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Thankful Thursday | I’m CPR certified!

This week, I’m thankful:

that I passed my CPR class

All of us nursing students have to do a one-day CPR class, followed by a test, so I did that last Saturday.

I’m happy to say I passed the test and I’m officially certified now. One step closer to nursing school!

medical dummy.

I’m by no means an expert, but I do know more than I did before. And I feel fairly confident that I could use one of those public defibrillator devices now.

Part of the class was about rescuing infants who were choking, and I felt super confident about this part because one Very Bad Week in 2007, I had to do this twice for baby Zoe.

Her older siblings had left some marbles around and crazy enough, twice in a single week she put one in her mouth and started choking. And twice, I did the infant version of the Heimlich maneuver.

Given that Zoe is now a healthy 17-year-old, I can confirm that this does indeed work. 😉

for the artists in this community

Remember the perfect pear I shared a photo of before?

pear on table.

Well, reader Jana painted it.

Pear painting.

And now reader Martha has done an impressionist version of it as well!

impressionist painting of a pear.

for the rain

It has been so super dry here; we’ve had a few showers, but nothing significant.

Until yesterday!

We had a lovely soaking rain all day yesterday, and even my rainy-day-disliking self was really delighted.

rain puddle.

I’m especially happy that it was a slow and steady rain; that’s even more advantageous than a violent thunderstorm.

for the green trees

A lot of the smaller brush was starting to look a little crispy from the drought, but the trees remained green.

a tree-lined road.

And after today, the smaller plants should be lookin’ much better. I’m excited to go for a walk and see what the rain has done.

that Chiquita’s cold is all gone

cat in a window.

You know how shelter cats almost always seem to come home with a cold?

Chiquita was no exception, but I’m happy to say that her sneezing is all gone now!

calico sleeping on sofa.

Sooo, it’s now safe for us to start slowly introducing her to our other cat. Wish us luck.

for how snuggly Chiquita is

She really, really likes to cuddle.

cat in lap.

for the earrings I made with Sonia

We went to a little bead shop when we were at the beach, and we each made some earrings. So, now I have a pair of earrings that is not just plain silver or gold.

Kristen wearing dangly earrings.

Since so much of my wardrobe is neutral, these earrings will work with a lot of my clothes.

Also: many of my non-neutral clothes are varying shades of a coral/pink/red tones, so the earrings will work with those items too.

Kristen in a red sleeveless dress.

They work nicely with this dress, for example!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Central Calif. Artist

Friday 23rd of June 2023

Thankful 1. to see the beautiful pear painting by Martha 2. that I drove 800 miles yesterday without incident (longest daylight day of the year helped, along with 2 audio books) 3. to spend today enjoying my great-niece and nephews 4. for ice cream with the aforementioned children 5. that their hyper dog is having a sleepover in a kennel tonight.

Kathy L

Thursday 22nd of June 2023

I’m thankful that my husband is sober, one day at a time, through Alcoholics Anonymous.

I’m thankful my dog Raffi got a great checkup at the vet. At age 15 and some change, Raffi’s time with us is running out, and I’m so happy is still enjoying life.

I’m thankful that we have the Ohio Extension Service, which provides free advice to gardeners. Roses for the win!

I’m grateful for my eyesight. A couple of years ago, before cataract surgery, I was legally blind. I do not take for granted the ability to see and drive a car!

Lea from Tasmania

Thursday 22nd of June 2023

- that I have friends that I can invite over for afternoon around the firepit, even when it is a construction zone. I like having friends who are not judgmental.

- that I took my mum outside to the park last week when it was sunny, today is rainy.

- that we get firewood from my husband's job to heat my home for free

- that my new greenhouse is helping me in growing delicious organic greens all through winter

- for the new garden beds that were delivered yesterday. They were a lot of money but they look very well made and should last my lifetime


Thursday 22nd of June 2023

Sigh. It's all fun and games until Animal Control shows up with a ticket for $150. Because according to Possibly Senile Neighbor and Jerkoff Neighbor, my dogs bark at 5AM. they don't. Usually I am awake then and they are not. They're lying.

Needless to say, the air horn has been employed several times today. Man, it's loud. I wish I had speakers to play some Ministry, GWAR, Misfits, Residents, etc to serenade their customers. Will purchase this weekend. In the meantime, there's the air horn.

Honestly, I'm a live and let live person, but I will not be bullied by men who think they can get away with it. Nice try, but no, jerkoffs. I've let their crap slide for a couple of years now because I could hardly believe it, but shiz got real.


Friday 23rd of June 2023

@Rose, How unfair!! So sorry.


Thursday 22nd of June 2023

Prayers that Chiquita and Miss Shelly are fast friends!

I'm thankful for how quickly our new rental manager responded to an issue we're having. And yippee for not being responsible for home repairs ourselves (but we did make an exception and beefed up the closet storage system ourselves!).

Super thankful for my husband for beefing up said closet storage system. "We" was he. Ha.

I'm thankful that we're mostly moved. I think.

Ok, this is a deep one, but I'm super thankful for Jesus followers who call out those who put heavy burdens on and gaslight others. Pointing out allllllll the things (and I mean, there's, like, a list of 500 things we need to do on the daily, and Jesus will be ashamed if we don't do them - please hear this in my snarky voice) we "should" be doing to be good little Christians..... is not right. My goodness, my discernment radar went up in a church group, and I've since been able to see - and confirm through a resource I found today - that it's time for me to move on and not listen to the lies or guilt trips.

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