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WIS, WWA | back-to-school week

What I Spent

Shew! It has been a crazy week here; all of us started back to school, so we are definitely in adjustment mode.

Kristen wearing a backpack

But we all survived, we all got fed, and I think next week will be a little easier as we settle into school life.

I spent:

  • $79 at Aldi
  • $25 at Safeway

And that’s it! A pretty simple week of grocery shopping for me.

What We Ate


We did a fend for yourself night, but also: it was Bring Your Own Container to 7-11 day. Basically, you bring whatever food-safe container you want to 7-11 and fill it up with Slurpee for a flat price.

Zoe brought our handy metal pitcher.

Slurpee going into a pitcher.

And her friend brought a big plastic container.

plastic container filled with Slurpee.

The two of them finished their entire Slurpees, a feat I found impressive. 😉


Lisey was out, Zoe had leftover pizza, and I had my BLT that used up the dry sub roll.

BLT sub on a white plate.


I made burgers, and we had raw veggies and fruit on the side.


Leftover burgers!


I made a quick dinner of tortellini plus a fruit salad before my evening chemistry class.

bowl of tortellini


Leftover tortellini, although Zoe had a closing shift at work, so she had packed some food for herself.


Well, Zoe passed her driver’s test yesterday, so I think she and Lisey and I might get some takeout to celebrate. Yay Zoe!

A teen driving a Civic.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Friday 2nd of September 2022

A big week in the FG household! WWS: $4. FlashFoods (trying for the first time, but I'm EXCITED!) If anyone else wants to try the app, you can use code BETH3WPYM for $8 back if you spend $10 (I would get the same - Kristen, please remove if not allowed).

WWA: Sat: Balkan dinner party: cevap, ajvar, lepinja, shopska salada, lemon semifreddo with rhubarb currant sauce Sun: chicken shawarma with leftover sides from Sat. I used this recipe which was so easy & good, but I used only 1 tsp of cayenne and it was still REALLY spicy... also, make sure it is kosher salt, or it will also be too spicy. Mon: tacos Tue-Fri: leftovers or random food from the freezer.

LaNell from Texas

Friday 2nd of September 2022

I was babysitting my two grandsons in Waco. Monday- special request Chicken & Rice, peas, and carrots/hummus Tuesday- turkey tacos, salsa & chips Wednesday- breakfast for supper- bacon, sausage, eggs, and biscuits Thursday- trip home, so easy skillet browned wieners with chili and cheese Friday- cauliflower rice+ Buffalo chicken casserole and green beans Busy week. Love being with my boys, but nice to be home too. Those boys wear you out!


Friday 2nd of September 2022

This isn't a WWA post but I wanted to share anyway---

I mustered up my courage and emailed a Wall Street bigshot I know personally, who leads one of the biggest firms on the Street, and is a household name, and worth tens of billions, and asked him for help with my son's job search. I know his firm doesn't take first years but I summoned every ounce of charm I had to ask for his help and he replied that he is going to do the best he can.


I'm a techie girl from way back and have actually danced with Bill Gates at parties a zillion years ago from before he was married (NB: I am much taller than him), etc etc, so money doesn't faze me, but Wall Street is a game I don't know well so I am intimidated. Still: anything for my boy.

Anita Isaac

Friday 2nd of September 2022

@Rose, good luck. i hope he comes through for you.


Friday 2nd of September 2022

@Rose, Good for you!!!


Friday 2nd of September 2022

Pizza and cake at a birthday party

Chicken parmesan, sweet corn, and carrots

Culvers for burgers

BLTs, street corn salad, and cucumber salad

7 layer salad

Ramen noodles with spicy chili butter, broccoli, pickled radishes, and a fried egg

Tonight we are having random leftovers


Friday 2nd of September 2022

1. Paying a bunch extra on our truck- to try to get it paid off by Christmas. Merry Christmas to us- only the mortgage left after that! 2. Avoided Sam's as I always spend too much. Was able to get what I needed at Sav- a lot. 3. Packing breakfast and lunches. 4. Renewing my dump dues- way cheaper than pick up and I have to go there for recycling anyway. No such thing as curbside recycling (GRRRRRR) and garbage company not reliable! Works out to 2$ a week. 5. Got a cute new to me Halloween shirt and pair of capris at thrift.

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