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Thankful Thursday | in two parts again

Hello, hello friends!

blackberry blossoms.

I have my last regular Med Surg exam this morning, and unfortunately, this was preceded by two long days of OB presentations (during which we were understandably not allowed to study).

So, last night I was busy studying instead of writing a post.

cat lying on back.

study buddy

And I’m doing a little extra cramming right now.

I’ll be back mid-morning, and I’ll update this post with my list then!

But for now, those of you who are morning people can make your lists in the comments. 🙂


Okayyyyy, I’m back!

chiquita on Kristen's lap.

Chiquita is happy I’m home!

Time for an actual list.

cat in Kristen's lap.

This week I am thankful:

that my presentations are allll over!

Kristen smiling.

How I feel about presentations being OVER

In the last week and a half I have had three presentations to do (one solo, two group) and I am very very happy to not have to rehearse my speeches anymore.

bucket of candy.

I brought prizes for the quiz we did in our presentation because snacks make everyone happier

I got full marks on the first two presentations; still waiting for the grade on the one from this week.

that now I only have two exams left

I have officially finished every bit of regular coursework and every regular exam; next week I have two cumulative exams, an orientation, and a convocation, but the orientation and convocation are gonna require zero brain effort.

So really I just have two cumulative exams on my mind.

And in my maternal/newborn class, I could get a 61% and still have an A, so I’m not sweating that one too much. Maternal/newborn material is right in my wheelhouse; I’m not gonna get less than a 61%!

I still don’t know what I need in my med surg class to keep my A; that all depends on how today’s exam went. 😉

(and I find that out tomorrow sometime!)

that the trash pickup here is kind of late

green outdoor trash can.

I keep forgetting to put out our trash cans the night before but luckily, that’s no big deal because trash pickup here is so late in the morning!

I only remembered today when I was driving home from my exam and I saw all my neighbor’s cans out but I still had plenty of time to get my trash and recycling to the curb.

that I finally got my CNA license!

Remember how I went to the board of nursing to get it sorted out? Well, my application is approved so I am all official now.

Annnnnd that means I can get a student nursing job. Woohoo!

for blossoms all over the place

small purple flowers.

The woods are full of flowers right now, which makes walking super fun.

blackberry blossom.

Because I have lived here for two years now, I know for sure that these are blackberry blossoms

I doooo appreciate the bits of beauty the woods offer in the winter, but that can’t really compare to spring. 🙂

tiny white flowers.

for my free Adirondack chair

You may remember that I got it from my Buy Nothing group last year and it makes a nice spot to eat dinner outside when the weather is nice. 🙂

red plastic adirondack chair.

I still need to rehab it for looks, but it’s at least functional in its current state.

outdoor dinner.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 10th of May 2024

I've been adoring all the blossoms popping out here in Colorado, too! It's been an unusually mild spring with many 60 and 70 degree days (often some late snows or early hot days creep in when it's spring here), so the blossoms on the trees have been plentiful and have lasted longer than usual - just gorgeous! And our trash/compost/recycling pickup has also been skewing late which I love. They used to come at like 8:00 a.m. SHARP and that was tough and often had me scrambling around to get it all ready and out to the curb!


Friday 10th of May 2024

- rain so I don't have to water - time to focus on things other than work - swimming with my neighbor - buying plants with my mom - cooking and then eating shrimp with my kids


Thursday 9th of May 2024

This week I'm grateful for - The time off work to celebrate our honeymoon for 2 weeks, which featured many fun adventures and good food - The fun photographs our Pink Jeep tour guide took of us on our tour, it will be fun to look back on those ones especially. - That I get to see my dog tomorrow and cats Saturday (I missed them all so much these teo weeks) - Recently I've found myself learning about terribly historic tragedies (we visited the Titanic museum and I am reading a book on the Donner Party.) I'm so grateful for general well being and lack of tragedy in my life LOL


Thursday 9th of May 2024

Congratulations on your CNA, Kristen! We are so proud of you and are cheering you on!

Ruth T

Thursday 9th of May 2024

Reading about all you're doing with school reminds me of when I was in college... I was so impressed with the adult students in my program. I knew that it was one thing to do all of the projects and exams and group work when I was on campus all of the time, but a whole other deal for our adult students who had actual lives at home. You're doing great, Kristen!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.