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Thankful Thursday | thanks, biology!

This week, I am thankful:

that I took biology so recently

I took biology last spring, A&P 1 last fall, and I’m currently in A&P 2.

Though my time in A&P, I have often thought about how nice it is to have biology info so fresh in my brain.

A&P requires a lot of cell biology knowledge, like info about cell membranes, membrane channels, electrical and chemical gradients, osmosis, and so on.

Sonia holding knitted cell

a cell, designed and knitted by Sonia

If I’d taken biology even a couple of years ago, I’d be struggling much more in A&P. 

for Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike’s medical podcasts/videos

Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike are two A&P professors from Australia, and they have so, so much useful A&P content. I seriously cannot believe how much anatomy and physiology information they know.

How DO their brains hold it all?

I have watched tons of their YouTube videos, and I also listen to their podcast when I go for walks (I just search the archives for episodes about whatever unit I happen to be in.)

I normally listen to all of my podcasts on 2x speed, but for theirs, I dial it down to 1.5x. An Australian accent + medical information is just too hard to process at double time! 

for good health

Yep. I am still obnoxiously happy to be un-sick. 

And I am deliriously happy to have my energy levels back. I am sleeping better at night, and during the day, I don’t feel tired all the time.

for better ability to exercise

When I was in the worst days of being sick, even sitting up was too much work.

But now I can exercise, go up and down stairs, walk up and down hills, do housework, and more without feeling winded and exhausted.

So fabulous. 

that I am so immune right now

By even the most conservative estimates, I am currently no danger to anyone else. It’s been about two years since I have had such a feeling of confidence! 

I still wear a mask when it’s required, of course, but I feel positively guiltless about going mask-free in places where it is allowed. 

for sunny mornings

morning sun shining through trees.

Seriously, is there anything more glorious than sunny mornings? I love them so much!

that Lisey gets to start with a female teacher today

So far, all of her teachers at aviation mechanic school have been men. And most of her classmates are male as well.

But today, she starts a nice long unit with a female teacher. Lisey has already met her and she is a fan; it will be fun to learn from another woman in such a male-dominated industry.

that there’s a break before any more estimated tax payments are due

Between January and April, there’s a little breather from estimated tax payments. So, I am enjoying this happy sweet spot!

tax payments for the IRS.

for peanut butter sandwiches. And grilled cheese sandwiches.

I have been eating a lot of these two types of sandwiches lately, and my goodness, I love them. So simple, but so delicious.

Sandwiches are supreme. And I will die on that hill.

(If you’d like to read an unrelated rant I wrote on the topic of sandwiches and gender roles, click here.)

that I am not allergic to peanut butter, bread, or cheese

That would seriously limit my sandwich options. Especially if bread was off the table. 😉

for cat snuggles last night

Zoe was my cat shift volunteer partner, and we had a fun time snuggling the cats. 

This gray guy was our favorite.

A gray cat.

I’m not sure what happened, but he had to have his tail amputated, and his fur is still growing back after his surgery.

A cat recovering from surgery.

He has such a cute personality, though! We think he will get himself adopted pretty promptly. And once his fur grows back, he will look pretty regular…just with no tail. 🙂

What are you thankful for this week? 

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Saturday 12th of February 2022

* I live 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and with the ''freedom convoy'' going on let's just say that I'm very grateful to no live there at the moment. Call me crazy but I enjoy sleeping at night! I do work there though, so this is another story...

* No shortage of food in out groceries stores. And having the means to buy healthy food and the capacity to cook.

* Having the same work schedule as my family (work and school) so we have a lot of family time during the week-end and at night

* DD being invited to a sleepover yesterday. It`s usually us that have the friends over, so it`s a nice change

* Having an online class this semester. I really enjoy being able to do this from home, not having to bother with getting ready, travelling, finding parking, etc.


Friday 11th of February 2022

I'm thankful for the gastric sleeve surgery that I had in December. My life is so much different now with 65 ugly pounds gone. I'm thankful for my hubby and I being able to see our son and his wife get married early this morning on Zoom. They live in Singapore and this was a sort of civil ceremony. We will be there for the big party in Singapore on March 17th 2023! I'm thankful for the warmer weather we've had for most of the week. Temps in the high 40's and low 50's. Tomorrow hubs and I will go for a drive down the shore to see his sister. Thankful for money as I dropped my car off - a 2010 Honda CRV, I'm original owner - because the check engine light came on. Hubs checked the usual: gas cap, engine, etc. The joy of having an emergency account is knowing you can get it fixed and it won't break the bank. Thankful that now that I've lost so much weight I can get into hub's Durango. Used a small step stool but it was easy peasy. Couldn't do that before. Thankful that with Covid on the retreat, at least omicron, that hubs and I may get a vacation down the shore this summer. Again, thankful for the savings account and virtually not spending any money at all the last 2 years. Although I need new clothes as the ones I have are falling off of me! Thankful for Kristen for having such a nice blog.


Friday 11th of February 2022

The knitted cell is amazing! Your daughter is really talented. I’m thankful for the nurse who lives in my parents’ small mountain town. She has been checking on them and updating me. We are partway through a large home improvement project to replace thee floor in our garage ( which is the ceiling for a workshop underneath). Soon, I will be able to park in my garage after more than 10 winters of parking outside. I’m so excited an d thankful to have this luxury. I’m grateful to have a job I enjoy doing meaningful work for a company that treats its’ employees right. I’m grateful to have won theater tickets from my employer this week. I’m grateful to my husband for finding the faulty sensor for our home alarm system. Here’s hoping it doesn’t wake us up tonight. I’m grateful to have dinner at a restaurant with a group of friends I haven’t seen for 4 months, made possible by lower covid cases, masks and vaccines.


Friday 11th of February 2022

Thankful for Modern technology testing even if the news is bad at least you know what you are dealing with. For a car that handles snowy road conditions with ease. For our second dog, I struggled with wanting to keep him after the loss of another pet. I am so glad I kept him. He may be a handful but he is SO good with the grand baby. For a very old friend who contacted me for a letter of recommendation. I was honored to do so, she imitated Tim Conway at work it cracked us up. Such a nice person. For my neighbor who gifted me some items that will provide outdoor non frozen water for local critters.


Thursday 10th of February 2022

I cannot remember which of your readers suggested calling the state's department that handles insurance company complaints, but she helped resolve an ongoing battle. Our state is so small in population that you can deal directly with state legislators so I called the one who lives a few blocks away and asked him to have an aide call the insurance company and threaten them with filing an official complaint from his office (which would have more impact than me filing one). Within a day, the insurance company called me, which alone was a miracle since the agent had been dodging my calls, and the issue was settled and the check is in the mail. So, my big thanks this Thursday is to your reader who has made me look like a hero to this lady, and who was instrumental in getting a large check to a very ill woman. This was a God send---not just for the money but for reducing the stress to her and the family. I won't forget this tactic next time I am helping someone with insurance issues!


Thursday 10th of February 2022

Yay!!!! So happy to hear of a resolution to this.

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