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Thankful Thursday | week 2 of school

This week, I am thankful:

that I remember a lot of my Bio 101 material

Bio 101 was my first class back as an adult student, and boy, a lot of the concepts from that class are resurfacing in microbiology this semester.

two pages of biology homework.

And the same was true at the start of Anatomy and Physiology 1.

So, I am reminded that it is not usually a waste of time to study hard in these foundational classes, because everything seems to build on the previous classes as you go. I am thankful for Past Kristen from Bio 101. 😉

that Zoe passed her driver’s test

Now that my youngest kid can drive, I am only responsible for driving myself around. And this hasn’t been the case since September of 1999!

What a wild new phase of life I am in.

that I am getting into a bit of a groove with school

I was feeling very overwhelmed last week, but I do feel a little better this week. I have a slightly better grasp of what the routine is for assignments and due dates, and I’m sure that will be even more true by next week.

There’s just so much to navigate at the beginning of the semester, especially with multiple classes. So many syllabi! So many things to register for and log into! So many “getting started” modules!

that my microbiology professor has made very helpful Quizlets

I do not think I am going to love microbiology the same way that I loved Anatomy and Physiology, but my professor is definitely good at what she does.

And she’s made some super helpful Quizlet materials; I learned so much doing the various styles of quizzes that were available.

for a chance to be in a lab

My microbiology comes with a lab section, and this is the first time in my life I’ve been in an actual lab, like with a lab coat and goggles and such.

Homeschooled science experiments obviously don’t happen in a lab (!), and my college Bio 101 class was all online, so we did our labs at home in the kitchen. And Anatomy and Physiology labs were in-person, but they mostly consisted of handling body models.

Kristen with a potato lab experiment

Me with one of my 2021 at-home biology labs!

So…I’m feeling like such an official science student now. 😉

that the math part of chemistry has been easy so far

I know it might get harder as the semester goes on, but most of the math concepts so far have been things I’m super familiar with.

And I put this down to being a homeschool mom; if I hadn’t done math since high school, my math skills would be pretty rusty!

for my cute little rental house

I know I’ve put this on my list a lot of times but…I’m still thankful! This home is so perfect for the girls and me.

that I got to bring my piano here

I was playing my piano yesterday and thinking about how happy I am that I was able to move it here to my rental.

I have never in my life lived in a home without a piano, and I think a piano-less house would probably make my heart sad. A piano makes a house feel like a home to me!

that we do not have to wear masks at class right now

I know this could change, depending on what happens with Covid during the school year, but for right now it’s so nice to be able to see everyone’s faces.

that I have an A&P classmate in microbiology

One of my classmates from A&P 1 & 2 is in my microbiology class and lab this semester. So, yay! A familiar face. 🙂

What are you thankful for this week?

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Sunday 11th of September 2022

I am grateful for a relevantly uneventful and positive first week of school for my kids, particularly for one who did not have a good go of it last year. I love September for this: The feeling of a fresh, new start, even if you do not work in or go to school full-time.


Friday 9th of September 2022

I live in California, in an area not known to have AC, and it's been hotter than...

But we have AC. It's 94F and it was well over 100 on Sunday.


Friday 9th of September 2022

Hi Kristen! I totally understand the feeling of feeling overwhelmed when starting new courses. I am enrolled in a self-paced grad school program. I take one class at a time and usually start a new one every 2-3 weeks. Each time I start it takes me a couple days to figure out my study plan/routine. I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes a bit to get acclimated to classes :)


Friday 9th of September 2022

When I was doing my pre-reqs for nursing school way back when I didn’t think I’d like micro either but then in the lab we were given an unknown bacteria to do tests on all semester and our final was to identify which bacteria we had. I loved it so much I would go to the lab outside of class hours to do tests. If nursing wasn’t a second career for me already I would have changed majors right then but I was in my late 30s with a newborn and toddler at home so I stayed the course with nursing. I loved nursing but even now in my early 50s I sometimes wonder what if. Best of luck to you!

Sherrie Nicholson

Friday 9th of September 2022

So very thankful for our children and grandchildren. Thankful for the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Thankful for friends that stay in touch and enjoy our company. Very thankful for my job which keeps me busy and challenged. Thankful that at 62 I can still learn from mistakes and strive for personal growth, even though I'm getting older.

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