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WIS, WWA | an even $100

What I Spent

a morning view of a river.

I spent:

  • $70 at Lidl
  • $11 at Safeway
  • $19 on takeout

So, $100 exactly! 

What We Ate


I was only responsible for feeding Sonia and me, and she had a hankering for Chick-Fil-A. So that is what we got.


fruit salad

We had BLTs, fruit salad, and chips.

Because apparently we are pretending that it is June, not February. 😉 

The outside world begs to differ:

ice with air bubbles in it.


I made chicken tikka masala, which we ate with naan from Aldi. And we had green salads on the side. 

Cook's Illustrated butter chicken


Some of us ate leftover chicken tikka masala, and others of us ate Budget Bytes’ 15-minute Sriracha noodles.

Those noodles are really tasty; thumbs up from me!


I had some more uncooked chicken left from earlier in the week, so I breaded it with panko, shallow-fried it, and served it with sweet chili sauce. And on the side, I roasted some small potatoes.

Roasted potatoes on a dining room table.

You may be wondering, why are you not using some of your free 10# bag of potatoes? Well, I already had these tiny ones on hand before I came into the free ones, so I figured I should use them first!


Remember how I bought all those pork butts a little while back?

pulled pork sandwich

Well, I used some this week to make a pot of Pioneer Woman’s Dr. Pepper pulled pork. We ate the meat on buns, topped with BBQ sauce, and we had cut-up fruit and veggies on the side.


I want to use some of my russets, so that will be the basis of tonight’s dinner. I’m thinking of maybe doing hasselback potatoes.

What did you have for dinner this week? 

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Sunday 13th of February 2022

S: spicy lentil soup with tortilla chips, salad, artisan sourdough bread M: upstairs bathroom was being worked on until late in the evening, so we got pizza and I made a salad and cut up cantaloupe. T: bathroom finished, so we celebrated with more takeout, this time Ethiopian plus I made salad. W: chicken and rice (used up some mustard green stems), and also had diced red peppers-very pretty. Plus salad and more cantaloupe. Th: leftover chicken and rice, salad. F: focaccia (with mozzarella and pepperoni) and salad (with blueberries from Aldi) S: beyond burgers with cheese and sauteed onions/peppers on pretzel buns, salad. Spent: 98.75 from Hungry Harvest, 15.00 on a farm share bag, 73.80 at Aldi; 187.55 weekly total. But, I also ordered our main farm shares for the summer (1298.00) and four 50# bags of flour (172.12), so this was a very spendy week, especially adding in the bathroom cost and the takeout. The good news is that I ventured into the Aldi near my new job after work on Friday and felt very comfortable with the level of covid caution all the shoppers were taking, so I'm going to add back a weekly Aldi trip instead of ordering all our food from Hungry Harvest and elsewhere. This should make a very big difference in our food spending, and also gave me so much happiness picking out my own fruit!!! All weekend long I kept telling my family to look at the absolutely perfect bananas I bought. Haha! Oh, choice, how I missed you!


Friday 11th of February 2022

Monday: chicken pot pie Tuesday: fried rice with random veggies and a bit of leftover steak bites Wednesday:leftover chicken pot pie Thursday: spicy lentil curry over brown rice Friday: pizza and salad from a bag Saturday: sheet pan dinner with spicy sausage sweet potatoes and asparagus

I spent 74 dollars but saved 41. Wooooo


Friday 11th of February 2022

This was a boring week, food-wise. We had a 24 pound king salmon (headless, thank heavens) in the bottom of the freezer and there was no way to thaw only a part of it. (It was given to us frozen by a fisher-friend.) So, I thawed the entire thing and we ate salmon steaks for three nights, salmon chowder for another two, and tonight and tomorrow we will be eating salmon patties. We would have eaten it for lunch, too, but we had a soup to finish off so salmon was eaten only one time a day. I also cooked and froze a dozen salmon patties for future use, as well as seven containers of the salmon chowder. Pound hound got the skins, which drove him into a frenzy of excitement. We have more salmon but they are reasonable sized fillets. I love salmon, but this was a bit much.

Next week I tackle the container of geoduck that has been hiding in the freezer since last summer's season of beach harvesting when we went to southcentral Alaska. I know they are a $20 to $30 pound delicacy in other places, but we get them free for the taking so I probably don't appreciate them enough.

kristin @ going country

Saturday 12th of February 2022

@Lindsey, Do you have to cook the geoducks a long time? I don't know if you've ever read "The Egg and I," (a great, very funny book), but the author of that book lived on an island off Washington State with abundant seafood, and she said the geoducks were very tough.


Friday 11th of February 2022


Had never heard of geoducks, so I looked them up...that is a rather inappropriate-looking clam! I'm not sure I could eat them without snickering...Haha!!!

Rebekah in SoCal

Friday 11th of February 2022

Leftover Slow Cooker Chinese "BBQ" Pork (courtesy of super cheap Pork Shoulder) Sunday Monday Tuesday (We love leftovers) Wednesday: Bagel Pizza Thursday: Bagel Pizza Friday: wings if we close escrow. (Bagel Pizza if we don't close Escrow)

I never post on Fridays because I figure leftovers are not interesting to people, but we really enjoy repeating good meals.


Friday 11th of February 2022

What a lovely picture from the river front Kristen! We had some wet weather this week but now today it was crisp and cold so we opted for a winter stew - kale. With the exception of last Saturday, when we had Chinese take away, we cooked every day We finished some lettuce, French beans and red cabbage and also had cheese fondue one day and leftover cowboy chili on another. The takeaway chinese food was excellent - marinated tofu. And since there was tofu on offer, I may give it a try to see if I can replicate that tasty but not heavy dish.

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