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Thankful Thursday | it’s so easy to complain!

Since I write about thankfulness and contentment pretty often, you guys might start to get the impression that I am always thankful, or that contentment requires no effort.

So here’s a little story. You guys know how I really dislike the hot and humid weather of summer, right?

Well, during our last string of legitimately cool days, I got up to go for a walk one morning and I thought, “This kind of weather is annoying because it’s so in-between, I don’t know what to wear when I go for a walk.”

And then I was like, “Self! What the heck?? You’ve been waiting for cool weather all summer, and now that it’s here, you are going to complain about dressing for the cooler weather?”

Kristen, makign a twisted-up facial expression.

Anyway, I was reminded that it is quite possible for me to find something to be annoyed about no matter what the weather is!

My heart runs right toward discontent with absolutely no conscious help from me, which is why the practice of consciously directing my heart toward thankfulness is so super necessary.

And that brings me to today’s list.

This week, I am thankful:

that my flip-flop broke on my doorstep…

…and NOT while I was in the middle of grocery shopping.

While it would have been more ideal for it not to break at all, I do feel quite blessed that it chose to give out at such an opportune moment.

that I got to watch a movie with Sonia yesterday

She’s taking a film history class this semester, so she’s got a movie to watch each week. This week, it’s Singin’ in the Rain, which I had never seen before and since we both had some free time yesterday afternoon, she invited me to watch it with her.

Sometimes I find older movies to be too slow-moving (cough, Casablanca, cough*), but I liked this one fairly well.

*also, Out of Africa. Mr. FG and I watched that way back when, and I can’t remember much about it except that it went on forever and it felt like nothing happened.

that I brought a book as a backup last night

I took Zoe to youth group, and since it’s a bit of a drive, I always just stay in the area rather than driving back home and then back again to pick her up.

I’d planned to do a school assignment on my laptop, but when I pulled my laptop out, I realized that part of my laptop charger was still in the outlet at home. Whoops. And of course, my laptop battery was dead.

Happily, I’d brought a library book from my stash, so all was not lost. 😉

for the promise of beautiful weather today

Accuweather literally said it’s going to be “beautiful, with times of clouds and sun” today.

They never use”beautiful” as an adjective when the day is going to be humid, so I’m hopeful about today’s weather.

that I am making progress on learning bone terminology

It would be one thing to learn all the bones in the human body (manageable!), but in a span of 14 days, we are supposed to learn that plus all the landmarks of the bones as well, and that is what makes this overwhelming.

Once you add in all the landmarks, a simple bone turns into 9-12 pieces of bone terminology. Yikes.

A textbook page of pelvic bone anatomy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still rather overwhelmed, BUT I can see that I have made progress. Yay, brain!!

And I can see that I will manage to remember at least some of this on Monday’s exam.

that I am better at remembering words than numbers

Mr. FG can remember strings of numbers very easily, but I am really not good at that. If I try to copy down even a phone number, I have to look back at the source multiple times. It’s like the numbers just fall right out of my brain in seconds.

I’m good at remembering words, though, and as I try to memorize all of these anatomical terms, I have often felt thankful that words stick in my brain pretty well.

I’m also thankful that we have names for anatomy rather than numbers; imagine if I had to remember bone numbers instead of bone names!

for a day to mostly stay home

Zoe and I had all sorts of places to be yesterday; we were barely home all day.

But both of us have pretty clear schedules today, and that’s happy news for the two of us.

that I hear from Lisey pretty often

I appreciate the way technology makes it so easy to stay in touch! She Facetimes me here and there, and we chat via text more days than not.

What are you thankful for this week?


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Lindsey C.

Monday 11th of October 2021

I'm so glad Lisey is keeping in touch with you. It's a big thing to move out like that.

How is Josh doing? You haven't mentioned him in a long time. Maybe he moved out and asked you to stop talking about him on your blog but it feels like he just dropped off the face of the earth. I hope he's doing well and healthy and happy.


Thursday 14th of October 2021

Hey Lindsey...thanks for asking. Things are really hard in our relationship; I wrote about it a little bit here, and I'm sorry that I can't say more. No encouraging updates since I wrote the linked post, unfortunately.


Saturday 9th of October 2021

I have a story in the same vein as your flipflop fail.... When I was heavily pregnant with my second child, we went on an out of province camping trip. I prayed and prayed not to go in labor on the trip. Mercifully, I didn't, but as we were pulling into our hometown, we ran out of gas....beside a gas station. THANK YOU!


Saturday 9th of October 2021

That is indeed the best spot to run out of gas!


Friday 8th of October 2021

I have been feeling particularly grateful today, work is busy and I am stressed and bring work home but I am grateful that I have a job that I enjoy and pays well. With so many days of rain, torrential downpour yesterday, we have an infestation of ants but I am grateful they are staying in the bathroom and we do not live in olden times and have them in our beds. I am grateful for the internet and how handy it is to look up delicious frugal recipes and for sites like this that help me get ideas. I have meal plans for the most th utilizing g items we have on hand. I am grateful that I may soon get a cute MK purse. I have wanted one for a while but am much to frugal to buy it, 20 is more my speed, but my baby sister told me she is getting a new one for her birthday and I can have her old one. It is just the right size and so cute. But now I have to get the cigarette smell out. Baby sis is my favorite. Just happy I am contented most of the time and have a good life.


Friday 8th of October 2021

Thankful for all my blessings. Slightly overcast skies but that is keeping us comfortable. Everything green and beautiful after some good rains. The birds are flitting in the trees and the flowers are in full bloom. Grateful for nature's bounty which I use to lead a more healthy juicing lifestyle. I am able to share all the excess fruits and vegetables with my neighbors who share their own bounty with me. Love it. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful this thursday.


Thursday 7th of October 2021

Was there a post about meet a reader from Germany and then it disappeared? I started reading it earlier today and was so looking forward to finishing it tonight.


Friday 8th of October 2021

I think there was a temporary glitch! I'd put the post together and scheduled it for Monday, but somehow it showed up as a new post for a minute.

It'll be up on Monday, for real. :)

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