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What I Spent, What We Ate | I’m gonna have to be frugal the rest of July!

What I Spent

Last Saturday, I got my $25 Hungry Harvest.

(I’m pleased to say we’ve already eaten everything here except for the radishes and zucchini!)

On Monday, I spent $81 at Aldi.

And yesterday, I spent $62 at Aldi.

Plus I spent $18.89 at the store where Lisey works.

So, I’m at $186.69 for the week, which is $36 over my average goal.

July Spending

Week 1: $210

Week 2: $187

This means that if I’m going to end July on budget, I need to only spend $100/week for the next two weeks.

Can I do it???

What We Ate


Mr. FG and I went out to dinner with my sister and her husband.

And the kids made and ate the creamy tomato pasta dish from Budget Bytes.


I took Sonia and Zoe and a friend to Chick-fil-A for cow appreciation day, so they had kid’s meals for dinner.

(Incidentally, before you get upset that we eat at Chick-fil-A, please read this.)

Joshua was at a small group where they serve dinner.

And I made a grilled shrimp salad for Mr. FG, Lisey, and me.   I also made some potato wedges to use up the last of my Hungry Harvest potatoes.


This is the night I made the homemade tortillas and chicken tacos.

We had chips and pico de gallo as well.

Plus homemade applesauce from the freezer.


We spent the afternoon at the pool and I had music rehearsal in the evening.   Which left very little time for dinner-making!

Sonia suggested a snacky dinner, so we stopped at Aldi on the way home from the pool and picked up a bunch of snacky foods (crackers, cheese, croissants, ham, fruit).

Easy, easy!


I’m planning to make pizza tonight.

homemade pizza


What did you eat this week?

And how’s your grocery budget feeling so far this month?

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Sunday 16th of July 2017

As an earlier person posted this is an exercise for my memory. I know on Sunday there was roast pork and vegetables. Monday was something. Tuesday was chicken and chips. Wednesday was braised steak and onions (it is winter here). Thursday was sushi. Friday was dinner out for my middle child's birthday. Saturday was a salmon sandwich.

My figures are just huge. Food is expensive in Australia. It is possible to stick to a budget if the whole family co-operates.


Saturday 15th of July 2017

We' re getting ready for our oldest to head off for college, so there have been lots of extra expenses. So that means no eating out and trying to eat mostly from pantry and freezer:

Sat: Sloppy joe tater tot casserole, fruit

Sun: Chicken and stuffing casserole, green bean casserole, cantaloupe

Mon: Taco soup w corn chips

Tues: White beans, sausage, and spinach with homemade marinara, corn muffins

Wed: Chicken and veggie lo mein

Thurs: Slow cooker bourbon chicken, brown rice , sweet chili roasted Brussels sprouts

Fri: The crashing and burning of our not eating out plans, as our air conditioner died that afternoon and it can't be replaced until next Thursday! The house was 85 degrees when I got home from work, and I just couldn't face heating up the kitchen any more.

Next week's meal plan: nothing that doesn't involve sandwiches, grilling, the slow cooker, or the InstaPot. It's supposed to be in the mid-upper nineties here every day this week, and we are going to be plenty warm already!


Saturday 15th of July 2017

I went way over budget because I bought Blue Apron but still had to got to the store for other stuff and wound up spending more than I intended. Surprise, surprise. But it was my birthday week so thats my excuse. :-)

Saturday/Sunday - Blue Apron beef and soba noodle stirfry Monday - Blue Apron pork chops, rosemary potatoes and squash/veggie dish. Tuesday - Birthday dinner out at a Mexican food place. I had the steak fajitas Wednesday/Thursday - Blue Apron seared chicken and pasta veggie salad Friday - pizza and salad at one of my favorite places. This was another birthday celebration meal. Then we went and got rolled ice cream. (I treated the friend who bought my dinner). I enjoyed the novelty of it and it was delcious (I had some caramel/coffee/toffee concoction) but so not worth $7.50 per cup!

Denise B

Saturday 15th of July 2017

I am starting Blue Apron when I go back to my school teaching job in August. There are just two of us at home now, so I thought I would try it for something new. The recipes look great!


Friday 14th of July 2017

Monday- Turkey sandwiches, fries, carrot sticks, and ice cream

Tuesday- Pepperoni pizza and fruit

Wednesday- Salmon, sweet potato, frozen corn

Thursday- Meatloaf, baked potato, mixed veggies

Friday- Scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and fruit


Friday 14th of July 2017

I'm all by myself (I had to work, but DH and the kids are having an extended family vacation in a cabin with 6 kids ages 2-10 in one room...) and am feeling pretty proud of myself for being able to actually feed myself. Usually I end up just eating cereal (and in a previous life baked potatoes) if I'm on my own for any length of time. Instead I've been eating leftovers from the freezer and refrigerator that nobody else was eating. So I had a beet and a tomato sliced with yogurt and Penzey's Greek seasoning on the last pita. And I had leftover beef stew from the freezer. And I'm eating down the not very appetizing Hopping John that nobody wanted to finish from the freezer. And I had bakery bread from last week with random pieces of cheese. And since we were out of milk, I finished off one of our yogurts and opened the other. And a couple of frozen meals from TJ's. And all our peaches. And several apples. Much healthier than usual! (Disclaimer: I have no problem with making and eating healthy meals when it's not just me!)


Friday 14th of July 2017

A beet and tomato salad is VERY virtuous. Gold stars for you!

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