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WIS, WWA | a tidy $100

What I Spent

sunny window.

This week I spent:

  • $80 at Sam’s Club
  • $20 at Chick-fil-A

So, a tidy $100 for me this week.

I have some Dinnerly meals on my menu this week, but they are from the box I got last week. Just didn’t want you to be confused about why no Dinnerly box is listed in my spending!

What We Ate


I got a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club and on the side, we had mashed sweet potatoes and some cut-up raw veggies.

pot of sweet potatoes.



I made some Dinnerly green enchiladas, which were supposed to be vegetarian. But I added some of the rotisserie chicken for some extra protein.


More rotisserie chicken-using: this time I made some chicken quesadillas, with pico de gallo.

chicken quesadillas.


I made a Dinnerly meal, which was Mediterranean beef pita pizzas:

beef pita.

Zoe and I both liked these (sorta like an easy gyro), so I’ll probably put this meal idea into our rotation even if I don’t get it straight from Dinnerly.

This was a night I was super glad to have a Dinnerly meal option in the fridge when I got home from school! It definitely saved me from takeout.

We also had a fruit salad:

bowl of fruit salad.


I made Zoe’s favorite baked ham sandwiches, which are always an easy fallback option.

baked sandwiches.

I also made these roasted carrots and I cut up some fruit.

Easy, ridiculously good roasted carrots


I had a day full of exhausting happenings (none of which were school-related) and by the time dinner rolled around, I was not in good shape to cook. And Zoe was down with a cold.

Sooo, I picked up Chick-Fil-A for the two of us.

On my way back from picking it up, someone inexplicably came to an almost complete stop on the highway, which meant I had to step on my brakes pretty hard, and Zoe’s milkshake went flying. But luckily, milkshakes are pretty thick, so only some of it spilled on my floor mat.

And that is why I have a floor mat drying in my bathtub right now. No one wants a sticky floor mat!

floor mat in bathtub.


I have some chili in the freezer, and I’m thinking I’ll get that out for dinner.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 19th of November 2023

I'm very late to the game this week. I had my aneurysm embolization procedure Friday and I am finally home! Yay! I spent a fortune it seems last week...$245.76. BUT I bought most of my holiday stuff including 3 hams, stocked up on many items, baking supplies for Christmas, etc. I planned for one of the hams after I was home from the hospital and that has worked out well. Saturday we had italian sausages, arincini, and salad Sunday tortilla soup and bean burritos Monday swedish meatballs and noodles with salad Tuesday was a mix of different leftovers Wednesday was a chicken casserole with veggies Thursday was ham, baked potato, green beans.

I love fall/winter food so much more than summer/spring food.


Friday 17th of November 2023

Good for you Kristen. It is nice to eat out; but it can be so expensive. Monday, my friend took me out to lunch because she was appreciative of something I did. Today, I took my friend out to lunch post-birthday. She has kept me employed in my later life.

WIS: Shaw's $66.66 bought the on sale meat for the freezer; Aldi $57.95 Thanksgiving shopping; Job Lot $14.21 my coffee + pie plates for pie lessons; Trucchi's $21.77 pie making ingredients (extra for a gift for my pie making instructor--she does a lot of baking, especially the holidays; Roche Bros $8.50 seafood topping & pumpkin brioche bread ? French toast anyone?) WWA, Working hard at eating from the 'fridge Sat: Steak, salad, vegetable Sun: We had Thanksgiving dinner fundraiser from one of the local churches Mon: I had gone out to lunch and had half a sandwich left, which I gave to my husband and then we shared a chicken fricassee that my daughter had brought home over the weekend. Tues: Cheeseburgers and salad with leftover steak, greens, pecans, mandarin oranges, cranberries--whatever got in the way. Wed: I ate out at the Sr. Center. The police and college put on an annual Thanksgiving dinner for the seniors. Thurs: Pork chops, oven roasted potatoes and carrots

This week is just eating from the fridge. I think I'll make lasagna rolls, some fish, and stuffed squash and maybe a pizza. That should get us to Thanksgiving.

Central Calif. Artist Jana

Friday 17th of November 2023

You all impress me greatly with your menu variety and creativity, along with keeping track of what you spend.

Our shopping habits are that about every 6-7 weeks, I do a big Winco run, taking the pickup with 3 ice chests because it is too much of a squeeze in my 2-door Accord. I supplement using Amazon for toiletries or occasionally coffee beans. Weekly, my husband shops at the super-high-priced local market for vegetables and milk for his coffee or for me to make yogurt. I don't keep track of the $. (Or more likely $$$)

He fixes most of the dinners, rotating through BBQ'd salmon, BBQ'd chicken, BBQ'd steak, always with a massive green salad, and a piece of toast for him. Once in awhile I will make soup or a pasta dish, that I invariably call Slop in a Skillet. In spite of the lack of variety, I will NEVER complain about the repetition on the menu.

There are very few restaurants where we live, no chains, no fast food, no delivery, and nothing that really tempts us, being frugal homebodies. When tourists ask where is the best place for dinner, we often say "at home". (The 1 very outstanding restaurant is only open for lunch).

So, I skim through the Friday comments, marvel at the astonishing menu options, feel a little envious of the quick dinner options, and feel thankful that we live without too many temptations in the foothills of heart of California's flyover country.


Friday 17th of November 2023

Your fruit salad looks so pretty and fresh and delicious! Nice job on that! Yummmmm

Chris b

Friday 17th of November 2023

Got some frugal (free) items this week......square pan that is perfect for 6 slices of bacon, 2 bags of embroidery floss for decorating shirts, etc, Tupperware, medium size cutting board, and free desserts like big frosted peanut butter cookie bar with bread that is for animal feed. Sometimes bread is just squished a bit. I made carrot chowder with Italian sausage. I make it with beef bouillon. Otherwise, it is too rich with just homemade tomato soup and cream of mushroom. It was a way to use carrots my son forgot to put in sand when he dug. I made lots of applesauce and a pie. We got bushels of apples for juice,etc. I made a beef barley vegetable soup with leftover round steak. I use seasonings/spices when I cook or bake so food is delicious. I dried 5 jars of basil this season. My family loves it. One is 3/4 gone. I am making a roast so with leftovers, a different soup will be made with rice or noodles and garden produce. Sometimes my son gets free cheese curds where he works so we deep fry those on the weekend.

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