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WIS, WWA | so cheap until Sam’s!

What I Spent

tuxedo cat.

gratuitous cat photo

I spent:

  • $7 at Aldi
  • $14 at Safeway
  • $30 on a Hungry Harvest box

annnnnnd then I dropped $121 at Sam’s Club.

cat with tongue sticking out.

So, that’s $172 for me this week.

What We Ate


We made BBQ chicken naan pizzas, to use up the leftover smoked chicken I made on my grill.


Lisey’s birthday! She wanted to get wings from a local place, so that’s what we did. 🙂

Polaroid of Lisey with birthday cake.


I made sloppy joes (here’s the recipe I use) and we had some fresh produce on the side.

Sloppy joe sandwich with veggies on the side.


Beef ravioli…and I tried topping mine with pesto but I found it to be sort of a weird combination. I like pesto on cheese ravioli but something about the beef wasn’t right!


Leftovers from Monday and Tuesday. 🙂


I picked up a rotisserie chicken at Sam’s Club and we made chicken sandwiches on croissants. We just had some fresh fruit on the side.

But I did have plenty of greens with my breakfast:

fried eggs on greens.


I think Zoe and I are gonna make some enchiladas together, using some of the rotisserie chicken from yesterday.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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LaNell from Texas

Saturday 1st of April 2023

Hope you are having a good weekend. I am prepping for my 91 year old Dad’s birthday party tomorrow! Monday….girls birthday meal out to celebrate a dear friend. Thawed enchilada soup for husband. Tuesday…..sheet pan chicken fajitas….so good. Wednesday…..chicken fajita salad….with leftovers Thursday…..brisket quiche…..when husband smokes one, I try to save a couple of small portions in the freezer. Friday….felt like death warmed over, but made husband bacon & eggs. Tonight…..cajun drumsticks & ranch oven roasted green beans Sunday….grilling burgers, links, and boudain for birthday party.


Friday 31st of March 2023

@Trucchi’s $26 Monday when I picked up items to make the Greek dinner. $36 went to get rolls for meatball sandwiches and then picked up some other meal additions. I saw an interesting tuna melt recipe on cook’s that I will be trying this weekend. A lot of meat this week was in our most recent meatbox. Friday I had crab patties and husband had tuna patties Saturday Chicken sausage and elbows with “Papa” sauce (my daughter’s father-in-law makes spaghetti sauce at the end of tomato season. Sunday Waffles and bacon Monday Greek meatballs with spring risotto Tuesday: Leftovers after work Wednesday I had French meat pie and husband had chicken pot pie Thursday Meatball sandwiches and green salad Friday Clam chowder I didn’t post last week but we got take out one day last week as a fundraiser for my grandchildren’s school. Two take out fish&chip dinners cost $40+ (including the restaurant charge for take out. I guess it is still less expensive than eating in with tip and drink.) We eat out so rarely lately.


Friday 31st of March 2023

WIS $148 at Kroger WWA- Sat. - chili Sun. - country ham, corn, boiled potatoes, buttermilk biscuits Mon. - hamburgers & French fries Tue. - grilled cheese for DH, spaghetti for me Wed.- Asian chicken dumplings, fried rice Thu. - Mississippi pot roast, gravy, roasted potatoes, carrots & onions, cornbread Fri. - some type of fish, either take-out or made at home


Friday 31st of March 2023

Sunday-grilled cheese and tomato soup Monday-salad with baked chicken on top Tuesday-chicken potpie Wednesday-vegetable beef soup ( to use up a few potatoes, carrots and green beans as well as a piece of leftover beef from the freezer) Thursday-leftover chicken potpie Friday-leftover vegetable beef soup


Friday 31st of March 2023

We did very little shopping this week--just a few vegetables and some fish, which was kind of nice; a good chance to lean on the pantry. Also, cucumbers are cheaper and we keep buying them which means that we had something like five cucumbers to get through!

Monday: Soy/ginger tilapia, rice, and cucumber salad.

Tuesday: I think we had eggs with herbs? Probably some vegetable? Unsure.

Wednesday: My mom was over and we had lentil soup (my copy of the one they serve at Aroma,) cucumber and snow pea salad, scrambled eggs. A friend brought over an apple sharlotka for dessert and tea. So nice!

Thursday: Mr. B made pasta with tomato sauce; I also finished off the salad from the day before.

Friday: Mr. B is making salmon, rice, and a roasted vegetable. I'll make miso soup.

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