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Thankful Thursday | for a social cat

This week, I am thankful:

for the joy our cat brings to us

She’s such a social cat, so she is always hanging out wherever we are. And this makes my girls very happy. 🙂

Lisey with the cat on her lap.

that tomorrow’s high is only in the 60s

I know I might get some hate for this one from the summer-lovers 😉 but oooh, I am so excited about a day where maybe I will want to wear long sleeves or throw on a hoodie.

Speaking of hoodies: I keep noticing that many of the young students on campus show up and walk to and from class wearing big ol’ hoodies, even when the temperatures outside are in the upper 80s.

Perhaps it’s because I was born in the 1900s (!) but this behavior confuses me.

86 is hot! Parking lots on an 86-degree day are even hotter. And cars that have been sitting in the parking lot are positively oven-like after class.

I feel sweaty just looking at these hoodie-clad kids.

Kristen in a blue hoodie.

Last winter, when it actually was hoodie weather

But soon enough, the weather will be chillier, I will be able to wear a hoodie without getting sweaty, and I will be cheerful about that!

for the bars on my walking trails

Since I don’t have my own chin-up bar anymore, it’s nice that there are some outdoor bars on the trail where I walk.

They’re obviously good for chin-ups but also for hanging leg raises.

that my first microbiology exam will be over after today

I always feel not-that-great before a first exam; it’s hard to know what to expect when it’s a new professor.

After the first big test, then I have a much better idea of how to study and how to prepare.

I have done a respectable amount of studying, I’ve done tons of Quizlet review sessions, I did the study guide worksheet, I watched the review lecture, and I reviewed the PowerPoints…so hopefully that will be sufficient.

My brain is stuffed full of information about microbes. 😉

that my developmental psych tests are going to be open note/open book

My science class tests are most definitely not open note (!!!), so I was delighted to hear that at least my psych exams are going to be a non-challenge. Whew.

for friends in all my classes

Ok, well, I haven’t really made any friends in my one online class.

But I have made friends with the people around me in all my in-person classes. And that always makes class more fun!

This is one of the many reasons I massively prefer in-person learning for college classes. Online is not for me.

for my rental home

Man, I know I keep putting this on my list, but that’s because I keep feeling thankful for my rental.

When I think back to when I first moved here, I remember that at first, it felt like a strange place to be.

But now, a little over four months after the move, it really does feel like a happy place to come home to.

Funny enough, it seems like I have lived here way longer than four months! I had to count the months out on my fingers a few times, just to be sure I had it right.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 23rd of September 2022

The chance to have my great granddaughter over once a week. I love getting to watch her develop. For my granddaughter she is always willing to come over to help or ring her family for dinner For the way my family treats me just the same as always. I have become handicapped about 12 years ago. It's getting worse &they just quietly help My husband ,he truly understands the meaning of in sickness &health Enough money to afford the higher priced low sodium foods I love thankful Thursday it really helps me appreciate my life


Thursday 22nd of September 2022

I was on a college campus this week and noticed the same hoodie thing! It was over 80 degrees and I was sweating in just a shirt while kids all around me were bundled up in huge hoodies. So confusing.

Amanda P

Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Your cheerful spirit is such a grace, thank you Kristen!

This hour I'm thankful for: 1. The call from my teen son's kidney doctor yesterday asking us to consider genetic testing because she thinks he might have the wrong diagnosis. The disease he might have instead is less severe and it's possible he might not be needing a transplant by his 30's. Definitely not jumping the gun to celebrate, but it's very unexpected.

2. We caught an infection earlier than last time for my husband's grandmother, hopefully preventing a hospital stay again. I'm glad we were watching and pushed the nurse to follow through checking on it.

3. My son's laptop was right where he foolishly left it when we realized and not stolen last night. He just spent a lot of hard-earned money on it and we were grateful he didn't have to learn that lesson the hard way.

4. My husband got a sweet bonus at work recognizing his many extra hours on a huge, never-ending project.

5. That my husband listens to me and we make decisions as a team most of the time. Sometimes we disagree and we have to compromise, but being equal partners is a gift. We saw this very vividly this week and it reminded me of what a blessing it is.

6. Bonus, that most days aren't like today. It's been a doozy with mostly first world difficulties that aren't truly dire, but I'm glad to wave it goodbye!


Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Oooh, I am hoping for you that the better diagnosis is the correct one!

Martha C

Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Love these lists! Thanks for doing them. I have to say that I read the item about "bars on walking trails" incorrectly and I pictured you stopping off at a pub for a pint or two! Also speaking as a professor (social sciences), I bet you are a good student and I bet your professors really value you. There's nothing like an adult student who does all the work, is responsible, and knows how to study! Good luck on your exam. I'm giving the first exam in all my classes next week and I know my students are anxious.


Thursday 22nd of September 2022

My professors do seem to usually appreciate my level of dedication. :)

Katy in Africa

Thursday 22nd of September 2022

I love cats too! I'm thankful for: -À week overlapping with some friends and close friends of our kids. - The Bible that gives clear guidance on some heavy stuff we've been dealing recently. Thankful God gives wisdom (James 1) - Beautiful clouds -Time swimming with my kids.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.