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Stream of consciousness | 16 days

Two weeks and two days until the end of the semester!

nursing school textbooks.

(am I counting down every day? Why, yes.)

The work left:

  • One regular exam
  • Two ATI exams (for these, I have to write three bullet points of information about each question I get wrong, and submit them to my school)
  • Two final exams
  • Two group presentations
  • Twenty-one hours of sitting in an auditorium listening to presentations
  • A third-semester orientation (can you believe I’m almost already in third semester??)
  • One convocation

I’m actually dreading the hours in an auditorium more than I am the five exams! I am going to be feeling very twitchy by the time all of those are over.

And I feel sorry for the last group that is presenting. No one in the audience is going to have any listening skills left at that point. 😉

(Luckily, my group is one of the early groups!)

I looooove babies

We knew this already, of course.

But OB has reminded me freshly. 😉

Kristen with a baby niece

with one of my nieces some years ago

On my last day of OB clinical, there was a little baby in the nursery waiting for a test, and she started crying so OF COURSE I had to pick her up and console her.

She stopped crying and went to sleep and my heart melted.

My baby-soothing skills are still on point even though my youngest baby is 18. 😉

I am so glad I’m learning Spanish

The rural hospital where I’ve been doing OB has a pretty high percentage of patients who mainly speak Spanish, and I was able to see how the nurses use even rudimentary Spanish skills to communicate with the patients.

duolingo screenshot.

Sometimes when I’m doing Duolingo, I think, “Ugh, it’s gonna take me so long to get good at this.” and I almost feel like, “What’s the point in trying?”

But even being able to put together some broken sentences in Spanish and do a little explaining is helpful to patients!

So, that was encouraging to me. I’m not gonna be fluent by the time I graduate, but I’ll know a little, and a little is better than none.

Someone is keeping me company while I write this post

cat on desk.

If I had known I was going to have a desk cat, I would have chosen a larger desk. Sometimes it’s hard to have room for both her and my keyboard/mouse. 😉

Which is why she sits directly on my keyboard sometimes.

cat foot by keyboard.

keyboard? foot rest? depends who you ask

(Shelley is currently downstairs happily cuddling with Zoe. Chiquita follows me around everywhere; Shelley is velcroed to Zoe.)

“I saw a skeleton on my walk today.”

I said this last night to Zoe at dinner and she was like, “WHATTTTT”.

And then I realized I should have clarified…a small animal (not a person) skeleton. Maybe a raccoon (that’s what google suggested when I used the photo search feature!)

In all my many hours of walking in the woods these past few years, this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing.

But anyway, poor Zoe was thinking I’d come across some kind of crime scene. Heh.

I used my carpet cleaner on my van

I have vacuumed my van plenty of times in the 12 years that I’ve owned it, of course. But I’m not sure that I have EVER cleaned the carpets.

I spilled some coffee in there on Sunday, though, so when I got home, I got out the upholstery attachment and went to work.

I went over some of those floor mats so so so many times, and still, the water was not coming back clean.

And here’s what the rinse water looked like when I poured it into the sink.

dirty water.


Perhaps I will do this again before another 12 years go by. 😉

It’s getting light so early now!

Just a few weeks ago, it was pitch black when I left for OB clinicals in the morning, and this week, the sky was starting to get light when I walked out.

early morning blue sky.

Since my drive to clinical is almost an hour away, and since it’s in a rural, fewer-trees area, I got to see the sun rise on my way in this week. So beautiful!

(I did not take a picture because….I was driving. 😉 That scene will just have to live in my own brain.)

Anyway, I think it’s so wild to see how quickly the hours of daylight change when we get close to each solstice. Such massive shifts even in a week or two!

Alrighty. It’s time for me to get rolling on my day. 🙂

Feel like doing a a stream of consciousness? Share one in the comments!

(basically, just type whatever is rolling around in your brain at the moment)

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Saturday 4th of May 2024

Your skeletton history remind me of when I named one of my chickens after my best friends mom. A while later I found that chicken dead after what I can only presume was a hawk attack. Since I was a bit stressed och and sad I told my son ”NAME is dead” but forgot to tell him it was the chicken, not the person. We laugh about it now though…


Friday 3rd of May 2024

Que bueno que está aprendiendo Español!


Friday 3rd of May 2024

Just Thank You! You really are a light!

Heather Mar

Friday 3rd of May 2024

Late to the comment party, but wanted to mention your Spanish duolingo practice. Consistent practice is indeed the key! duolingo sometimes gets shade for different reasons, but it is overall great and I love it. They're constantly working to improve, and, of course, it's FREE, which we all value here. If you want to progress conversational skills more quickly, I recommend Pimsleur. WAY back in the day I borrowed their Russian tapes(!) from the library and still remember some. At the beginning of COVID times, I completed 2 months of Eastern Arabic (30 minutes/day) and I still remember a lot of that despite not using it much. I believe it's about $20/month, which to me is VERY frugal for effective daily language practice, and you can cancel as soon as you're done. Each account also allows 3 different learner profiles, so the cost could be split among a family or friends.

Not sure if it's been discussed in comments before, but I am bilingual (English/Spanish) and have also worked in both residential (detention) and healthcare settings. FAR too often, these settings do not provide adequate care by not ensuring qualified interpreters. Bilingual children often end up interpreting for parents, which can result in family stress and limited quality in medical care. There is an EXCELLENT short film on HBO Max that illustrates this scenario called Doble Cultura. I feel like any world language background helps IMMENSELY in building the care relationship between nurse and patient when the situation presents itself, and know that you, Kristen, are competent and conscious of all aspects of caregiving! Just wanted to share my 2 cents from so many unfortunate experiences. Honestly, I think that short film should be part of the nursing curriculum!


Thursday 2nd of May 2024

I put the mats in my car in my washing machine. They come out looking great.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.