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WIS, WWA | slowly adjusting

What I Spent

Boy, I really still feel like I am verrrry slowly adjusting to this new normal of only Zoe and me here.

kale, eggs, and onions in a skillet.

kale courtesy of my Hungry Harvest box

I spent:

  • $24 at Safeway
  • $30 on a Hungry Harvest box
  • $22 on pizza (see Thursday night)

So, $76 for me.

What We Ate


We had chicken katsu and jasmine rice.

Chicken Katsu


Zoe was out with a friend, so it was just me here and I ate some leftovers.


We had Trader Joe’s Korean-style short ribs (from their freezer section) and jasmine rice, plus some fruit.

short ribs and rice.


I had some lunch meat ham to use up, so I made one of Zoe’s favorites: the baked sandwiches that use King’s Hawaiian rolls, and also a fruit salad.

baked sandwiches.


I had some bacon that needed to be used up and I also had some extra bread on my counter. Soooo, it seemed like a good night for French toast and bacon!

french toast on a blue plate.


Zoe and I went to the gym together and we stopped for some pizza with a friend on the way back.

Margherita pizza.


I think we have enough leftover pizza to cover us tonight! It doesn’t take a lot in the way of leftovers for two people. 🙂

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Saturday 24th of June 2023

We are adjusting to summer, so I'm all thrown off on what day it is! Oh, well. Better late than never!

WIS: 57.08 @Aldi, 145.01 @Giant, 87.18 @the liquor store, 129.84 on take out pizza, for a total of 419.11 this week.


Fri: focaccia with bacon, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, the last of the leftover fruit and veg from my class (cherries, grapes, blueberries, carrots and tomatoes)

Sat: salad (arugula, balsamic dressing and crispy onions), leftover veggie and chicken rice, air fried chicken legs.

Sun: sliced cucumbers, cherries, take out pizza.

Mon: we had grilled hotdogs on buns at the pool. I brought along strawberries and blueberries as our salad, but we were too lazy to wash them, so they ended up for breakfast instead.

Tue: clementines and leftover rice (we had a lot of leftover pizza at lunch and weren't super hungry)

Wed: sweet and spicy bok choi, angel hair pasta that used up some leftover jarred sauce and topped with feta cheese, steak pieces that were marinated in some leftover dipping sauce that came with Indian food.

Thu: cheeseburger crescent dough ring using swiss chard, ground turkey and shredded cheddar cheese.

Fri: salad (lettuce, sliced cucumbers, blueberries, feta cheese and balsamic dressing), Aldi take and bake cheese pizzas topped with pepperoni from the freezer because someone forgotchia it was Friday and didn't make the sourdough the night before. Meh, summer. I'm sure we'll find the groove soon. ;)

Sat: more hotdogs and buns at the pool. Didn't even bother to virtuously bring produce this time. We did eat some produce when we got home though because we were still hungry, so we had nachos with salsa and avocado and leftover salad.

Happy summer, everyone!

Sarah K

Saturday 24th of June 2023

We hosted my women's choir on Sunday night for a catered Asian buffet and then hosted my husband's job Monday night with another type of catered buffet. This ends up being "frugal" because we don't pay for the food and then we also get all the leftover food and wine. The downside is the pre- and post-party cleaning. So we ate leftovers for a few days until everyone was sick of that. Then it was pasta with meat sauce Wednesday, pizza Thursday, adult dinner at friend's house Friday (kids stayed home and had hot dogs). Have no idea what we spent, my grocery store receipts lately are shameful.

Nancy Stewart

Friday 23rd of June 2023

Is there a recipe for Chicken Katsu somewhere? It looks good!

Beverly Burns

Friday 23rd of June 2023

It was a big transition for me when we became empty nesters. Most of my recipes are too large for just the two of us so I no longer take leftovers for lunch so we can have them for dinner instead.

Sunday: Trader Joe's frozen channa masala, palak paneer, and naan with Basmati rice and hubby's favorite homemade peanut butter cookies for dessert Monday: sautéed zucchini and kidney bean tostada Tuesday: leftover zucchini tostada Wednesday: Crockpot roast served on buns with roasted carrots and strawberries Thursday: Leftover roast on leftover buns with chips and strawberries Friday: went to a wedding and we had dinner at the reception


Friday 23rd of June 2023

WIS: $81 at Food Lion, $1.99 at a local clearance store that was not Ollie's Outlet. WWA: Roasted chicken, green salads, fruit salads with cottage cheese, protein shakes, cheese, crackers, nuts, and mini ice cream bars for dessert. Lunch stood in for dinner one day when we ate out and had salad, a crab cake, hush puppies, and gumbo.

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