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This big silicone lid is my new favorite thing

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Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

I’ve had some small Lekue silicone lids for several years now (they came in my Mighty Fix box one month), and I’ve been impressed with how well they’ve held up.

I’ve been wanting some larger versions for a while now, and I looked on Amazon to see what’s available.

There are a LOT of sets on there, some of which are super inexpensive.

But as I started to read reviews, it seemed that these cheap sets are prone to breakage, and a broken silicone lid needs to be trashed.

The whole point of using these is to avoid producing trash, so I really didn’t want to buy something that would break.


So, I decided to spring for the large cover that Lekue makes, and I found the best price by adding it to my regular monthly Mighty Fix.

I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and I really, really love it. I haven’t even used it on my bowls yet, but I’ve been constantly using it on watermelon.

Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

I generally cut up half of a watermelon at a time, and that leaves me with another half to store in the fridge.

To avoid using plastic wrap, I used to turn the watermelon upside down on a plate.

This could be a drippy mess, though, and it took up lots of space.

Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

The stretchy silicone lid:

  • fits over every seedless watermelon I’ve bought so far
  • does not make a drippy mess
  • is grippy enough for me to place some items on top
  • stays on way better than plastic wrap ever did

Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

And since I’ve had my other Lekue lids for years, I’m quite sure this one will hold up for years as well.


When watermelon season is over, I look forward to using it on some of my lidless bowls. But for now, it’s pretty much always on a watermelon half! 😉

Where to buy a Lekue lid

Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

These are available on Amazon in various sizes (I have the 10 inch one) but I got mine for about $7 less on Mighty Nest, since I am a Mighty Fix member.

So, if you are a Mighty Fix member, definitely go that route.

Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

And if you are not a Mighty Fix member, use the code FRUGALGIRL3 to get your first fix (a set of cotton dishcloths) for only $3.  You can add the silicone lid to your first fix!

P.S. In case you’ve missed my other posts about it, the Mighty Fix is an $11/month subscription box that sends you a green and healthy item worth at least $11 or more each month. 

Make sure you use the FRUGALGIRL3 code to get your discount.  It’s a special code Mighty Fix gave me just for you guys, and it’s the best deal they offer anywhere on the web.

P.P.S. This lid will take a long time to pay for itself in plastic wrap savings, so it’s definitely more of a “save the earth” purchase than a “save lots of money” purchase.

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Michelle Barnhart

Wednesday 31st of July 2019

How easy is it to clean these lids? Do you have to have a special gadget to hang them on while they dry? If they aren't easy to wash, they aren't going to get used at my house! :)


Wednesday 31st of July 2019

I just hand dry them and let them sit out on the counter for any remaining moisture to evaporate.


Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

I actually use a shower cap! Most of them were free from motels, but I bought a few heavier-duty ones, too, for a buck. They work fine, are washing machine or sink washable, and very frugal. Covers salads, fruits & veg, etc. A friend bought a set of elastic bowl-covers that are similar but come in assorted sizes for jar tops, huge pans, and so on. When they wear out, they goin with the plastic shopping bags to the recycling.


Monday 22nd of July 2019

I just love mine and I plan to get some more. I got mine through Mighty Nest, on sale, as well. True, they cost more upfront, but I felt like I wasted so much plastic wrap: if I had to remove it to access the food, most of the time it wouldn't cling again so I had to use more, and let's don't get started on the hilarious efforts of my husband when he's trying to tear off a piece of plastic wrap. He always ended up with tangled wads. My mother had the same problem, and I always liked to say it was because they were lefties. :)

I use my lids on many things, including opened cans, half-finished glasses of milk, open bowls, cut onions, cut fruit, halved cabbages, and on my ancient Tupperware that no longer has lids. I find my cut fruit, such as half of an apple, stays fresh longer with the silicone stretch lids, as long as the un-lidded side is unpeeled.

I think I will stick with this brand, too, as I can vouch that they last. I like that they can be washed in the dishwasher, too. I don't think I know anything that's a con, just pros.


Monday 22nd of July 2019

I would love to know how they stay on bowls like Pyrex that they don't have anything to grip to? I have the silicone ones and they once in fridge they just slide right off. Maybe the temperature has something to do with it.


Monday 22nd of July 2019

Thanks for recommending this company. I am trying them out today!


Monday 22nd of July 2019

Your timing is spot-on. Just yesterday I decided I wanted a "shower cap for food" because I was tired of how the inevitable half watermelon on a plate took up in the fridge.

Other sizes will be useful because the lids that come with the Anchor Hocking bowls, are very poor quality, warp easily, and won't stay on.

I might also get some silicone bags, as I just purchased a sous vide and I don't want to throw out greasy zip locs every time I use it.


Monday 22nd of July 2019

Please keep us updated on the sous vide. I'm curious to hear how well it works.

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