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WIS, WWA | I’m gonna sand today

Happy Friday, everyone!
A blooming pink azalea.

The weather promises to be a lovely 71 degrees today AND I don’t have any classes or appointments or meetings.

Soooo…I’m gonna go spend some quality time with a sander in my dad’s garage. It’s furniture rehab time!

A dusty wooden table.

On to the topic at hand, though. Here’s the food scoop from this past week:

What I Spent

I spent $50 on groceries at Target, and I also spent $11 on a restaurant salad (see Thursday night).

What We Ate

My mom’s been out in Illinois visiting her mom this week, so just my dad has been here with us. 🙂 


I grilled some burgers, and I am not remembering what we had with them. How about we go with: a green salad. 

Odds are always good that there’s a green salad on the table around here! 


One of my brothers came over for Easter dinner; my mom served ham, twice-baked potatoes, a jello salad, and some broccoli. 

easter egg candles on a white plate.


My dad grilled some marinated beef, and we ate that with leftover twice-baked potatoes and a green salad.


We all ate separately since this is Zoe’s class night; I personally used a birthday certificate to get a fajita quesadilla while she was at class.


We had a rotisserie chicken, ciabatta rolls, a green salad, and a fruit salad. 

rotisserie chicken


Another class night (only six more to go!).

I made a frugal oops…I went to a restaurant that had sent me a $15 birthday discount, but after I was seated, I discovered the redemption period doesn’t start until tomorrow. Whoops. 

So, I just ordered an $11 salad, and I figure I will go back next week during Zoe’s Tuesday class and ACTUALLY use my discount. 


I think I am probably making baked ziti for dinner tonight.

baked ziti in a steel skillet.

Will we have a salad?


What did you have for dinner this week? 

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Sunday 24th of April 2022

What a wonderful thing that your mom still has her mom in her life!


Saturday 23rd of April 2022

"Will we have salad?" This line is cracking me up, hahaha.

Hawaii Planner

Saturday 23rd of April 2022

Hope your sanding turns out well! We had a variety of meals prepped by myself, my parents, & my husband, as my parents were in town. Also, we eat green salad with every dinner. ;-) -Fajitas, chips & guac -Chicken shawarma, with naan & all of the fixing -Baked chicken & pasta -Kebabs & rice -Takeout pizza -My dad made quesadillas using up all of the leftovers, which I wouldn't have thought of, but turned out great -Lasagna & garlic bread


Friday 22nd of April 2022

S: Chicken in milk, egg noodles, and salad M: Pork tenderloin, rice, and broccoli T: Tilapia, rotini, and salad W: Butter chicken and rice R: Breakfast for dinner F: Breaded chicken, pierogi, and corn S: I think fish and a spinach, chickpea, and roasted radish salad


Friday 22nd of April 2022

WIS for the month 432.73 + $20 take out sandwiches to take to see the Mayflower come through the canal; $18 take out pizza a couple of weeks ago when I couldn't come up with a meal; and ? this past Monday at The 99--we took my daughter and her children. Children ate free because the Red Sox won on Sunday. Total spent over the last month at the grocery store including food box at the farm and coffee: Fri: Leftover something Sat: Flatbread vegetable pizza Sun: Ate with son-in-law's family Mon: We had a mid afternoon lunch at The 99, I had a bowl of clam chowder for dinner. Tues: Clam Chowder, corn & black bean salad, leftover from the 99 lunch Mon. Wed: Pancakes Thurs: Burgers, baked potatoes, broccoli Fri--tonight: Quiche. I have not left the house since I came home from work Tuesday. My son-in-law didn't feel well, so he took a covid test, which was positive. I only had a very minimal passing with him when I came home Sunday. They had been away for a week. We live in the in-law. I did not know what I would cook. While they were away I took care of the chickens and collected the eggs. I also had cheese, heavy cream, some prosciutto from an earlier harvest box, onions. I was good. (It might be a good idea to have a quiche a week, try out different recipes.)

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