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What I Spent, What We Ate | I passed $200 (!)

What I Spent

So, late last week, I made this trip, which I didn’t properly photograph because I was bringing a meal to someone and I needed to get busy cooking.   I spent $106.81.

Then I made a trip this week that cost $94.04.

And I got my brand new produce box, which costs $15 instead of $35, so, yay!

Some of my cosmetically challenged grapefruit (they were perfect inside!)

However, I’m at $215.85 this week.

But, that’s ok! I brought two meals to two other families this week, so I was feeding more than just the six of us.

potatoes from my produce box

I’m going to have to be seriously under budget this week if I want to average March out properly, though.

Soo, I think I’m going to do some digging in my freezer as I make next week’s menu plan!

March Spending

Week 1: $194

Week 2: $147

Week 3: $216

What We Ate


I made grilled Caribbean chicken with couscous (the couscous had grilled onion, red pepper, and pineapple in it), plus braised mashed sweet potatoes, buttered corn from my new produce box, and a green salad.

This was a recipe from my 52 New Recipes series, and it’s the second time I’ve made it.

This go round, I marinated the chicken right away in the morning, and I feel like it tasted a lot better that way.

More marinating = more better. 😉


We had shrimp and ravioli in pink sauce, plus homemade French bread and a fruit salad.


This is the night I made the Indian-spiced grilled chicken.

We also had homemade naan, plus a green salad.


I made a pot of pulled pork, (from The Make Ahead Cook) so we had that on sandwich buns, plus applesauce from the freezer and veggie chips from Aldi.


Last Friday, I didn’t make pizza since I had a girls’ night out with my friends.   So this week, I’ll probably make some pizza at home.

Your turn!

What have you been eating this week? And are you staying on budget better than I am?? 😉


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Anne M

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

Can you share who you get your produce box from? I think I might be in the area they deliver to.


Sunday 19th of March 2017

We usually have a weekly grocery bill of $150 total. We get whatever we can from Aldi, then pick up any additional odds and ends from Wegmans for stuff Aldi doesn't carry. Our grocery budget includes food for 5 people, obviously, and also diapers for 2 babies, food for 2 dogs and 1 cat, and all toiletries/paper products. So... Wednesday: comfort meatballs and egg noodles (a recipe from Pioneer Woman). Sort of like Swedish meatballs. Made a double batch: one to eat and one to freeze for future dinner. Thursday: chicken pot pie (homemade) Friday: risotto verde (risotto with peas, spinach, asparagus) Saturday: scrambled eggs and toast Sunday: baked sweet potatoes with black bean and bacon topping Monday: frozen ravioli and jar sauce (mama's night off!) Tuesday: we'll make a new menu and go grocery shopping. But the emergency meal in case shopping doesn't happen is frozen chicken fingers.

And we serve two pieces of fruit per person with each meal, like an apple and a clementine or whatever. I wish I liked cooking side dishes, but I don't. I like cooking mains then the energy peters out...

Adriana @MoneyJourney

Sunday 19th of March 2017

I have to bookmark your recipes, they look amazing!

This past week I tried a couple recipes I never made before: - baked polenta wedges (which is basically 'normal' polenta, but cut into wedges and baked with cheese on top) - cauliflower 'meatballs' (they're like meatballs, but using cauliflower instead of meat. They're delicious!)

We usually spend less than $100 on groceries, on a weekly basis. I admit I don't always make a meal plan for the upcoming week, but I always improvise lunches and dinners with what we have at home (I really love cooking, so planing a meal come easy).

Ashley Casas

Saturday 18th of March 2017

Monday we grilled chicken thighs, which the hubby had with a salad I made summer rolls after I found the rice paper at my local asian store. Tuesday was leftovers as he thought we needed to grill 3 lbs of chicken thighs for 2. Wednesday was grilled steak with salads. Thursday was steak tacos (left over from the night before (see a team in our husband thinks we need to cook so much meat but I'm happy and thrilled he's helping) last night was clean out the fridge ad use up the last of our previous produce box since I just picked up the new one. I had roasted fingerling potato salad and carrot sticks.


Saturday 18th of March 2017

Ooh, well, cooking extra protein DOES make the next night's meal easy!


Friday 17th of March 2017

Monday -Chili Tuesday -leftover baked chicken from Sunday....he had a big lunch so just wanted chips and cheese Wednesday-Mushroom Steak,green beans Thursday-out for dinner after getting up for work at 2:30 am ..and getting home at 5:30 pm.. Friday-Supreme Pizza, takeout from low carb life...toppings only!

Happy weekend!

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