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WIS, WWA | $149 and I’m not pressed

What I Spent

morning sun.

This week, I spent:

  • $32 on a Hungry Harvest box
  • $40 on a Dinnerly box (Dinnerly is like Blue Apron, but cheaper)
  • $77 at Aldi

creek in the woods.

So, $149 for me this week. Which is a little high, but I don’t care. I can only be pressed about so many things at one time, and right now, my grocery spending is not it.

My main goal is to mostly cook at home, and other than that, I’m not stressing for now.

cat under the covers.

Chiquita is rarely stressed, except for when I am too slow about dishing up her salmon pate. 😉

What We Ate


Domino’s had sent me a “free emergency pizza” (I think lots of people got these, because my friend Katy blogged about getting this offer as well!), so I redeemed it that night.


I made a Dinnerly meal, which was a pesto chicken spinach pasta. This one was pretty good, except the chicken got a little overcooked when I followed the directions as-is.

Next time I’d cook the chicken, put it to the side, and add it at the very last minute, once the sauce was cooked.

pesto chicken pasta.

Also of note: this dish improved considerably after an overnight in the fridge! My lunch leftovers were at least 25% better than the original dish.


I made some chicken noodle soup, using up my rotisserie chicken broth, the last of the celery, and some carrots.

creamy chicken soup.


Sonia and a friend came over for dinner (and help with Sonia’s FAFSA)…and since Sonia’s favorite meal ever is chicken katsu, that’s what I made, along with a fruit salad.

chicken katsu on a plate.

I’m happy to report that we did get her FAFSA all done and submitted, hopefully with no errors. But if it gets kicked back (mine did last year!), we can correct the error.

I had to visit my college’s financial aid department earlier this year to get some help for my own FAFSA because in a dropdown list that had both “homeschooled” and “GED”, I picked the wrong one (both are true! I was homeschooled and I do have a GED, since high school certifications for homeschoolers did not exist back then.)

Regardless, the financial aid office was able to help me fix the problem.

I bring that up because, in the same way, some of the lists of options for kids whose parents are in the middle of a divorce are a little tricky. I think Sonia and I got it all figured out, though.


Leftover chicken katsu, freshly fried, because I employed the trick of breading all the chicken but not frying all of it the first night.

Then the next night, I can just fry up the remaining chicken and it is crispy and delightful.

(Two words we do not tend to use for leftover fried chicken!)


Breakfast for dinner: blueberry pancakes and orange juice.


Zoe’s gonna be at work at dinnertime so…maybe I’ll just eat up some leftovers.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 12th of November 2023

Friday: Jersey Mike’s Subs. My hubby came home from work early and went grocery shopping with me. I’ve been feeling cruddy for over two weeks so to make life easy we picked up subs for dinner. It was a treat to have a night off of cooking a little extra time with my hubby.

Saturday: French Dip sammies, tater tots, salad

Sunday: Homemade pizza, wings, pickle roll-up dip, fresh veggies, root beer floats – all for a birthday celebration for our new 13 year old.

Monday: Italian Sub salad

Tuesday: Teriyaki Pork Roast (slow cooker), brown rice, roasted veggies

Wednesday: Sheet pan sausages with brussels sprouts and potatoes

Thursday: Leftover night


Friday 10th of November 2023

Sunday: grilled cheeseburgers and macaroni salad, ice cream cones for dessert Monday: spicy sausage pasta skillet and canned biscuits Tuesday: homemade Stromboli’s Wednesday: dinner out…. I had broiled Cajun fish, salad and beer battered fries Thursday: grilled hot dogs and macaroni and cheese Friday: homemade pizzas


Friday 10th of November 2023

MarketBasket approx. $10* Saturday Basmatic rice pilaf with leftover roast pork Sunday Thanksgiving turkey meatloaf Monday Leftover meatloaf Tuesday Burgers, leftover rice and pork Wednesday Waffles and leftover bacon in 'fridge Thursday I had a late sandwich Older Daughter made me such a sandwich, there was no room for dinner. Made husband the remaining burger in 'fridge. Friday Younger daughter brought home left over boxed dinners from work. I had eaten out at lunchtime** and was still full. Gave my husband the dinner.

*When I went to MB, my husband asked for some grape jelly. As I was looking for the jelly, my eye caught the price sticker on the shelf under store brand raspberry jam 32 oz $7.99. During the week as I looked in the 'fridge, I would find something that could be a side with the new main course. It looks pretty cleaned up now. **Through our local One Book One Community program, the recent read was a novel by a local author, who had included some local history. During WWII there was a local embarkation camp in our area, which was also used as a POW camp for Italians and Germans. We toured the area and also went to the local historical museum, then lunch at a local Italian restaurant, where we learned from the present manager how his grandfather happened in our area, the creation of the restaurant, and the stories he told about his Italian village in WWII. It was a long and interesting day. And wonderful social company.

Katy in Africa

Friday 10th of November 2023

-We had breakfast for supper too! Pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns. - Bean and rice bowls - Beef red sauce over rice - manioc leaf sauce with smoked fish over rice. - And I think we actually had bean bowls twice


Friday 10th of November 2023

WIS: Farmers Market-$200 (stocking up end of season produce the next couple weeks); Milk Delivery-$ 19; Flashfood-$24; S&S-$26; TGTG-$5 Total-$274

WIA: Sat: bang bang cauliflower, cole slaw, and I forget what else but it must have fallen into the Asian theme Sun: don't remember Mon: Cheeseburger soup Tues: Brussels sprouts w/ brie and candied pecans, steak, mashed potatoes Wed: Pasta w/ lobster, tomatoes, corn, and cream sauce and sourdough bread Thurs: Leftover brussels sprouts w/ brie and candied pecan, fried chicken tenders, poutine, cole slaw Fri: Turkey pumpkin chili

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.