisher photo book by Saturday.

I even got it done one day early!

-Do returns (I need to return some mail-order stuff to 3 different companies.)



Somehow, I got my whole list done.

Really, I’m kind of shocked because I thought this was kind of ambitious.

I think part of what helped me is the fact that I shared my to-do list with all of you.  So, thanks!


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