Are 99 Cent Razors any good? Surprisingly, yes!

99 cent razor review

Recently, several of you have written in to ask for my thoughts about saving on shaving (ha!) and also to ask if there is a less trash-tastic way to remove bodily hair.

(The razors you buy in a store almost always come with tons of plastic packaging, presumably to reduce theft rates, as razors are a hot item to steal.)

Like magic, at nearly the same time, I got an email from a 99 Cent Razor, a company that offers deep discounts on razors that rival the expensive ones in stores.

(I personally am still working thru a stash of free razors that I got from my couponing days years ago. They’re lasting me forever because my not-so-hairy body is pretty gentle on razors.  But I took a break from those to try this out for you all!  Also, I am nearly thru my stash, so this is perfect timing for me.)

Before I agreed to try a trial package of their razors, I took a peek around their website and pestered them with questions because I’m pretty picky about what companies I’ll share with you all.

Is this really affordable?  What kind of packaging do these razors come with?  Are there reusable options?

How’s the quality?

99 Cent Razor has a supplier that makes their razors, so all the razors they have are private label.

However, my 99 cent razor feels exactly the same as the pricey ones from Gilette and company.

(Honestly, I would not be surprised if one of the big companies actually makes this razor.  Such is the case with many private label products.)

Home (99 Cent Razor) - Mozilla Firefox 3262015 75216 AM

They offer a non-disposable model for men (just replace the blade head), but not for women.


The supplier does make one for women, but 99 Cent Razor felt the quality was inferior.  So, they carry the disposable version for women, which they feel gives a better shave.


I use “men’s” razors allll the time with no issues at all.

So, I asked if I could please have a blue razor, and it turns out, you don’t need to have whiskers to order the blue variety.  ;)

99 cent razor review

I’ve used it several times now and am pleased to report that it is fine and dandy.  The blade and handle quality are just like the $15 razors you can buy in stores…just way less expensive!

They did also send me a pink disposable one to try out, but I haven’t used that one yet.


However, just by looking at the handle you can tell it’s definitely higher quality than a lot of the disposable razors out there…it’s kind of like the Venus variety, except far less expensive.

By the way, my contact at 99 Cent Razor told me that as the company grows, they’re going to work on sourcing a high-quality non-disposable razor for women.  But honestly, I’m not too worried about that since the blue razor is workin’ fine for me.


How much packaging?

I was so pleased to see that my razors arrived with no plastic packaging. It’s just a razor in a box with shredded paper and a few packing peanuts.


The packing peanuts gave me pause, but I ran one under water and was thrilled to see that they’re the sort that dissolve into nothing.  No styrofoam!

99 cent razor packing peanuts

I recycled the cardboard boxes and put the shredded paper and packing peanuts into my compost bucket.



Is it frugal?

For $0.99 in shipping, you can get a great two blade starter set (more on that in a minute), but the awesome thing is that even past the trial offer, you can get a great deal on blades for the future.

Free-trial (99 Cent Razor) - Mozilla Firefox 3262015 74843 AM

In fact, you can get a set of 45 blades (they consider this to be a year’s supply, but it’s way more than I’d need in year!) for less than $1/blade, which is crazy cheap.

Even if you opt for a smaller supply, the blades are still only $1.89 apiece.

However, you do NOT have to purchase more blades when you get your trial offer…it’s totally optional.

99 Cent Trial Offer

99 Cent Razor has a great introductory offer which costs (wait for it): 99 cents!

For $0.99 you get either two disposable razors (the pink women’s variety) or if you go the blue route, you’ll get a handle and two blade heads.

Home (99 Cent Razor) - Mozilla Firefox 3262015 75045 AM

(Go the blue route, FG Nation!  You know you don’t want a disposable razor blade. ;) )

This is a really great deal…two high quality blades and a handle for 99 cents!

Just click here to get started.

It’s quick and easy.


You do NOT have to sign up for continuing delivery…you can get the $0.99 trial offer with no strings attached.

But I think that you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal on a better razor anywhere else, and I’d venture to guess that you’ll be back for more.  I’m definitely going to buy mine from 99 Cent Razor once I’m out of fresh blades.

Regardless of what you do in the future, at the very least, go get your $0.99 razor!  I really do think you’re gonna love it.


Holler if you have any questions!

And if you run into any problems snagging your free trial, let me know, and I’ll get you in touch with the super helpful folks at 99 Cent Razor.

This post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored in any other way.

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The Blogs I Read (2015 edition)

A reader (Hi, Karen!) wrote asking what blogs I read.

I wrote a post about this quite some time ago, but I figured it could use some updating.

So, here are some of the most-read blogs in my feed.

Modern Mrs. Darcy

Modern Mrs. Darcy -

Anne is such a bookworm and my favorite thing on her blog are the oh-so-helpful reading suggestions.

Probably most of what you see on my What I’m Reading in 2015 list will be based on her recommendations. ;)

Enjoying the Small Things

Enjoying the Small Things A Short Beach Sermon -

Photos, kiddos, a cheerful outlook on life, so, yay!

Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam -

Laura generally writes for a more well-to-do audience than me, and is herself from a higher income bracket than me, so some of what she writes about is hard for me to relate to (for example, I would never ever have been able to afford a night nurse when my babies were small!)

But I think it’s good for me to read things that aren’t necessarily aimed at me because doing so broadens my horizons a bit.

And of course, I like the time-management stuff she writes about.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache — Early Retirement through Badassity - Mozilla Firefox 2282015 21925 PM

I read Mr. Money Mustache regularly, but I also disagree with him regularly. ;)

My main beef with him is that I think he’s a little unrealistic about how many people are high earners,  can sock away $800K, and retire early (and also about how many people can give up their cars and bike everywhere.)


I do like his commitment to frugal living and his optimistic outlook on things.  And his story is a good reminder that saving your money really does change things and that radical saving (combined with a decent income) can give you a lot of freedom.


SouleMama -

I’ve been reading SouleMama for years.  Her homesteading life is crazy different from my own, but that’s what makes it interesting to read about, I think.

Small Things

Small Things — - Mozilla Firefox 2282015 20746 PM

Ginny is a homeschooling mama of many, and I mostly love her blog because she takes super-duper beautiful photographs.

Plus she and her family raise bees and they garden and have baby goats and just do stuff I don’t do, which is what makes things interesting!

Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo® - Mozilla Firefox 3252015 73912 AM

I do not actually eat paleo (nothing can come between me and my heavy cream!!) but I sometimes find paleo sites/books to be helpful because they tend to have a fair number of vegetable-heavy recipes.

And I AM always trying to eat more vegetables.

Plus the photographs on Nom Nom Paleo are really lovely.

(Have you noticed that photos greatly affect the blogs I read?? ;))

Click it Up a Notch

Click it Up a Notch - Photography Tips Basic Photography Tips - Mozilla Firefox 3252015 74320 AM

Speaking of photos….this is a photography blog I read.  One of my favorite features is one where she highlights a community photographer.  Getting a peek at other people’s photos inspires me to document my own family’s life.


ReFashionista  Change the way you think about fashion. - Mozilla Firefox 2282015 21651 PM

I found this blog while reading a book about the sad state of the clothing industry (Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion), and I’ve been reading ever since.  Jillian refashions clothes that are mostly $1 thrift store finds.  Some of them are a little crazy, but some of them I really love.

And since I’m a sucker for a before and after, this is always an entertaining read.


Interestingly enough, none of these blogs, except for Mr. Money Mustache, are about frugal living.

I guess I feel like that topic takes up plenty of my brain space as it is, and when I read blogs, I’m looking for inspiration in other areas!

Do you have a favorite blog you’d like to share? (Or one you think I should be reading?)  Link us up in the comments!