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Wednesday Baking | Christmas Cookies

Yesterday, the kids and I baked cookies (with cookie cutters that were bought for pennies in Januarys past).

This was always one of my favorite Christmas activities when I was young, and my kids are like me in that regard.

They enjoy the whole process from cutting the cookies out….

to decorating.

They’re all quite fond of liberally using sprinkles (which were, naturally, purchased post Christmas on deep discount).

We always end up with a table full of very colorful cookies.

And a LOT of mess.

Oddly enough, the mess is conspicuously absent from my childhood memories of cookie baking. 😉

(Joshua was there with us…he just managed to stay out of almost all the pictures!)

This year, I used a Christmas Cookie recipe from the Girl Talk blog (I omitted the nutmeg and added a teaspoon of vanilla, though) because the one my family traditionally uses calls for a small amount of Crisco, and I had none. I did, however, use our traditional frosting recipe, because I think all good frostings should include butter.

I usually make 1.5 times the frosting recipe for one recipe’s worth of cookies because some of my children are fairly, um, generous when they spread the frosting.

Christmas Cookie Frosting

1/4 cup softened butter
2 cups powdered sugar
2 tablespoons milk or cream
1 teaspoon vanilla

Whip the butter until soft and fluffy. Mix in half the powdered sugar, the milk, and the vanilla. Add remaining cup of powdered sugar and beat until smooth, adding more milk if necessary.


If you have kids of your own or if other people’s kids are in your life (our neighbor’s daughter joined us yesterday), I highly recommend baking cookies with them. Though it requires an investment of time (and a lot of cleaning up!), kids take such delight in being allowed to participate in the baking and decorating process. I think you’ll find yourself thinking, even in the midst of the sweeping and wiping, that it was an awfully good use of your time.

Happy Baking!

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Sunday 27th of December 2015

Thank you Kristen! I made these with my family this Christmas Eve and they turned out perfect! Thank you for providing recipes that I can count on and enjoy!


Wednesday 30th of December 2009

Thank you so much for pointing out the cookie recipe and for your icing recipe! I made them with my boys this year and they are fantastic! We had a great time decorating and Santa loved them too!


Monday 28th of December 2009

I loved having my kids help with the cookie decorating. It made it easy to serve really messy-looking cookies - "the kids did these!" and everyone is happy. Now that they are grown, I have to admit that I am terrible at decorating, and I don't have my easy excuse anymore.

And for those of you with very young kids and you bake "next to" them - that's ok too. Set up their high chair near your work space, give them a plastic bowl, a wooden spoon, a bit of flour or sugar or dough or frosting and let them "help". Your presence together and your interaction is what makes it special.


Thursday 24th of December 2009

Julia, I have an aunt who feels the same way about frosting! lol

Maria, thank you! That is a high compliment. :)


Thursday 24th of December 2009

In my house, we may lots of frosting because my son and I like to eat it by the spoonful. You know, sustenance for the baking and decorating process! :-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.