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Thankful Thursday | with a few cousin items!

This week, I am thankful: 

that my pregnant cousin is feeling a little better

I went to help her yesterday, and while she’s not feeling 100%, she is doing better than before. Yay!

Kristen with baby cousins

The one I’m holding is the one who is currently pregnant. 🙂

for a body healthy enough to help my cousin

As I was working yesterday, I was thinking about how I am thankful to be in a place to be the helper.

I’ve been in the sick-and-pregnant-needing-help place, and that memory makes me especially thankful to have the health now to help her.

for the way the internet lets me keep up with people

One of my cousins had her first baby this year, and even though she lives in California, I get to see regular updates with pictures of her cute little guy.

Kristen with her baby cousin

16-year-old me with the cousin who is now a new mom. My jeans, though!

In case you’re wondering, I have a lot of cousins: 31, to be exact.

And also, in case you’re wondering, based on all these pictures of me holding baby cousins: I am indeed one of the oldest cousins. Only three were born before me.

that our cat got a clean bill of health

She was due for some shots, so she got a check-up at the vet yesterday.

Aside from being a little too chunky, she got an A+.

(We are always trying to help her lose weight, but no luck thus far, largely because she is L A Z Y.)

that the inauguration is done and that it was calm

I’m thankful that it was 100% smoother at the Capitol yesterday than it was on January 6th. Whew.

(A slightly related aside: a reader wrote me this week with an inaccurate impression of how I view white supremacy and the January 6th Capitol invasion. So, since I haven’t been clear enough: I do not at all think invading the Capitol is appropriate. I do not support racism, white supremacy, or white nationalism, I do support justice and equity, and I want to keep learning how to best show active love to people who do not look like me. Which includes continually looking at my own heart for prejudice and racism, and figuring out ways I need to grow and change.)

the beautiful blue sky I’m looking at as I type this

Yes, the trees are bare and the grass is brown, and there’s not much green to see; this is true.

But it is also true that the sun is shining in a blue sky. 

And it is also true that I have a window to see this through!

for the delicious pear I just ate

Hungry Harvest sent me some pears over a week ago, and they are just now getting soft enough to eat.

pears in a white bowl

That bowl is a Goodwill find. 🙂

I often get the timing of my pear-cutting wrong; I either go too early and get a hard, chalky experience, or I wait too long and end up with a mushy pear.

But today, it was jusssst right. And a just-right pear is so good.

for all my working appliances

I am on a multi-week streak of everything working, and it is just delightful.

for my quiet neighborhood

People in this neighborhood do have a penchant for setting off fireworks at random times (and for like a week surrounding holidays!), but other than that, it’s very peaceful here, and I am thankful for that.

for the sounds of nature, even in the winter

The other morning, I was standing by the river, noticing all the sounds that are still there in January.

Summer is noisier, of course, but even now you can hear the breeze moving the water and you can hear the birds in the trees.

that there are no bothersome bugs in the winter

I appreciate the zero-mosquitoes situation that January offers. 

that the sun sets well after 5:00 pm now

And at the end of the 15-day forecast on my weather app, the sunset time is listed as 5:31. EXCELLENT.

(Why yes, I do check this every day.)

What are you thankful for today?

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Friday 22nd of January 2021

So grateful that someone loaned me a jigsaw puzzle—out of the blue—a lovely and generous gesture.

Chatting with people in person is so rare for me and when it happens I recognize how wonderful it feels so I’m doubly grateful.

Having the first “jab” and hopefully the 2nd in a few weeks.

Grateful it is Friday—it’s been a looooong week!


Friday 22nd of January 2021

That reminds me that when I was at my mammogram, waiting to see the doctor, another mom and I started having a nice chit-chat. Like you said, it feels like such a rare thing that it is QUITE delightful when it happens!


Thursday 21st of January 2021

I am thankful for: Six grandkids (11,9,7,6,5,5)who come to dinner every Monday night Making a huge dent in de-cluttering and selling things we don’t need Having lunch out every Wednesday with my mom and one of my daughters I’ll go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and say I’m thankful the inauguration and that the transition went smoothly. I’m trying to stay positive about it all. I too, have my worries about the new leadership. And finally, I’m so very thankful that at the three-month mark of my semi-retirement, I exceeded all of my financial goals working at home. ( I am a dog groomer and retired after 24 years at the same animal clinic and now have a home-based business.)

kristin @ going country

Thursday 21st of January 2021

I was just thinking today how grateful I am to have had so many years of experience cooking and feeding a family before I started working again. If it wasn't already second nature to me, coming home at 4:30 and getting dinner on the table for six people would be much more daunting.


Friday 22nd of January 2021

So true. Cooking is a lot of hard work, no matter how you slice it, but it's so much less overwhelming when you have plenty of kitchen hours under your belt.

Jody S.

Thursday 21st of January 2021

Today I am thankful I had time to read about everybody else's thankfulness. I don't always have the time. :)

I am thankful I got the haircuts for my boys done today. . . including my husband and father, that made 6! (I HATE doing haircuts. I think it is the frugal thing I do that I like the least. I think I would rather butcher the roosters than spend the afternoon doing haircuts.)

I am thankful my girls seem enthusiastic about a new history project we started today.

I am thankful that our homemade pizza tonight was really excellent after the "pizza plateau" (my husband's words) that we'd been at for the last couple of months. Does that sound so lame or what? I guess I like the little things.

I am thankful that my husband has some organizational skills and was able today to set most of another room in our house to rights (we have tons of boxes and stuff all over the place since my dad moved in last week). Only one room left! (Now, the basement is another story entirely.)

I am thankful that our appliance repair guy was able to fix our large chest freezer and our fridge this week.

I am thankful that my two littlest ones picked out books for me to read to them before bed. . . and that they wanted to act one out. It was so cute, and I treasured it because those days are numbered.

I am thankful for the sense of humor my sons have. So funny.

There was sun today, and that was lovely.


Thursday 21st of January 2021

I am also thankful for an easy-to-repair appliance experience! Our ice maker and water dispenser just completely stopped working one day. Their support person told us to unplug the refrigerator overnight! I was reluctant, but they assured us all would be okay. And it was- the ice maker and water are working fine again.


Thursday 21st of January 2021

Glad days are getting longer.

Hopeful that things in our country will move forward with people getting vaccinated.

I am going into week 3 of a Wellness series offered by our insurance company. It has improved my general outlook on life.

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