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If you won the lottery, what would change?

I was working through my backlog of How to Money podcasts while walking the other day, and the topic of the lottery came up. Joel and Matt were talking about how suddenly coming into a lot of money can actual make people’s lives worse.

A glass jar of coins.

They mentioned that they think it’s wise to build a meaningful life that you love, one that’s not dependent on some pipe dream of winning an enormous cash prize. 

So that got me thinking: what would change in my life if I won a huge Powerball prize?

(note: I have never actually played the lottery, so this is entirely theoretical!)

Things that wouldn’t change

I would still blog

I would keep writing here because I love blogging and because in small ways, my blog helps people.

But I would remove all the ads, since an income would no longer be necessary.

I would still get my R.N.

Me getting my R.N. was never about earning money. So, even if I was filthy rich, I would still go to school and get my R.N. because I really, really want to go make a difference in patients’ lives. 

But maybe once I got my R.N. and some experience, I would use my degree to do volunteer work instead of paid work since I wouldn’t need to earn money. 

I would love, love, love to go help out on trips where medical professionals give free care to people who need things like cleft palate repairs.

I would still drive a sensible car

You all know how my dream car is a Honda Civic, right? My plan is to buy one for myself when I finish nursing school. 😉

But if I won the lottery, I think I miiiiiight upgrade my dream car to a Subaru BRZ. I’m not much of a car girl, but man, every time I see a BRZ on the road, I swoon a little.

My hesitation in buying one is that they use premium fuel. But if I won the lottery, maybe I’d be willing to splurge on premium fuel for my BRZ. 

I would still maintain most of my frugal practices

A lot of my frugal practices have benefits aside from frugality. For instance, cooking at home is healthier than eating out. And homemade food tastes really good!

(Is there anything tastier than homemade bread, hot from the oven? No.)

buttery bubble bread

Also, so many money-saving practices are better for the environment; for instance, reusable products save money but also produce less trash.

Secondhand purchases are cheaper but they’re also much better for the environment.

And the same goes for repairing something instead of replacing it.

Things that would change

I would buy a smallish dream house

I wouldn’t want a mansion, but I would most definitely find a small/medium house and pay for it in cash.

My dream house has a big front porch, a garage, and lots of natural light!

white window trim

I would hire out all of the yard work

My dream house would have a yard, but…I hate mowing and most all types of yard work. So if I had unlimited money, I would hire all of that out in a heartbeat.

pink hydrangea bloom

I would spend lots of money on relationship-building 

Obviously, you cannot buy relationships!

But sometimes money can facilitate time together with people you love; I’d pay for meals out with people, time away with people, travel to go visit people, and so on. 

I could see my Texas friend more often than once every few years, for example. 😉 

Kristen and her friend next to a gnome.

I would buy some homes to rent for cheap (or free) to newly single moms

When I was struggling so hard this year to find a rental, I thought that maybe down the road, once I’m on my feet, I’d love to buy a duplex or a house with an in-law suite so that I could have something to offer to someone else in need.

Finding a place to live is a big hurdle that you have to get over in order to leave a bad situation, and I’d love to make that easier for someone else.

So, if I won the lottery, I could do that on a much larger scale! 


What about you? If you won the lottery, what would and wouldn’t change?

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Terri Cheney

Sunday 11th of September 2022

We've actually had this discussion. We'd continue to live in our current home (a doublewide but it's all ours). We'd hire out yard work and probably have some pretty landscaping done. I'd like a pool and we'd travel to our favorite beach town twice a year. Mostly we'd like to help others. And that's all we'd change of our current lifestyle, except perhaps worry a wee bit less.


Thursday 8th of September 2022

My husband and I always said we'd buy 1000 acres in Montana and rescue animals. We would have plenty of money to hire help, build barns and build us a small house.


Thursday 8th of September 2022

Hmm..... Am I winning big, like 10 000 000$? If so, I`m doing the following: - I`m buying a better house and a new car for my mom, with people to help her (she`s 70. In good health, but still.) - I`m quitting my job to focus solely on school - I`m hiring specialists to help my daughter with her ASD/ADD challenges - I`m buying a second car for the family - I`m putting money away for my nieces schooling - I`m putting money away for my daughters schooling/future car/future house (while having them work part-time, to get the value of money) - We a doing a big travel (hubby+kids+me) - I am buying a new wardrobe (not thrifted) - I'm hiring people to make our life easier, especially a cook and a cleaning person, - I get weekly massages - I get what my family needs/wants


Thursday 8th of September 2022

Hmmm. Not likely since I don't buy lottery tickets, but if I did and won: A new car that's more accessible to my disabilities. A pair of Scottie puppies. A house on the beach with an elevator, a deck, and a 3 season room overlooking the ocean so I could enjoy it all year round. It would also have to have space for a veggie garden, and a fenced in area for my newly acquired pups. A full-time housekeeper/caretaker/dog walker to help me with the stuff I can't do myself. Really good watercolor paper.


Thursday 8th of September 2022

I'd eat seafood for every meal would have a pool put in my backyard.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.