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Thankful Thursday | from California

I’ve been skiing at Lake Tahoe the last few days, and I’m flying back tonight.

Lake Tahoe at sunset.

So, this will probably be a skiing-themed thankfulness post!

This week, I am thankful:

for a body healthy enough to ski

Sometimes when I am flying down the mountain at 50+ miles per hour, I think about how many things in my body have to be working right for me to do this.

Kristen's family on top of a ski run.

For example, I’m adjusting to the terrain, adjusting to the conditions, watching out for other skiers/boarders, and balancing, to name just a few things.

And so much of it happens without a lot of conscious thought on my part, which is kind of amazing. 

for no schoolwork to do

Last year on this trip, I took an anatomy and physiology exam in the Las Vegas airport, with the slot machines jingling in the background.

But this year, I have noooo tests to do at all! And no studying! Woohoo!

I might not be able to come skiing for the next few years because of nursing school, so I’m grateful I could squeeze a trip in this year.

for safety

I am not a reckless skier, but sometimes when I am zooming down the mountain, I think, “Hmmm, it would really hurt if I fell right now.”

So I am always grateful when I get to the end of a ski trip without hurting myself.

Kristen's family.

Look! No injuries!

Full disclosure: I did fall down in the parking lot. Ha. There was a sheet of ice I did not see and, well, ski boots have zero traction. So down I went.

But I did not sustain any serious injuries, thank goodness. Imagine the embarrassment of coming home from a ski trip with a parking lot injury!

that we all wear helmets now

I’ve probably said this before, but: when I was a kid, almost no one wore helmets on the slopes.

But now almost everyone wears a helmet. I really like this development not only because it’s safer but also because helmets are wonderful to wear.

Kristen in a helmet.

normally my helmet is buckled and I have goggles on; this was just after a ski lodge break!

They keep your ears warm, they protect your forehead from sunburn, they provide a nice seal around your goggles…lots to love!

for a break from being the responsible one

A nice thing about going on a trip with my parents is that I am responsible for very little. I basically just have to buy my plane ticket and lift ticket and that’s it!

Kristen sitting on a bed.

My mom kindly plans and cooks the meals (although we do help with prep and cleanup), and my parents reserve the condo and rent the cars.

for the privilege of learning how to ski

My parents took us skiing when I was a kid, so I feel very comfortable on a pair of skis. 

Since skiing isn’t the cheapest sport in the world, I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to learn. It’s not something to take for granted!

for lots of snow

snowy tree branch.

Lake Tahoe has gotten a respectable amount of snow this year, so the skiing conditions were really good.

snowy trees under a blue sky.

Good conditions make skiing so much more fun. And safe! 

for…learning I don’t like the front row of a plane

On my first flight, I saw an empty seat in the front row, I said, “Ooh.” and I sat down.

But then I learned that you have to put all of your stuff in the overhead bins, even your small carryon. And that’s annoying if you have stuff you wanted to access during the flight.

plane wing.

Also, there’s no tray table, which makes drinks a little difficult.

I unthinkingly ordered both water and cranberry juice, so then I was sitting there with both hands occupied by beverages, unable to read my book.


So, now I have learned to stick with my usual strategy: walk to the back of the plane until I locate a window seat.

That’s what I did for my second leg, and I was especially grateful for the tray table! 

cup of coke on tray table.

(I fly Southwest, which does not offer assigned seating.)

for sunny weather

Kristen in the sunshine.

We only had one day of clouds, so yay! Skiing is way easier when it’s sunny; the sun makes it so you can see variances in the snow, whereas clouds make everything look flat.

Skiing in flat light is more treacherous and also not as fun.

for the joy of going home

I’ll get to sleep in my own bed! Be in my regular time zone! See my girls! 

pinecone in sunshine.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Jenny Young

Tuesday 21st of February 2023

For a week away with my husband...mostly paid for by his employer because my husband was away for work. For safe travels, we drove through some major cities & missed all the bad weather. It came before or after our travel days but not on the travel days. That I was able to visit my aunt while my husband worked. That we were able to spend the weekend with my husband's cousins before coming home.


Friday 17th of February 2023

There should be a tray table in the front seats… typically they are located in the arm rests. Sorry no one told you this as I can see how hard it would be to juggle drinks and not have a place for them.

Danielle C

Friday 17th of February 2023

We were staying in Tahoe the weekend before you and I was so grateful to be there for a big snow storm. It was awesome and I spent hours in front of the window just watching the snow fall.

There was snow and ice everywhere, but the diciest spot by far was the Heavenly parking lot once the sun went behind the mountain. I’m glad you were okay!


Friday 17th of February 2023

My To Do list was long, it is shorter now and I am thankful for that. That it was a quiet week at work. Work provided lunch several days this week, both thankful and frugal. That I made it home before the roads froze, we had rain & freezing rain that turned the roads into ice skating rinks. The above normal temps earlier this week. This has been one of the few winters where I could walk the dogs every day.


Friday 17th of February 2023

What lovely pictures of a beautiful landscape. Good for you to have a carefree and relaxing trip, Kristen!

This week I am thankful for -the energy to do necessary decluttering and cleaning in our home -being able to walk with no pain for an hour (at its worst this was five minutes) -financial room to cater for all our needs and no small amount of wants -financial room to support a grown kid who at present is unable to support himself due to health reasons -more daylight, so more solar powered electricity and less from the net -having no allergies and liking most (homecooked) foods -great books to read and great music to listen to -adjusting to my post-menopausal body and feeling joy because of what it can do, versus what I'd like it to look like. Not watching tv a lot and not having social media is definitely helping.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.