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WIS, WWA | from frosty to warm

What I Spent

grasses by the water.

  • $33 at Domino’s pizza
  • $20 at Safeway
  • $6.50 at Aldi

So, only $59.50 for me this week.

What We Ate




I made ham and cheese panini, with fresh produce on the side.

grilled sandwich.


Chicken quesadillas, with broccoli on the side. I’m still working through those $0.99 packages of organic chicken that I got on clearance at Safeway.

organic chicken.


More quesadillas, since I had more chicken filling left!


It was a random fend-for-yourself night. I personally ate…Aldi Triscuits and hummus.

A truly blue-ribbon meal right there. 😉


Tuesday, the weather looked like this: frosty and chilly!

frosty morning.

But then on Thursday, it was so warm! I think we hit at least 70 degrees.

chicken on grill.

I brined some $0.99/pound chicken thighs I got from Safeway, and then I smoked them on my grill.

smoked chicken thighs.

I pulled the meat off the bones, and we ate that on buns, with assorted sauces.

And I just cut up some fruit on the side.

I am so happy to have a grill again!


We definitely have enough chicken left for a second night. 🙂

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Friday 24th of March 2023

What do you brine your chicken in? Granted we only have a grill pan, no grill, but we only really season w/ salt and pepper. We do have a stove top smoker though...hrmmmm

WIS: Farmer's Market-$61; Neighborhood-$11; The Star-$37; Butcher shop-$68; Milk Delivery-$25; Fish Delivery-$24 Total-$226

WWA: Sat- Take-out Vietnamese-beef vermicelli, shrimp shumai, gyoza Sun- I always seem to forget Sunday Mon- braised oxtail and grits Tues- spinach & cream cheese stuffed pork chop, cacio e pepe & garlic bread on the side Wed- Leftover oxtail and grits, corn on the side Thurs- tomato sausage, zucchini, pasta dish with garlic bread on the side Fri- Just 3 more meatless Fridays left-Ocean Perch is the fish this week. We have never had it but saw a recipe for Ocean Perch Po' Boys so might give that a try...or fish & chips

Ruth T

Friday 24th of March 2023

Saturday: My mom cooked us dinner after we split and stacked another load of firewood. It was a good deal for both of us. ;)

Sunday: My birthday meal! We had steak, green beans (I requested fresh green beans cooked in bacon grease - so good!!!), potatoes, and shells and cheese. Pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dessert!

Monday: One-Pot Ham and Veggie Pasta (from allrecipes) with pineapple and grapes.

Tuesday: My husband ate at a meeting at church. I had a salad. My kids had nuggets, grapes, and leftover shells and cheese.

Wednesday: Leftover pizza that my husband brought home from his meeting. There were 3 different kinds of pizza in the box (2 of which I never make), so that was fun!

Thursday: Steak fajitas and chips with black bean hummus. I got the black bean hummus on Flashfood and it was SO GOOD that I want to get more.

Friday: Meatloaf, broccoli with cheese, and corn casserole. I had the meatloaf mixture already made, so I just had to pull it out of the freezer. My kids won't be excited about the meatloaf, but they'll be very excited about the corn casserole.


Friday 24th of March 2023

We had a fairly simple week. Sunday: We had grilled chicken. I saw a good price so I bought several packages and we grilled it all. I served it on Sunday with rice pilaf and veggies and then leftovers were lunches for everyone. Monday: Lettuce wraps with ground turkey. Edamame. Tuesday: Mexican bowls...rice, beans, avocado, cheese and other toppings. A few people added the last of the grilled chicken to their bowls. Wednesday: Meatball subs, using a container of the frozen meatballs and sauce that I made in large quantity and froze back in early Feb and I made the sub rolls. Oddly, they got misshapen in the oven, which has never happened to me before, but they still were very tasty rolls. I don't know what happened. Thursday: It was my husband's birthday and we got take out tacos and I "made" an ice cream cake. Friday (tonight): Both teens will be at a birthday party. Maybe we will get sandwiches?


Friday 24th of March 2023

What a chicken - tactic week! And three cheers for having that grill again. So awesome!!


Friday 24th of March 2023

WIS: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell reached out to me with a personal plea to do my best to offset Becca’s extravagance in our never-ending quest to fight inflation, so I only spent about $39 for lemons, chives, bananas, some really nice looking already trimmed asparagus (so only paid for the good parts), spinach, green tea, brown rice, jasmine rice, eggs, 2 ginormous onion bagels that I sliced in half and then each half in thirds (so 12 slices for open face sandwiches), and some parchment and wax paper. The rice and eggs accounted for almost half of the $39, but the rice will last for ages.

WIA: Busy work week so a couple of nights were just sandwiches (egg/ham/cheese on English muffin; London broil, provolone, and mustard on a slice of onion bagel) and – thankfully! – the last of the salmon linguine from the week before; beef tacos with refried beans; and tempura shrimp with lemon jasmine rice and a shredded broccoli/carrot/cabbage slaw with “Skinny Girl” Asian Sesame Ginger dressing (that is NOT my picture on the Skinny Girl label).

Chairman Powell, there should be more than enough stuff in freezer, pantry and refrigerator to get through the rest of this month and beyond. And pretty soon it will be warm enough to plant the herbs and spinach and chard, etc. outdoors, and the Village’s twice a week Farmers’ Market will get into full swing. Hate to make a trip to a grocery store just for not-really-fresh produce when I can walk into the yard and pick it, or give my $ to our farmers and not the grocery store chains.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Friday 24th of March 2023

@Rose, I am in my 30’s and my kids are very young (4 and 2) but I have always reserved the actual day of Mother’s Day for myself since becoming a mother. It helps that both kids were born very close to Mother’s Day (so I wasn’t expected to do anything since I’d just given birth) and then the pandemic also limited the requirement to celebrate in person for a couple years so at this point the expectation is set.

I do usually plan something the weekend or day before with my own mom. And my husband is responsible for his own mom so I don’t worry about that.


Friday 24th of March 2023

@JDinNM, Chairman Powell should be excited that so far I have restrained myself about a dress I really want. I have a number of expensive upcoming restaurant meals to pay for, though, so the rest of you folks will have to buckle down on beans and rice. (As will I!) My birthday, Easter, my son's confirmation and then Mother's Day.

Hey Kristen, how about a post about Mother's Day some time? Every year--I mean every year--it's been about either my own mother or my former mother in law. And I'm about to be 58. This was always my choice, because when younger I figured my time would come, and now with my mother in a nursing home, a trip out to restaurant with her kids is a very big deal, and I still do the whole flowers/gifts thing which gets to be super expensive. But sometimes I wonder: when is it my turn to be pampered and feted? How do other readers deal with it?

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