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WIS, WWA | blurry!

What I Spent

pink and white blossoms.

Man, this week has been a blur. I dunno how good I’m gonna be at remembering what we ate!

I spent:

  • $51 at Sam’s Club
  • $15 at Safeway

So, $66 for me.

What We Ate


I picked up Panera for Zoe and me, and it cost nothing because I had a gift card from my Erie Your Turn Rewards. 🙂

And I only remember we did this because I have a picture of my half-eaten strawberry poppyseed salad!

panera salad.


I have no recollection and no pictures so…I haven’t the faintest idea what to tell you.

I will get my head screwed on straight again after the semester.


Zoe was not feeling good, and she just wanted tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.


I did a random pasta and veggies dish; the only meat I had in my fridge was some pepperoni, so I browned that and then browned the veggies (onions, peppers, zucchini) in the same pan for some extra flavor, and then I added cooked pasta, cream, and shredded cheese.

pasta with veggies.


Plus salt and pepper OF COURSE.

outdoor dinner.


I pressed the easy button and cooked some cheese tortellini from Sam’s Club and topped it with jarred sauce and shredded Parmesan.

bowl of tortellini


Leftovers from earlier in the week!


Well…I think I am coming down with whatever Zoe had this week (which was not Covid; we did test!) I feel so so wiped out today.

But luckily, I don’t have any school stuff until this coming Tuesday, so if I am gonna be sick, this is very good timing. 

I can chill here at home and do my studying.

But I can guarantee you that I will not be making anything fancy for dinner. 😉

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Marilyn Mitchell

Sunday 12th of May 2024

The pasta looked so good. I don't have very good luck doing this.

Elaine N

Sunday 12th of May 2024

Hope you're feeling better, Kristen!

Gina from The Cannary Family

Saturday 11th of May 2024

Well, I am late to the party here! I am amazed you remembered so many of your meals - you have been one busy woman. Summer is coming though!! This week at my house: Monday - I was off, so I pulled some leftover pork out of the freezer, made mashed potatoes with a few wrinkly potatoes, and served broccoli as a side. Tuesday - Skillet Chicken Thighs with cabbage and carrots - this was good, but I overcooked the cabbage so it melted into the skillet. Still good! Wednesday - Mom's Corn Chowder, croissants Thursday - Crockpot BBQ Pork, chopped salad, red potatoes - just enough for three people and so good! Friday - Grilled Chicken, (freezer) Green Chile Poblano sauce over some dibs and dabs of pasta, green beans Saturday and Sunday - I packed my weekend lunches and they are nothing fancy. I was going to get a mini bundt cake, then decided against it. Happy Mother's Day!


Friday 10th of May 2024

Saturday - Mexican as we celebrated Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo. Out of town kiddo went home on Sunday. Tacos campechanos yum. Managed to eat two of the three plus frijoles. Leftovers were consumed for lunch during the week. Sunday - salmon and steak - on sale to boot. $14 for the two. I suspect baked potato as the side. Monday - not sure but I think eggs, fried potatoes, toast, and sausage. I could be wrong. Tuesday - two 1/3 burgers w/side of fries deal Wednesday - garlic marinated chicken, asparagus, and leftover mashed potatoes Thursday - burgers and enhanced baked beans. Easy meal for me to eat as I worked Friday - tilapia and potatoes


Sunday 12th of May 2024

@Selena, Tuesday was HM meatloaf (topped with bacon YUM) and mashed potatoes. I should have remember the Wednesday leftover mashed potatoes weren't from the freezer.

Elizabeth M

Friday 10th of May 2024

I'm sorry you and Zoe haven't been feeling good. Get well soon!

I didn't buy any food this week. All my meals have been from the pantry and freezer. I'm trying to challenge myself to spend less on groceries.

On Saturday I made a chicken enchilada casserole. Ate leftovers Sunday and Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I had mashed potato bowls with real bacon bits and chopped broccoli florets. Tonight I had a very late dinner because I forgot to start soaking the beans until almost noon. But eventually I was able to have refried beans on tortillas for dinner along with a fruit cup. I also made a wacky cake (depression era recipe with no dairy or eggs) and will have some for dessert.

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