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Thankful Thursday | for painting space!

This week, I’m thankful:

for space to paint

White plant pot sitting on plastic in a yard.

Last night I was spray painting an old pot and I was thinking how thankful I am to be living in a house, not an apartment building.  I have a carport and a whole yard to accomodate all my painting adventures, and I am grateful!

that I got my end-of-year homeschool review stuff done

For some reason, I was really dreading pulling all of this together, but I got it done! So, Sonia’s graduation paperwork is all submitted, Zoe’s end-of-year records are all done, and I renewed our membership with the umbrella group for next year.


And guys, this is crazy, but the upcoming year is my last year ever of homeschooling. My baby graduates from high school next year, so next spring, I will graduate from homeschool-mom life.

I’ve been a homeschooling mom since 2004, so it’s sort of strange to think of that era coming to an end.

But it’s all good! Time for a new stage of life for me.

that last-month-Kristen wrote down my federal tax login info

Things are all new and different with my tax situation for my blog now that I’ve switched from a sole proprietorship to an S-corp, so the way I pay my estimated taxes is different.

I had to get a login for a system with a mailed-to-me-pin, and when I set up the login last month, I actually wrote down all the relevant info on a single piece of paper, and I put that paper into an easy to find folder.

So then when I had to pay this month, it was super easy.

I am notorious for losing logins and such, which is why I am super grateful to my past self this week.

(I do have a password manager set up on my computer, but this login involves more than a username and password, so I really did need to write it all down!)

that Zoe’s skateboard sold

A checkered skateboard wheel.

She no longer used the first one she bought, so I helped her list it on Facebook Marketplace. It sold within just a few days, for about the same price she paid a few years ago (she bought it off Facebook Marketplace originally!).

for freebies with potential

This week I got a huge bin of spray paint, three plant pots, and two bookshelves for free through Facebook Marketplace and my Buy Nothing group.

Three dirty plant pots.

These are screaming for some rehabbing

The bookshelves need some serious help, as do the plant pots, but that’s fine. You know I’m always up for taking other people’s trash and making it awesome!

that Zoe and I are a third of the way through her driving hours

We have a little over two months until she’s eligible for her license, so if we keep this up, we will be sitting pretty.

for the mom/kid time that learner’s permits offer

The process of teaching a teenager to drive is perhaps not what most of us parents think of as Very Happy Fun Times.  But one thing I have come to appreciate is that it does offer a lot of one-on-one time in the car.

Once my teens get their licenses, they are rarely in the car with me. And when I remember that, it really makes me appreciate our hours of driving together!

for peace about new stages

I was sitting here thinking about how, once Zoe gets her license, none of my kids will need me to drive them anywhere anymore. I suppose I could be wistful about that, but on the other hand, that’s going to be kind of a nice new stage in life!

I will only need to drive when *I* need to go somewhere. That hasn’t been the case for, like, the last 23 years.

So, I actually feel rather peaceful about this upcoming new phase of life. I know stage changes like this are sometimes super tough for some moms, so I’m thankful for the peace I feel.

for cool showers

We are now in that stage of the year where a cool shower feels so, so good after a morning walk.

bathroom with sun shining in the window.

Sometimes I think about how in times past, even a cold shower was not available. And then I feel pretty darn lucky to be able to hop into my shower and enjoy a refreshing stream of cool water.

What are you thankful for today?

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Friday 17th of June 2022

I’m house/pet sitting for friends in So California. I moved from So California in 11/20. I’ve been able to visit with friends and have a mini vacation. I was able to find a part time job about 20 minutes from our home. I’m enjoying being back in the workforce and the $$ is helping defray all those cost of living increases we’re all experiencing.

Katy in Africa

Friday 17th of June 2022

I would love to know more about your umbrella school. My oldest is starting high school this year and we're looking into different options for diploma, keeping track of credits, etc...


Friday 17th of June 2022

So thankful for gardening. We have expanded what we are trying to grow this year. I love to look at the progress of the plants growth in the morning and then after our walk in the evening. So much fun to watch plants do their amazing thing. Tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, lettuce, cucumbers, butternut squash, rhubarb, strawberries, peppers, basil and lots of flowers. Crossing my fingers that we have enough produce to share with neighbors.

Lauren L.

Friday 17th of June 2022

We are going on a family vacation to Arkansas and Missouri and are looking forward to time outdoors! I am so glad it is summertime and our schedules are more low key. The kiddos also are learning how to sleep in too :)


Thursday 16th of June 2022

Yes on cool showers. It hit 98 here yesterday and our window units kept our house under 90 but not much under. But my cold pre-bed shower felt so good it was almost worth it. I was thinking in the shower about how many people throughout history and today did not get to experience life’s great pleasure of a hot shower on a cold day or a cold shower on a hot day.

It’s been a sad day here. A dear friend had a stillbirth and is currently in surgery. I’m so thankful for my children, and thankful that, from a prayer another friend who had a stillbirth last year shared, “one day our eternal joys will flow backward in time, even to this broken place. and then those joys will fill every emptiness and every heartbreak the children of God have ever endured.”


Thursday 16th of June 2022

@Susan Garbett-Snidal,

It’s from the Liturgy for Those Who Have Suffered a Miscarriage or Stillbirth from the book Every Moment Holy.


Thursday 16th of June 2022

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Sending love to you and to her.

Susan Garbett-Snidal

Thursday 16th of June 2022

@Lori, Hello,

What a wonderful prayer!

Do you, or your friend, know where it comes from, or who said it? A friend shared it with me, as I am going through dark times just now. I always find that, if I know the source, the quotation means even more,

Thank you for sharing, so my friend could share with me.

Heidi Louise

Thursday 16th of June 2022

@Lori, I am so sorry to hear of your friend and her and her family and friends' grief. Wishing peace to all.

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