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WIS, WWA | Annnnd I grilled!

What I Spent

branches reflected in a lake.

I spent:

  • $24 at Lidl
  • $62 at Aldi
  • $19 on a Hungry Harvest box

So, $105 for me.

What We Ate


Some leftover pulled pork in buns. I mixed my pork with some salsa verde and added some sliced avocado on top, and that made a very good sandwich!


I made baked ziti and ooh, I was so excited that the sun was still up when I finished cooking dinner!

baked ziti.


I used some of my $0.99 clearance organic chicken from Safeway to make some chicken fingers. I was awfully low on produce that night so we just had bowls of strawberries with our chicken.

chicken fingers.


I made a pot of broccoli-noodle soup, which we ate with some sourdough bread from Aldi.


An eat-up-the-leftovers night. 🙂


weber grill.

I made some burgers on the new-to-me grill that my dad brought over for me!

cheeseburgers on grill.

We had potato cubes and sauteed broccoli on the side.


The girls both have plans tonight, so I’m on my own. Hmm. I could make an egg and veggie skillet.

Orrrr I could treat myself to a solo meal out with a gift card. Decisions, decisions!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 19th of March 2023

Monday-Chicken Patty Parm (had to use up a bag of chicken patties), fettucine noodles, garlic bread and green salad Tuesday- Beef roast in the crock pot, peas, corn, mashed potato's and sesame rusted Italian bread Wednesday-Grabbed a chicken taco kit in the premade foods at Sam's club and a rotisserie chicken -$20 for food for 2 nights! Help yourselves people! Thursday-FFYS Leftover night for the house while Mama helped serve the staff at the high school during conference night! I ate a burger, coleslaw and dessert! Friday-Husband and I delivered pizzas, strawberries and green salads to a friend dealing with a lot medical wise. We stopped at chipotle and used all the apology rewards from his last messed up order! only paid for my bowl and drink! Saturday-used the leftover tomato sauce from Monday and 2 dough balls from Aldi. Used a baggie of sausage crumbles from the freezer, the last of a baggie of pepperoni, last of the provolone and a huge handful of mozz. Made 1 thin crust pizza and 1 braid for supper. Was enough for the 3 at home and leftovers were demolished when the 2 returned from work later!


Saturday 18th of March 2023

needed new sheets so we went to Sams club where I rarely shop, in fact gonna let our membership lapse next month.BUT while there I always pick up the 5 dollar chicken. We had chicken pieces and asparagus and homemade tabooli and roasted red potatoes for supper and I have enough left over to make a pot of chicken and noodles for two more meals , all out of one chicken!

Picked up a large bag of organic brussels sprouts while there, for just $4.00.

But over all Sams does not save me any money, so.. out it goes.

We also ate from the freezer all week.. it is soo full I need to make some space, so an easy week of meals and low grocery bill.


Friday 17th of March 2023

WIS: $33 at the farm stand, $174 at Stop & Shop, and $389 at BJs makes $596. Because I had a birthday request that was best purchased at BJs and a two day Nor'Easter blow through, I did my biggest shop of the week there. And, I picked up a few things they were out of stock on two weeks ago when I did my regular, monthly trip.

WWE: Tacos; steaks, braised potatoes, and broccoli for the birthday dinner; squid ink pasta with shrimp; all over the place, including some free dinners out; & pork roast, biscuits, and carrots.

Teresa Satterwhite

Friday 17th of March 2023

Making corned venison roast with roasted potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. We will use leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!

Barb Pothuisje

Friday 17th of March 2023

WWS: My hubby spent $30 for the repair of a towel rack that was coming lose from the wall. He patched, retextured, and painted. It looks fabulous and has enough leftover material to tackle another lose rack! WWA: Homemade split pea soup and corn bread.

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